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Marvel infinity war is the most ambitious crossover events in history me yeah you're right Avengers Assemble [Applause] man's are gonna have a Marvel gasm what it's your favourite crossover moment I know it is very exciting I think I I think the most exciting part of this little thing is just seeing the fans react you all of the characters that they've grown to love in the last 10 years the one that's already been out there because it was in the trailer Thor meets the Guardians that's a heck of a lot of fun that's Chris squared yes that's right so the Avengers are going to walk on da so I'm very excited with the success of Black Panther and everybody embracing that movie can you give us a facial expression that would explain something of the movie there's gonna be a whole emotional roller coaster ride so they can go from it's incredible and I mean it's it's unprecedented cuz nobody's ever done anything like this before bring this many characters together from this many different franchises we're very happy with the film we're really happy to share with the world

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