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Thanksgiving: A Time For Love And Family | FOX ENTERTAINMENT

Kids, have you
seen your father? [telephone rings] Hello? PETER (ON PHONE): Is
dinner almost ready? Yes, Peter. God, where are you? I can barely hear. PETER (ON PHONE): Pull back
my chair ever so slightly. [boom] [peter sighs] Daddy’s home. Oh, hello, there. Which one of you lucky
fellows wants to get eaten by me this Thursday? Me. No, me. OK, settle down, everyone. Peter, we’ve got a
houseful of people coming and they’re expecting a turkey. Well, we’re
expecting a turkey, I’ll just put on “Evan
Almighty” for them. Zap! You’re going to have to
be the host of Thanksgiving. You have to do everything
the fat man normally would. You mean like fall
asleep on the toilet and have a big red ring
on my bum for a week? Bryan, look. An eight-foot basket. Let me just dunk
the turkey once. I know I can jam it. That’s not a regulation rim. I believe in you, Dad. You’re a great entertainer,
like a sweaty Martha Stewart. You’re always going to
like her better than me. That’s not true. I love you both the
same amount– 40%. I got to leave
room in the budget. Peter, we can’t
eat a live turkey. Look, Lois, I still got
time to make this right and I’m going to. Hand me a 9 iron and
show me to the backyard. Well, buddy, I guess this is it. [classical music playing] [whack] Ah! Wow, I read that look wrong. You like your eggs a
little runny, don’t you? What? And your set at four with
a little bit of butter? Yeah. Hash browns might
be a little burnt. I’ll like them however
you’ll make them, sweetie. I just wanted
to say, I’m sorry. We all forget just how many
wonderful things you do. Aw. You ready for the oven? I don’t know, Bob. It feels weird. We should be doing this at home. Bob?
Bob! What? Can you leave the
oven light on for me? I get scared. So cute. Here’s the light. That’s too bright. [tires screech] Daddy’s home! I’m just like you–
a misunderstood guy who wants his family to love him. And maybe we could
start with a hug. Aw, I’m so glad
we’re sharing this. Yes. Yes, it’s you. Really? Really. Hey, thank you so much. I don’t know what to say. It’s OK. Don’t say anything. Oh, Bob. Dad, are you crying? Shh. Let them have their moment. Yes! Come on, let’s
go get stuffing. Come on. You’re the one! Come on! You are the one!


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