The 2018 Bloxy Awards (Roblox)

what's up sohbats I'm back this video is a continuation of the previous video if you haven't seen yet go check that out basically I just talked about the history of the block C's and roblox conventions in general and I react to plenty of videos anyways in this video we're going to play the block C's event react to the block C's red carpet and to react to the block C's themselves and just as a little side note this is all footage from like a month ago anyways without wasting any more of your time let's just get into it hey guys today were playing the sixth annual block C's event you know and I'm here with not've he's not in the call but he's here in the game and miep dude for would you shut up well they interrupted me so what do we do here I don't know the note of what do we do here okay you you gotta collect tickets and stuff and stare at my ad this is my ad by the way please play yeah please play walk up a flight of stairs simulator because it's a dying game like even though I have this head here there's still zero players and please like the game too I advertise the game and like it destroyed the like to dislike ratio it's the Annoying Orange I got another ad here too it's not as good as the other one I find but I think it'll appear on the red carpet stream that's your ID too yeah what the heck oh oh I don't know the copyright status of this music so I'm just gonna mute it too much wait I can get epic emotes holy crap hey guy he has all the prizes I watch your videos bro where all the prizes at well is a surprise holy crap I found an astro egg chair I'm gonna follow for tonight Big Mac I feel like he knows what he's doing he's got a whole cape set up and everything what's this is this the outside world nope okay what do you got man buy a drink epic okay how do i exit here okay I got like 30 minutes of something but he stopped flossing on the dance floor you're gonna get beat up you see how many people are in the club right now you won't get the grills rest room closed due to who did forgetting to anchor the bathroom again alrighty then oh okay enter theater I can go in the theater holy crap oh shoot alright where where am I am I supposed to be under here I don't think I am I'm I'm on the balcony see what is this do it it's sands bro this is the old version of the theater they don't got all the nominee seats what the holy crap I found a block see Statue left-wing remainings you know you should really really really do what should I really really do join me I'll think about it oh I see something there we are you supposed to like craft a block see statue cuz like I got a left way thank you by them I feel like I found everything here genius I want to go on genius for remaining sings I'm going to explain the lyrics of a song that isn't mine yeah heck yeah that's what this is all about obviously I mean oh nice there's like a statue body on the second floor of course I spawned outside of the actual theater okay yeah I know that happened to me is there anything in the trash do I have to push the trash can over and find something it's up a nice shirt man hey come here come look at this can you tell me who's sitting here in this seat okay he's just not gonna say his name hey guys you can do like a Will Smith mean with this hey guys its rewind time Oh default roblox recorder we're off to a good start no no no no no go back go back go back wait a minute this is a scavenger hunt this is a Minecraft or it might be oh I I see I'm stupid all right there's like minigames and I'm gonna play them I'm here for the week try joining the lobby again I might force you to join all right guys we're out never mind I'm not in the thing anymore I'm in a different thing it's called revenge of the bacon press Z to play let me turn on my audio arrow keys to move do I kill this guy I think I do oh crap bro this guy sucks I'm just standing here and he's not doing anything are you in the lobby at the red carpet oh I got rubber-banded I'm in a mini game right now where I'm just like shooting a bacon hair guy oh it's in the arcade yeah the arcade oh shoot stop it this guy's hacking aimbot alert aimbot I have one life left I'm liking this bacon here noob Sam oh crap how many lives do I have like five except I wasted mine already I did yeah I didn't die yet I'm on space to sing do it I did it holy crap oh wait I want a hat no sadly alright this was very cool let's play guest invaders their guest defense all right I'm playing a mini game multiplayer with these three other folks I'm a warrior okay they are also warriors I like how this guy's rock is clipping through the platform all right let's do this quest is this like zombies or die die why why is there two of you I did it I don't like how there's these giant aims you eyes on my screen though we're doing pretty well right now where I waved to and only crack zero zero zero 939 is almost dead he's like 5 HP right now oh crap I think he killed crack yeah he did oh no I don't nevermind he's back I'm on wave for Cole wish me luck first bro this is a freaking gues mafia oh crap we're all dead I'm gonna get this easy watch out man there's these boys shoot rockets they're deadly same I don't actually know if I am but I like to think I am oh crap these the bomber guys are back getting them uh-oh bro where's my team at Oh No they are coming oh no we are where we're not getting this dub there's no way oh shoot die come on guys dang it how do five guests take a whole town hostage how do you win against rocket launchers oh shoot you're right oh my god like you gotta do close range all right let's try that again yeah I don't know all right these guys have cool names so they're probably better at this game why is there only two of us are you kidding me oh never mind we're all here we're good oh my god the Mafia guess they're broken I am hurt right now can I reset I can and I'm gonna do that oh my gosh they're they're killing our friends I hate how this is a man attack or anything the entire time yeah I know we're doing uh we're doing a diamond formation right now just kidding oh no the rocket boys are back oh this is wave 4 we're already gonna lose against these guys unlike last time I think you might have to backstab them as I believe they shoot towards the base maybe I'm wrong maybe I have to like attack them once and then run far away and then just keep doing that all right we got these guests out the way now I got to do these mafia boys what any other two machines were literally just repeats I think I got some I don't know there's only two left come on I think we beat it yes oh man that was epic this guy just said nice shirt remainings coffee to feel hurt I know I'm a discount remainings but you don't have to say it to me okay yeah like have some respect yeah exactly respect me what the these boys found a sewer bro there's literally a sewer in the red carpet is this like a maze oh I found a golf cart can you drive it no it's like a action figure size thing what the heck bro I just gotta know I'm getting out of here this place is cursed hey guys look at my cool ad that I made all by myself this atrocity was brought to you by remainings and walk up a flight of stairs simulator although I think that this ad is funnier cuz it's just an ad template what is this do it I found an apple basket hey how do these people get in here I think they're hacking guys are a bunch of hackers bye-bye today tail guys I did it I wanna block see what the heck this guy's got a laser see if I can get behind here oh crap something's happening oh I did it hey guys we just broke the toilet bro already then all right guys I did it I won the boat I well that concludes the Block C event pretty cool um builder man and I sit right here don't ask how I know that all right guys you'll see this after the block sees but look out for me anyway that I sit right here watch if I'm right I'm gonna give myself one roebucks and hopefully I'll remember that because the block seas are in 11 days all right guys no bad words I'm recording hey guys today we're watching the red rapid event because I'm gonna be on there and so is my ad and so is my beautiful muscle shirt if you look here I also see I'm also wearing the Annoying Orange and on the back it says avenge a ninja hey it's live and it's like I also can't hear anything mic muted except it's for real alright well they just shut down the servers hey guys so we actually forgot to to pay the water bill for this month and the electric bill so sorry guys the stream is over VIP server we'll post it oh no they're copying it right now should we just go to your VIP server like post the link and staffers brah don't they just tried to print the webpage hey guys I should gift ray william johnson a sub who's with me on this yes too bad i'm doing it alright look at twitch chat i did it already gifted pewdiepie sub maybe I could do that Terry's saying New Jersey look at the stream this is my Uncle Terry everyone say hi Terry missed call from Uncle Terry yes I'll gift Joseph what's in a sub I like how barely anyone said anything about my raywilliamjohnson sub gift I have three billion subscribers I feel like the chats gonna blow up meetings gets on there it's already half of my Swiss chat is red should I get Peter Griffin us up yeah alright yes oh oh give Cleveland Browns a sub after i gifted Cleveland Brown a sub because it wouldn't let me thank Peter Griffin a sub all people are spamming the chat about their mics being muted and and roblox supporting series oh they're going in alphabetical order so I'm gonna be like one of the last ones bro no one's moderating was chat everyone's spamming me I know please stop I want to try reading stuff people are calling it yeah it's only rigged if I lose I think so so what happens when they see themselves they're gonna say oh this guy is amazing Block C bro nice roblox change I need that No Oh is everyone wearing rainbow stuff I think holy crap 69 is hosting the block sees he broke out of prison to do a roblox event someone said we're all of my big hats I'm on that right now I don't I don't know what the biggest hats I have are I need some kind of wings yeah true whatever oh where are the Nickelodeon slime wings for good luck she just dress up with mr. obvious oh no you know this person is wearing a blockhead I should put the head on two or maybe I should wear the city life woman head we oh so I think someone say my name look yeah someone's holy craps one of you guys are stream sniping X omq it's bear bro they're saying stuff to remainings look in the corner yes dude Hey look to the right so hey there they're at it again it's B man this guy made the B movie holy crap it's mr. worldwide no he's he's got an underscore name so he should come up open never mind when they said bigger they're talking about paradox poke I think they thought like all of them were him well then I think remaining sis next I better be here we go boys all right dang it hazard if they just skipped me then it would be up to the guy who's still saying stuff to remainings on the right yes hey guys spam remainings residentsleeper and chat bro who put residentsleeper that is not an emo guys were being watched the FBI is on the red carpet oh dude they snuck the infiltrated roblox so once posting the Soulja Boy lyrics and chat hey he's hacking hey guys why is there a caveman on on the right no he's like clipping through the wall oh yeah I should gift fortnight a sub this music yeah what the heck I thought that was just me Pro would think what are they to bro I gifted for tonight a sub at the wrong time there's so many freaking chat messages oh there it's still going all right cool let's bless its music holy crap I can gift Peter Griffin sans a sub all right I did it alright time to give Sansa sub all right there sans dude it's me I'm builder man oh my god guys oh my god it's me oh that's it really well that's it yes yeah where's my I mean where's a ninja's boxy zoom out go to go to my ad yeah I keep turning to the left two remaining yes holy crap they just went up to my ad for two seconds oh my god Oh someone broke in it does and now I'm on the free camera now in this tutorial what I'm gonna be showing you is it all a camera although you can faintly hear the music in the background whole sub-2 remains yeah it's I think it's the balloon is coming towards Earth Majora's Mask gonna crash into the block oh here here comes my other ad oh never mind they're there looking under the ground you just keep clipping through the terrain it's so distracting guys I found out who's free taco they're going outside the map you see that man on the sidewalk that's me yes wait dude the guy controlling the camera is on controller I think because I saw enter right trigger button hey camera guy look at my ad look at my ad camera guy all right good enough oh crap the block to use tomorrow guys alright well the red carpet events over and next we have the moment we've all been waiting for the block C's starts tomorrow boys so let's just jump right into it Hinkel in the chat use your free twitch Prime subscription on Tyler won I didn't see my my fried chicken ro so I saw the picture but I want to see it on live hey I saw one person oh there's two hey look it's mr. YouTube I hope RT appears he better the saving grace for this seeing a lot of people with I love fried chicken shirts are you yeah that's pretty epic guys it worked oh yeah I see one person I eat Borg or for dinner today bird's-eye view time I'm trying to see oh I see myself yes sir for what happened here Mike alright my category is a 14th and 28th those are my my nominations so we're gonna have to wait a little bit for me low-key high key don't want to sing I'm glad my movement has worked in some form yeah oh there's green eggs hey Cole it's you there's me and my alts you know it's might yes I got a picture zoom in on me yes sir you know how they were zooming in on remaining for a few seconds he was right in the center of the camera so this is yep this means I'm gonna win all of them I'm so excited they've been clapping for like 10 minutes straight yeah that that's good that's gotta hurt this big in my town and I like there's like this live show and like since I was 5 I thought I had the clap so like oh I see a quartic I just noticed his outfit Oh someone's got an I heart roblox hat that I mean that's close enough to Fried Chicken better oh here we go fellas oh never mind j party j party j party j party here we go fellas j party yes holy crap they're really up the green screen yes they did they did a better job at editing this one so I'll give him that let's see which one of my alts win this one yeah my alt I did it I don't know about the strong stuff but feel free to scream how do you make a tutorial for breaking point so what you want to do is point your mouse at the person and shoot them no yeah moogle made it many games epic I made Island Oriel this lobby is epic here we go here we go fellas there's me to the left yes they didn't preview the video yes very good that would be here we go fellas the moment of truth dang it GG bro twitch chat is real mad yep I'm deleting my youtube channel bro they spelt it they spelt it paradox poke guys I'm gifting ninja tier 3 sub guys look in chat look in chat twitch chat you see that yeah ninja i avenged him in some form everyone's pinging ninja on the twitch chat guys who should I give to sub to yes yes I don't know but I am gifting sans undertale uh sub alright I just did it Oh shoo mizen my eye my next category is in in two – two more categories at least I'm not singing yes sir if this doesn't happen I'm gonna do absolutely nothing dang it all right guys I'm quitting YouTube roblox obviously doesn't want Mungle to be co-owner yeah thank God I want to sing again yeah he didn't even sing yet I thought that was me i steel minecraft diamond builder man just give me the Builder man award of excellence already for cool the simulator here we go builder man give me a high five man you did that blocks con and roblox rally and roblox game conference sing sing for us come on the weave this dang it it's only been 41 minutes since was started dang it J party didn't even sing I'm deleting my channel goodbye guys well guys it's finally over and I'm finally done this video almost been almost a month since the Block C's happened and no one cares about it anymore what great timing but uh nonetheless I'm still uploading this video because super long and I wanted to put it out there for a while now oh yeah someone join my game already so in conclusion I might have lost the Block C's but we certainly did succeed with the with the fried chicken shirts there was a lot of you who participated in the stupid idea of mine so thank you saw a lot of you during the stream and it was pretty great sight to see and I'd also like to thank everyone who got me nominated in the first place I don't know who you are but I'd like to thank you and of course I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me in the finalists Congrats to funny and oblivious you guys earned it Square and fair and square with two squares anyways this is a message to everyone watching this right now listen up if you guys want me to win we must we gotta try harder alright we didn't try hard enough this year obviously I'm talking getting nominated in more than two categories like I did this year I don't know I make good tweets so maybe we could try like best Twitter channel or something maybe I gotta bake more in videos also we gotta mention that Ninja wasn't even done enough justice he made a brief appearance on the red carpet stream sure kind of my fault that he wasn't like shown more because of those stupid slime wings I don't know why I did that obviously it wasn't a good luck charm also not not to be a conspiracy theorist but the video that was nominated that I made had a meme review reference as the intro and it just so happens that that video lost so I'm just saying anyways for my final thoughts on the block C's they were pretty good this year you know it was a the main awards ceremony was well edited and produced and like what they did was they started the stream 20 minutes before and it was like an intermission screen for 20 minutes until the block C's were supposed to happen the camera was like circling the theater and like showing off everyone's seat so if you if you had a seat there you were definitely in the stream at least once probably twice and I think that's a cool idea and they should keep doing that moving forward well so I wish I could have shown the twitch chat on the side for the entire duration of the reaction bit except it was just so bad like for a while there was actually no one moderating it it seemed there was like so much spam and there was like inappropriate ASCII art to put it lightly so that's why I couldn't show it too often but they did sort that out eventually but yeah those are my final thoughts and everything thank you guys so much for watching till the end this probably a super long video so hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy be sure to leave like and please subscribe if you haven't already so you can become a sub bought today that's all I got for now new content will resume as usual no three-week gaps this time so yeah see you guys oh one more thing if you're watching this while it's premiering like well it's live in a sense I got one request for you try and get the final chat message before the video ends and if you're watching after open up the live chat right now and just watch everyone struggle to get last it'll be pretty funny


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