The 2019 NBA Illogical Awards – Offseason Edition

welcome back everybody my name is Tucker and really quickly before we get started I want to let you guys know that I have started a second channel called it gaming logically the first video is already up where I completely reset the NBA and 2k 19 and today rebuild from there so if you're someone that maybe misses me putting up rebuilds or any of my 2k stuff that I used to do on this channel that's something that you can definitely find over there so if you're interested be sure to check that out I'm really looking forward to just putting out some 2k content over there all kinds of gaming content and building that channel as well so if you're interested in that there's a link down in the description and I would have really appreciated it if you guys would check it out but today's video is the 2019 version of the NBA illogical awards offseason edition and if you don't know what the series is it's basically where I give out sarcastic awards to players and teams and organizations and people within the NBA that earn them for all the wrong reasons and actually in this one it's a little bit of a twist because I'm including some community suggestions that I asked for as well so with all that out of the way let's just go ahead and get started first up is a community suggested award and it is the summer of 2016 award given to a free agency signing that was just not very good at all and this year's winner is Al Horford of the Philadelphia 76ers and a lot of people have talked about this about why would Philly end up making this deal I talked about it briefly but I really didn't hate on it too too much but in the end when you look at all the free agency signings this offseason this one is certainly in contention for the most head-scratching and in my opinion is probably the worst in terms of going back to the summer of 2016 and looking at how many players got overpaid that offseason this could be a similar kind of thing now it's no offense to Al Horford or anything he's going to be really good for this team this year and probably next year as well it just has to do with the money that he's being paid as well as the years on his contract as well as the context of this Philadelphia team because I understand that him and royal and beet are probably going to work pretty well together in the frontcourt and that's gonna be a nice combination but I just felt like they needed a little bit more help on the perimeter specifically shooting specifically a point guard amid Ben Simmons struggles as a point guard at times in the playoffs as well as their shooting struggles at times most specifically in the playoffs then you also have to consider Al Horford aids and the length of the contract there's no way he's going to be worth this much money two years from now even if he is worth it next year and the year after so in terms of the summer 2016 award player that got overpaid Al Horford is this year's winner moving on now is a new award for this season and it is the David Kahn award and this goes to a team that just made some poor draft decisions most specifically going back to David Kahn himself he is the GM or the or the person of basketball operations whatever he was for the Minnesota Timberwolves when they ended up drafting Johnny Flynn and Ricky Rubio with back-to-back spots in the top five or six of the 2009 draft ahead of Steph Curry and this year's winner is the Cleveland Cavaliers for selecting Darius Carlin at number five and this is a little bit of a weird one because I think Darius Carla was actually a pretty talented player knee there's every chance that he could end up being really good it's just tough for me to evaluate him because I'm just going off like high school tape at this point because he barely played in college my bigger issue here is I'm not convinced that the column section Darius garland combination is going to work one of them is probably going to end up being traded before their rookie contract is up and it just seemed like maybe this was a spot where the Cavs could have gotten value out of the fifth pick by trading back because it seemed like a lot of teams were interested in moving up to five to get Garland and then they could get someone on the wing maybe like cam reddish that fit a little bit more what they wanted to do in addition to getting some value obviously for moving back so again just like the first election I don't want to make it seem like I'm hating on the player that I'm putting here I'm not hating on Al Horford and I'm not hating on Darius Carlin just a questionable decision by the front office in this scenario similar to like I said what we saw from David Kahne with the Minnesota Timberwolves back in 2009 moving on now is the Allen Crabbe award which is given to a restricted free agency deal that will come back to haunt a team in the future the 2018 when it was a clean and the 2019 winner is Terry Rozier now I'll admit I was off on his AK Lavine thing last year he had a really good season I'm still not convinced that he is going to be a hugely impactful long-term piece on a really good winning team that still remains to be seen but he certainly lived up to a lot of the hype of that deal this last season I guess but my issue here with Terry Rozier thing and it again it's been pretty well stated is just the money value and how good of a player I think he actually is which is not very good like we've just been kind of convinced for like two years now that terry rozier is going to get this big deal this offseason and he's going to do really well when he's on another team and he's gonna be a good you know above-average starting point guard and League and I'm just not convinced that that's the case when you look at his statistics over the last couple of seasons when you look at the fact that he really wasn't that big of a part of the rotation for the Celtics two years ago before that playoff run before Kyrie got hurt he really barely played and now suddenly two years two years later he's making 17 million dollars a year and I just don't think that's very good value now in terms of the context of the Hornets it kind of makes sense for them to end up making what was actually a sign-and-trade but he was still a restricted free agent signing deal because they just don't have a lot of other talent and that makes sense to me I just have issues with how much he's gonna be paid at least it's only a three-year deal but in terms of restricted free agency signings he's definitely at the top of the list and in my opinion at the very top of the list for the Allen Crabbe award and this year's winner is Terry Rozier next up is another community suggested award and it's just titled the why question mark question mark award and was actually the top voted one on the community post basically just given to a team that made a move this offseason that they really didn't need to and it was a real head-scratcher and this one was a little bit difficult to find but in the end I'm gonna go with one that at the time that it happened I really questioned why it was happening and that was the Denver Nuggets accepting Paul Millsaps $30,000,000 team option for next season and it ended up working out like they ended up getting people that are gonna help them this offseason they traded for Jeremy grant and they were able to keep Paul Millsap and they didn't put any kind of circumstance in jeopardy where they would end up potentially losing him because that would be a big blow to their team I was just confused because in any scenario that I looked at or that most people looked at before the Denver Nuggets offseason they were going to decline this team option to open up some cap space and maybe get some more help and then also just try and bring back Millsap even after turning down the option but relatively early on in free agency they ended up accepting his option he's certainly not gonna be worth 30 million dollars next season it limited their flexibility this offseason that just seemed kind of strange to me at the time which is why I'm going to give the Denver Nuggets the Y question from mark award or whatever you want to call it I see the rationale like I know they didn't want to lose Paul Millsap it ended up working out for them but it's just at the time in the moment this definitely was in contention for a head-scratching award from me and that's why they're gonna end up getting this award second to last now is the locker room disaster award and this is an award given to a player or a move that could potentially cause big issues with in the locker room of their team of their new team in 2018 it was Dwight Howard and in 2019 it was a pretty clear selection it's a son Whiteside for the Portland Trailblazers now I don't have anything against us on Whiteside personally I just think that he has had more than his fair share of issues the last couple of seasons both on the court as well as in getting along with his teammates and things like that and I believe in the Trailblazers I believe in their structure I believe in their organization so I don't think that this is actually going to cause a huge issue for them but if you look at all the moves across the league in terms of teams and player situations that this could potentially end up happening to a locker room disaster I think asan Whiteside in Portland could end up being that if he gets there and he doesn't have the kind of role that he wants to have is that college is playing in front of him and Pau Gasol is taking his minutes when nur kitch comes back if he's taking his minutes and he's really not playing that much I could definitely see that being a big issue for him and causing some issues for Portland now having said that I actually really like the move because they really only gave up to expiring spore players that they weren't gonna use that much next season to kind of stave off you know some of the decline that they might experience while they're waiting on their kids to comeback by putting in Whiteside should be a good rim protector rebounder things like that but I am a little bit concerned and I would imagine some Portland fans are as well that this could have a huge negative impact on their lack of room and then they're gonna have to deal with that issue when it happens the 2019 winner of the locker room disaster award is Hassan Whiteside and last up now is the flip flopper award and this one is kind of self-explanatory but just for some context last offseason this was given to Nooh mantra by Lisa because he signed a free agency deal with the Philadelphia 76ers and then later changed his mind and ended up signing with the Sacramento Kings and this year that award goes to Marcus Morris now of the New York Knicks but originally he signed a deal with the San Antonio Spurs for two years and twenty million dollars that ended up flipping on that and signing a one-year fifteen million dollar deal to be the ninth different forward on the Knicks now I don't understand completely all the circumstances here I just know that this caused a lot of issues for Marcus Moore as well as the Spurs and the Knicks as well Morris ended up apparently even either almost firing or did fire his agent and just I don't know I don't know what happened here I know that the Spurs are really mad about it reportedly for whatever reason whether they feel like the Knicks stole him away or whatever because the Spurs made moves they traded away Davis protons to create the space to get Marcus Morris and then when he flipped they just basically gave labored sides for no reason and I don't know like if this was a money thing because maybe 20 million dollars in Texas might be worth more than 15 million in New York committing home taxes and things like that I don't know I'm not a CPA but it just seemed like a really strange situation just like the violates a thing last year where you just completely flip although in both cases it was on paper for more money last offseason as well as this offseason for by Lita and Moore's respectively so this year's winner of the flip-flop or award goes to Marcus Morris now of the New York Knicks but originally of the San Antonio Spurs and they you have it that is going to be the end of today's video and I thank you all very much for watching like I mentioned in the beginning you guys would do me a favor and check out the gaming channel there's already a video up there for you guys to look at spread the word that's something I'm really looking forward to growing and to putting some time and effort to it's obviously not going to impact my uploads here at all but it's just something that I've wanted to do for a while something I'm really looking forward to kind of growing and pushing out there a little bit so you guys can check that out I would really appreciate it but once again my name is Tucker if you missed any of my previous videos and be sure to check out the boxes on the screen thanks again and I'll see you all next time

  • I just did a rebuild with the trailblazers and we’ve won 4 championships. I traded for Bradley Beal and signed Tobias Harris. The shooting was magical, 4/5 starters shoot over 42% from 3 since I started. To make up for their defense lapses I got some agile and versatile interior defenders like Robert Williams, Jarred Vanderbilt, and PJ Tucker. I kept Kanter and play him as a 6th man.

  • Lmao my boy tucker ain’t have to do Marcus Morris like that “He went to join the Knicks and be the 9th forward”

  • The Why?? award should go to the Sun's for their entire off season
    Trading TJ Warren for nothing to save cap space then hours later making trades for Saric and Baynes that pretty much take most of the cap space they just saved trading down while they had the opportunity to draft a really good point guard drafting another wing that shouldn't be a lottery pick probably Traded Josh Jackson 2 2nd round picks and D'anthony Melton for Korver (Waived him) and Javon Carter (who is that?)

  • The paul Milsap move was a great move as they know they werent inline for any FA so may as well pay him and keep everyone happy. OKC trading russ for cp3 or suns trading tj warren after they already traded josh jackson is sooo much more of a "why"

  • The horford contract is frontloaded and he doesn’t make more than 15 mil in year 3 unless we win a championship

  • Paul Millsap makes perfect sense.
    Pay him big to keep him one season OR pay him big on a last long contract.

    Lose him completely and not be able to replace him, the Nuggets had a great overachiever season last year but youth improvement hopefully less injuries and they can contend for home court again this season.

  • I really trust dame to take care of Hassan, and I think that hes more positive about this situation.

  • The David Kahn award should go to the suns for drafting cam Johnson….dude should’ve been in the mid 20s and he’s already like 23

  • When players come to portland they love the locker room is awesome so that's. Bad for the locker room disaster is not whiteside,I think it's Westbrook or George

  • Locker room disaster should go to the wizards you have Dwight and IT in the same locker room that already includes a well known problematic duo of wall and beal

  • I can explain the Marcus morris situation as a spurs fan. We originally signed DeMarre with part of the mle, about 7 mill a year. Instead of using the mle for him we traded Bertans’ expiring deal to the wizards and got a sign and trade for Carroll, leaving the about 10 mill of mle to sign morris. Morris wanted a one year deal so he could hit the shallow 2020 free agent class and possibly get a desperate team to overpay for him. The spurs gave him one with the full mle plus a player option the next year in case he like hurt himself or something. this was a verbal agreement and verbal agreements don’t hold up in the nba legally they just look bad for the player if the renege, which is honestly a double standard because teams can also renege with no outrage.

    In come the Knicks. The Knicks had a similar arrangement with Reggie bullock, but in his workout he showed up fat and injured (or something like that) as a result they pulled the offer for the time being to restructure and now had 15 million available in cap space but no player option. Morris is competive but his main priority is to get his money for his family and have fun. The Knicks offered 15 for one year letting him go to get the big contract next year the spurs offered a 20 mill one and one with a player option.

    Now about his agent, who is rich Paul btw. Morris had an offer for a 3 year 41 million dollar contract with the clippers which he didn’t take. He did orally accept the one and one with the spurs but that was before the Knicks backed out of Reggie bullock’s contract to restructure it. Rich Paul wanted Morris to honor his original agreement with the spurs, Morris wanted the extra money over 1 year so he took the Knicks offer even though they have 4 starting caliber pfs on their roster now. As a result morris and Paul moved on from each other. The spurs were pissed about this entire situation. As far as agents go if they want to last in the nba typically they need to maintain good relationships with all the teams. Unless it’s for a big time free agent like say, Anthony Davis and the pelicans. Rich Paul did this when it came to morris. He isn’t going to piss off the spurs who are one of the 30 nba teams who employ the guys he works on behalf, to get a client a somewhat bigger amount of money.

    Just a messy and somewhat weird situation. We ended up with trey lyles instead, who could be a nice pick up, especially considering his age. That all became a slight disappointment after getting the news that Tim Duncan will be on the sidelines again as an assistant coach. Honestly having him back makes up for everything, it’s such a morale booster for me, the fan base, and the team as well.

  • Disagree about Al Horford. He might be slightly overpaid but if you put him on any team he will make them better. He's a pro's pro

  • What if the nuggets took millsaps option so that they could try and flip him and MPJ for another superstar

  • The second channel should be called Sporting Illogically because it’s for sports but virtual.

    Also I would give the Cavs a pass of they took Bol Bol instead of Windler. Windler is Doug Mcdermott at best. I would give them a pass for not doing that if they took Culver instead of Garland. Garland and Sexton will not work, I’m saying it now.

  • I think Horford is an addition by subtraction. Having Horford in your team means Embid will not have to face him

  • No way Garlands the worst pick. Beilien runs a two guard system. They have to try and run a system or the team won’t get better. If Beliien is fired one of them gets traded but I don’t think he will

  • Give Rozier Kemba's role and he will give you 20+ Points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Heck, he might even shoot 42% if he gained confidence as best player on a shit team. I think he just needs the opportunity to play 35 minutes a game. Charlotte will love Rozier, especially if he locks in on D. He has a few weaknesses but all around he's very gifted. I am 100% sure that Rozier will take off pretty quickly.

  • Rozier makes 20 mil a year but horford overpaid…fuck horford in 3 years terry never gon be worth dat contract 💯

  • I think you miss the point completely on the Al Horford signing. You all know Al is a playmaker and stretch four with length, strength and quickness. Even if he loses some explosiveness, he's still a very good playmaking stretch 4 that has never missed the playoffs. His playmaking and unselfish nature is perfect next to Ben and Joel. As a Celtic fan, I am very scared of the potential in Philly. All the holes and weaknesses (extra playmaking, ball movement and JJ's lack of D) they had last year are gone, now there's only a matter of knocking down jumpers. Harris, Horford and Richardson are very good shooters/scorers, and if Joel keeps improving and Ben finds the mid range/free throws then nobody can match up with them. Josh is just as good as Butler at running the high screen P&R so I see a lot of possible offensive sets for them to run. When Harris defending 3's is a defensive worry, you're in pretty good shape on that end. Philly is easily the East winner this summer by shooting Boston in the knee by stealing their best player. Philly could even play a deadly 2-3 zone with Thybulle, Simmons, Harris, Horford and Embiid. I'd love to see that. The length/speed of that lineup is unprecedented. I think Philly wins the East 3 out of 4 of those contract years Horford got. That's a good deal.

  • Morris decided knicks, because why not get paid more play more minutes for a crap ny team to get his value up for next year were he could be one of the top free agents( the class is trash ) and secure a good BAG

  • Great new about the gaming channel. Excited for some cool rebuilds. Put penny on the modern magic! 99 injury tho

  • Summer of 2016: Harrison Barnes
    David Kahn: Suns trading back to 11 for Cam Johnson
    Why?: Magic signing Vucevic and Aminu/ Knicks signing Gibson/Morris/Portis
    Allen Crabbe award: Terry Rozier

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