The 2019 NBA Illogical Awards: Players Edition

welcome back everybody my name is Tucker and today's video is the first edition of the 2019 MBA illogical Awards now if you don't know what this is I don't blame you because it's been a little bit less than a year since I've come out with one of these and the channel has grown a lot since I started doing these regularly so basically what happened as I go through the league and in this video I do a players edition where I look at some players across the league that are winning an award but for all the wrong reasons these are guys that just didn't have a particularly good season for one reason or another and I hand out some themed awards for that a couple of things to be clear on one these are regular season awards that has nothing to do with the playoffs and the stats that I show on screen are regular season stats and to these players even though I'm giving them an award for not being great in a particular area that doesn't necessarily mean that I think that they are a bad player and lastly if you guys enjoy this be sure to let me know because I will definitely be coming out with an off season Edition as well once free-agency wraps up late next week I'll combine the draft and free agency and whatever trades are made and come out with some illogical words for that as well but with all that out of the way let's go ahead and get started let's begin with the delusional shooter award and this is given to a player that takes a lot of three-point attempts per game despite their low percentage from behind the arc in 2017 the winner was Marcus smart in 2018 it was Tim Hardaway jr. and in 2019 it is Russell Westbrook now if you haven't watched the illogical awards before one of the running jokes is that Russell Westbrook could be in contention for a couple of different awards in any given season but he hadn't actually won one until now and up to this point with this award I've kind of made excuses for Westbrook whether it be the situation he was in or just a lack of help around him but I couldn't do that anymore this season with Paul George playing it in your MVP level and Westbrooks own statistics sliding back I didn't really have a choice but to give him this award this year and the reason for that is because he shot the most threes of any player across the entire league over five and a half attempts per game that also shot less than 30% from beyond the arc and like I said he's been in contention for this a couple of different times in the past but never actually was able to win it but just overall he didn't have a great season shooting twice even though he's never really been an extremely efficient shooter both from the free-throw line as well as from three-point range took a big step back if that's even possible from what he did in the past specifically from three-point range and so that is why he is this year's winner of the delusional shooter award next up now we have the big man small boards award which is given to a big man that is clearly either unaware of their size or is just disinterested in using it to pull down rebounds and 2017 the winner was Frank Kaminsky in 2018 it was Brook Lopez and in 2019 it's Robin Lopez and this is not a great moment for the Lopez family to have both brothers have won in a logical board and the same award at that and I want to give Robin Lopez a little bit of credit because in the past and a couple of different seasons in his career he's been a very good rebounder but the last two seasons specifically when you relate his minutes on the floor to the number of orgies pulling down it's just not good enough for a player his size to give you a little bit more context when I first put these kinds of videos together back in 2017 this used to be called the Byron Mullens award again just for a big guy that just doesn't really seem that interested in pulling down rebounds and honestly I could have chosen Brook Lopez to be a back-to-back winner of this because his rebounding numbers weren't great either in higher minutes than Robin was playing but he spent a little bit more time on the perimeter this year for the Milwaukee Bucks and he had in the past while Robin is still a more traditional big man played in the paint more and still did not pull down nearly enough rebounds for a guy his size and that is why he took home the award over his brother next up now we have the Anthony Bennett award and this is actually a new one that I've come up with just for this season and it's for a top ten pick from the previous year's draft this one being 2018 that already looks like a bust and is already making their fan base nervous and the winner this year is Moe Bamba of the Orlando Magic now hold on before you go ahead and press the dislike button or comment something angry down below I completely understand that Moe Bamba is a young player he's only been in the league for one season he struggled with injury issues but if you're gonna come up with kind of a nightmare scenario for what Moe Bamba would look like on the floor in his rookie year this is kind of what it was he struggle with injuries played less than 50 games couldn't really find a ton of minutes on the floor even when he was healthy and just didn't really look all that confident anything when he was on the floor other than rent protecting and occasionally making a jump shot and all of those things should be very scary to Magic fans that maybe he never figures out everything else or he never builds up his confidence or his skill set to be a much better player now this award whether it's this year moving forward is not to say that this player is going to be a bust but more so that it's only been a year and they certainly didn't have as promising of a rookie season as you would hope for out of a top 10 pick and so that is why I'm Obama is this year's winner of the Anthony Bennett award next up now is another award that is new for this year and it is called the Landry field award given to a player that showed promise initially in their career but this season specifically took a step back and is probably making their fanbase nervous that maybe that is the new norm similar to the namesake of this award back in the day for the New York Knicks Landry Fields and this year's winner is Gary Harris of the Denver Nuggets now again similar to how I was talking about mobile ba things could always turn around for Gary Harris but if you're gonna be looking at a player that looked like they were really good last year in the year before and then took a step back this season and is probably making their fanbase nervous Gary Harris has to be near the top of the list and in my opinion is at the very top of the list he struggled with injury issues all the shooting percentages were down just didn't seem to be nearly as effective of a player and for the Nuggets to get where they want to moving forward they need him to bounce back next season because he's signed long term he's still a young player and he's someone that's supposed to be growing alongside of nikolayevitch and jamal murray so he's someone that I'm kind of keeping an eye on might be a little bit nervous about if you're a Nuggets fan my opinion is this year's winner of the step back or Landry fields over it second to last now we have an award that I've done every single time that I've done one of these videos the bucket chucker award which is differentiated from the delusional shooter award because it doesn't just specifically focus on 3-point shooting the bucket Rucker award goes to a player that is a high-volume inefficient shot taker across the entire league in 2017 it was Andrew Harrison in 2018 it was Dennis Smith jr. and in 2019 it was Tim Hardaway jr. now a bit history is being made here because Tim Hardaway jr. is now the first player to ever win to a logical war and has won two different ones because he shot under 40 percent from the field this season while also taking over 15 shots a game that is the highest volume and the lowest percentage when you're comparing those two numbers so he really kind of had to win this award now like I said he has won analogic award in the past and he has a bit of a reputation as a shot chucker because he won the delusional shooter award last season as well now there's every possibility that he ends up maybe getting a little bit more healthy and he starts to maybe play a little bit better depending on who Dallas ends up bringing in this offseason to play alongside Luca and kristaps porzingis and some of that pressure has taken off of him because obviously when he started this season in York he had to take a lot of shots just to try and give them any kind of offense and then in Dallas the team was kind of tanking once he got there in the kristaps porzingis trade so situationally that wasn't great but still I'm still gonna back this up with these statistics of his season and of the last couple of seasons honestly he was in contention for a couple of different awards over the last few seasons and I just can't really ignore the high-volume inefficient shot taking of Tim Hardaway jr. even though the situation's weren't great between either New York or Dallas or maybe even next year if Dallas doesn't bring in anybody significant it could be a repeat and this could just be who Tim Hardaway jr. is at this point and I have no issues giving him the bucket Chuck reward for the 2019 NBA season and last up now is a new award for this season that kind of is in between the players and the franchise's edition of the offseason Awards and it is called the buyer's remorse award which is given to a player that the team that signed them in the previous summer is already regretting signing them to the deal that they did they signed them in the 2018 free agency period and are already looking in that contract and saying yeah that was probably a mistake and this year's winner is Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets now I do feel kind of bad for this because I'm hating on both Chris Paul and Russel Westbrook for the second time this week in two different videos but there really wasn't any other player to give this award to just based off of Chris Paul's age based off the contract that he signed and just based off his play this season and the fact that it looks like he is definitely beginning to drop off all those factors just combine to create probably a huge sense of buyer's remorse for the Houston Rockets and if they could go back in time they'd probably actually they definitely would not have signed Chris Paul to this big of a deal and they might not have resigned him at all considering the issues that him and James Harden are apparently having so some big buyer's remorse there for the Houston Rockets in this year's winner and the inaugural winner of the buyer's remorse award goes to Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets and there you have it that is going to be the end of today's video and I think you all very much for watching like I said in the beginning I like to do a couple of different editions of the illogic Awards every single season so I do plan on doing at least one more being the off season Edition so if you have ideas for either awards or you through you think should be winning specific awards or anything like that then be sure to leave that down in the comment section below and I'll be sure to take a look and if I pick your award then I will definitely show your name on screen and show you a comment on screen when I do but like I said I appreciate all you guys watching once again my name is dr. if you missed any of my previous videos and be sure to check out the boxes all on screen thanks again and I'll see you all next time you

  • The “Paid in Full” award going to the player that got the absolute most money they could have gotten (even if it was from a bad team or to the determinant of their own team). Example: Melo and New York

  • D'Angelo Russell could also be a Bucket Chucker winner – he shoots three shots more than Hardaway Jr., is in top three for usage rate, and yet scores only three points more than your pick

  • My Free Agency Predictions
    Kawhi: Raptors
    KD: Nets
    Kyrie: Nets
    Butler: Sixers
    Kemba: Hornets
    Klay: Warriors
    Middleton: Bucks
    Tobias Harris: Pacers
    Horford: Clippers
    D Lo: Timberwolves
    Vucevic: Mavs
    Cousins: Lakers
    KP: Mavs
    Just my opinion let me know yours😊

  • Need an award for markelle fultz. Maybe the "Hopeful to Hopeless" award? For a player who was looking to be such a promising contributor to the team and is now probably on his way to the g league

  • I can't believe Andrew Wiggins didn't win the Landry Fields award. Especially with his contract. I'm nervous as fuck

  • Maybe a "Knuckleball" Award to the players (preferably a guard) who had a terrible assist to turnover ratio. Or a "two birds, one stone" award to a player who didnt provide much for their team on offense and defense (off rtg and df rtg could help with that category).


    He came into the league super raw and needs time to reach his potential. He had to come off the bench for Vuc and was drafted because Vucevic is fucking off next week. Magic FO is not dumb enough to give a max to Vuc given his outlier contract season, last season.

    Also, can everybody stop with this notion that Orlando can’t develop their players? HENNIGAN WAS FIRED TWO YEARS AGO!!! Jeff Weltman and John Hammond have a history of drafting raw guys (Giannis and Spicy P in particular) who molded into great players for their teams. They have a good coaching staff.

  • Not sure if this counts cause they did get something out of him but buyers remorse candidate might be jabari parker and the bulls. So much hype to out of the rotation.

  • You should do playoff versions of these awards. You could use the same names for them or create new ones

  • I have a question.
    Is this for the regular season awards or with the playoffs?
    If is with the playoffs, then Garry Harris can't be winner or maybe you actually didn't watch the games? Yes his shooting % are dropped but in the last couple of games of the regular season Harris was the old one.
    The eye test says that he really struggled with the injury and his intensity picked up from at the end of the season, especially in the playoffs. If you look defensive contribution, it's over the charts but you obviously is looking only the paper and %… Hmm eye test mate, eye test.
    And CP3 isn't the only one, easily can be added Wiggens.

  • I don’t know what’s changed but your videos have gone way up in quality since last year. I literally watch until the very end now.

  • GORDON HAYWARD is the Buyers Remore Award ans by far. I should know because I am a Celtics Fan

  • To be fair, Robin Lopez is among the best in the league at boxing out. He knows that if he gets his man, Markkanen or Porter will get the ball.

  • Hold up robin Lopez and brook lopez are box out specialists, they keep everyone out of the way to let someone else get more rebounds. That’s part of Giannis’ jump in rebounding this year

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