Tessuti Sportswear and Leisurewear Award Winner: Katherine Jayne Watts

I'm captain Jane Watts from the University of Portsmouth and I just wanted to see wheat sportswear at leisure elbow I was absolutely shocked and just so overwhelmed and very surreal at the moment my concept for my back was my granddad's passion for sailing so I used those old sails I'm as materials as well as looking into lifejackets and how the prints could be influenced by the nautical charts as well as their old labels on the lifejackets as well just taking every opportunity that I can get experience get placements and just try my hardest to get into the industry don't limit yourself to anything explore all options and just keep going

  • Congratulations Katherine! This is amazing news, we are so happy for you. We are looking forward to seeing more of what you do in the future after your time here at the University.

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