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TESV Skyrim – MOD Tamriel Online Tutorial Instalar e Usar (English Subtitled | PtBr Audio 720p)

Out of Game – Tamriel Online MOD, How to Install and Use in Skyrim V Whats up guys!?! Brian Dias here in one more gameplay. I will subtitle this video, and since now I apologize for any error. Hope it help you. Tks! This time I will show you how to install and use/activate the Tamriel’s Online MOD on Skyrim V I want to thanks the “Habilidade Gamer” channel for suggesting to make a video showing how to install… and use this MOD in the game because we don’t have videos in Portuguese about it. Now I’m explaining about the importance of members/visitors suggestions and how it can help me channel grow and be better day by day. I’m gona try to explain to you step by step wich files to use and where to extract them. So, here we have three compressed files and in each of we have their respective files to each function. And here we have the installed game folder. I’m using the Steam version. Don’t worry about get ban on Steam using this MOD, it works well and untill now I don’t get any warning. First of all, you gona need on your game the files from this SKSE to a better experience using MODs on game. All right, go to installed game directory (an observation, I’m using the Winrar to descompress the files on game folder). Select all files, drag and drop them on game folder, if ask for any file substituition, aceppt it. I’ve pressed ignore because I already have the files on game folder so I’m just showing how to do, ok?!? Ok, get back on compressed files and lets see what we have. We have two Tamriel Online files. One is for client and the other is for server. If you have a good internet and going to be the server, you gona use this files. We have two files. Tamriel Online Live Server, used to connect with your friend on game. And the Test Server, wich you can use to test the MOD your self, creating a clone of you in game called Dragon Soul. We gona see in game how it works. Can I put the two files on game folder? Yep, no problem, because you gona run just the “exe” you need to play in each mode. Again, drag and drop in game folder. This another file is to use when you going to be the client. The same thing, drag and drop all files on game folder. Go to TamrielOnline.ini file, there you gona find the configurations, but the only thing you gona change is the number in “connectionip=” here you gona put the IP of your friend (the server) or your IP if you gona use the Test Server. One important thing, the IP number you gona use in case to be the client is from your friend in Tunngle, Hamachi… or any other VNP program. Place the IP number, save the file and close it. All right, I you gona be the server, you have to open the TamrielOnline_Live_Server.exe file If prompts a message asking for authorization, confirm. See if the messages are the same, confirming the server initialization and connection creation. After I gona show you again before open the game. If you gona be the client instead the server, you gona open the other file TamrielOnline_Test_Server.exe Ps.: Remember to change the IP number, placing your friend (server) number from Tunngle, Hamachi, etc… on TamrialOnline.ini file If you want to make the server test alone in your own PC. Open the TamrielOnline_Test_Server.exe file See the messages indicating everything is working. Another important tip, from that files we copied to game folder… You have to run your game using the skse_loader.exe for the MOD work pretty well. The Steam version of the game don’t have the “Skyrim.exe” file, don’t worry, make a copy of your “TESV.exe” file and rename it for Skyrim.exe And after this the skse_loader will recognize your game normally and Steam will recognize it also. You can use your F2 key (from keyboard) as a shortcut to rename a file. So, when you run the game using the skse_loader a black screen will open and after that the Steam and game too. See in video description the links to the files, and to the oficial MOD site. English: Update – There was updating the MOD, then visit the official website for the last version. PtBr: Atualização – Houve atualização do MOD pessoal, por isso para a versão mais atual visitem o site oficial. Lets test the different options on game. I don’t think he like dogs too much… Haha Ok, when you load a save game on your game, you may see in the left top messages about the server status, and that you have to press key HOME to activate the server. Gona press home and see what happen… As you can see, we get a server connection fail. So thats happen because I forget to change the IP on TamrielOnline.ini to my own IP number… Wait a moment, going to solve this… :/ Right, IP changed lets see… And, there is my Dragon Soul, I have to say, she is a little sticky… Hahaha From what I gather she is trying to occupy your position on the map all the time… Nothing like a BUG time… Hahaha If you hit her, you will get dammage to your self… Ok, this was the server test… I suggest you guys to press HOME before exit your game, this will disconnect the server, and after that you can save your game. Remembering that the MOD developer said isn’t necessary to do this, but I prefer… so choose your self. Now we gona test the situation where you will be the client. So open the TamrielOnline.ini and put the IP server number and after run the skse_loader, load a save game and in game press HOME key. As you may have noticed, it is not necessary to run any server “exe” to be the client. Only thing is set the server IP number on “ini” file and run the game using the skse_loader I get a server connection fail because I don’t open any VPN program, so the IP I’ve used was just for test. But it should work if you use a program and set the right server IP. Of course to see your friend you need to be in the same map location. Or you gona tell me you can see your friends from your home in another neighborhoods??? Hahahaha As you can see in my other video where I tested the game with a friend, you can see your friend character but it will be like a clone of you, using other clothes, or clothes off is he is using any MOD… There are some details to fix, but only to see your friend playing with you, it’s awesome! But I trully believe this MOD have a great potential… and is a dream of all fans becoming real! Now I talk some things about my perception of the MOD… And again, I suggest don’t forget to disconnect from the server pressing HOME key before save and exit game.


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