The 2018 John Wooden Fellows at the Wooden Awards

good evening everyone my name is Ryan tan and I'm really humbled to stand on stage with these three outstanding individuals here today as Coach wooden would have said it's truly a team effort and I'd like to take the time to thank three groups of individuals who have been key to my own journey first the UCLA Anderson School professors and staff thank you for facilitating and creating such a conducive learning environment two very very special inspirational friend and audience today angeleka echo thank you for coming here and to my lovely wife why why thank you for the care and concern throughout all these years this fellowship really resonates with me my experience in the military the public and now the private sectors has always taught me the importance of impactful servant leadership coach wooden espoused certain values that contributed a discipline teamwork integrity passion and all those resonate with my own journey where I found where I found that the best outcomes competitive greatness as a sport written of called it is achieved through putting the collective over the individual the team over the self this fellowship is really I mean it's a recognition but more importantly it is a reminder to me to always give my best effort to always give my best to achieve the best outcomes for the team and to always dig deep and in the tough times remember the ideals that Coach wooden held dear to himself and his spouse through his life and his career so today I stand before you a very proud Singaporean and a very proud member of the UCLA Anderson community I'm extremely extremely humbled to be in front of you here today thank you for this wonderful opportunity [Applause] good evening Wow how humbling it is to be standing here in front of all of you and alongside Leah Jeri and Ryan I want to thank he's feeling Anderson and the wooden family for this incredible opportunity and for everyone here this evening for making this event possible my favorite coach wooden quote is seek opportunities to show you care the smallest gestures often make the biggest difference looking back to how I got to this point there are numerous people who have endlessly given me support and encouragement to seek out the opportunities to try and make a difference without them the experiences I've had wouldn't have been possible going forward from Anderson I have a renewed commitment to keep on living coach wooden stitching's to continue doing the small things that make the biggest difference in to my team that's here tonight faculty members classmates co-workers childhood friends and my family thank you for always showing me that you cared your gestures have made the biggest difference in my life thank you [Applause] coach wooden is a leader in every sense of the word he's a legend as a fellow kid from Indiana as a fellow Purdue Boilermaker as a fellow military veteran now simply just as a fellow I can't help but feel a special connection you guys got it I can't help but feel a special connection with them those who know me well won't be surprised to learn that the greatest leadership lesson that I've taken from coach is that of leading with love coach said that love is the single most important concept of leadership but also one of the most forgotten so that love is the driver of our greatest accomplishments and that if we're truly doing what we love to do and with who we love to do it with then we've reached true success as a young and new Marine Corps officer I remember reading that in his book and I used it to craft my own leadership style and I can tell you with absolute confidence that as the single most important contributing factor in my ability to build strong teams that I had the honor of serving with in business school we do a great job of becoming experts at things like accounting and finance and marketing but if we truly want to reach our full potential as great leaders we need to also think beyond that and study the lives of the all-time greats like Coach wooden so with that and with whatever team or teams you're on in your lives I urge you to love your teams and to make sure and do everything within your power to ensure that they love being on your team as well to my friends and my family and my classmates for all that you have done and continue to do to support me I thank you for it and a lovely thank you [Applause] coach wooden said I know I'm not what I ought to be what I should be but I'm better off than I would have been if I didn't come across certain things for me it's certain people I lack the words to be able to express my deep gratitude to those that found something worth investing in in me the people that saw me as part of their team coach said we all have a role on the team so find your passion and apply your talent my passion is working towards a healthier more equitable Society in this time of increased access to information changing demands on health care and technological disruption and that starts with a dedication to family friends the community and integrity so I challenge us all to remember it does matter how you play the game you

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