That Girl Jay Cole Wins The LMAO Award! | Social Awards 2019

– And the winner is of the LMAO! is ThatGirlJayCole. – ♪ – [audience cheering] – ♪ – Jay! We got the award, Jay! No, but on a serious note, um, I wanna thank
the Lord and Savior, okay? Because without
any of this–without him, any of this
would not be possible. On a serious note,
I wanna thank my parents, I wanna thank my church for
praying over me, 'cause the Lord–whoo! I wanna thank
my supporters, all of you, every single last one of you
for voting for me. Because let me tell you, y'all
definitely been rocking with me for a while. It's been a long journey from me
making videos in my ba–my bathroom, my bedroom, and y'all
definitely been rocking with me. Um, everybody that was
in my category, oh my gosh, so talented, so–I feel like
this award is for all of us. As millennials, as
entrepreneurs, as creatives, I feel like we are
who is–I'm nervous, y'all. Let me calm down. I feel like we are
who is inspiring the generation behind us. So, I feel like,
you know, B, Vee, Chicklet, Zoe,
everyone in my category definitely has inspired me
in some way. Um, for the–my supporters, no
matter if you do hair, makeup, rock, we all have a campaign,
don't stop, keep going. Please, keep going, okay? – [audience cheering] – Remember, we all have a
campaign no matter what you do. And I love y'all,
I appreciate y'all. – [audience cheering]


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