Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir Short Dance at 2016 NHK Trophy | CBC Sports

  • No contest. There’s much more sensuality, sweetness, smoothness, chemistry in one VM’s single nail than in all the other skaters as a whole. And this is one of many things that makes them the GOAT

  • Tessa and Scott please viewers. It has to do with physical beauty, artistic skills, technical precision and selection of repertoire, musical scores and transitioning that builds interest and momentum.  They are very smooth but edgy.  Their sensual movements bounce off each other to create this harmony and excitement that holds our admiration like no other skating couple.

  • This rendition of the program was definitely better than the one at the Worlds. They performed it with more attack and it was faster and smoother.

  • I may be an American, butbut as far as ice dancing goes, I am all about Canadians Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir! OMG! WOW! I love Thier short dance to Prince
    music, then they top it with Thier free dance to Latch! BEAUTIFUL!
    Julie Norvellb.

  • This always happens in figure skating. You have two competitors, and when they compete in different competitions it's impossibble to separate them. And then put them in the same rink, and the differences are so visible (e.g. Mao and Yuna, Yuzuru and Javier etc). I think what NHK highlighted was that P/C are seriously deficient in the SD compared to V/M, but obviously much better than other pairs, and that the FD is much closer between the two pairs (albeit that P/C messed it up a bit here). But the SD is a very interesting case: V/M seem so comfortable doing different styles, whereas P/C seem quite uncomfortable in their SD. It might be a good opportunity for the French to clarify their game plan for the Olympics and try to work the system to pick routines that fulfil the dance requirements but which are also in their wheelhouse, because they're up against ice dancers who seem to be comfortable in just about any style! Will make for a very interesting OG, super excited!

  • Their dancing is so much more mature now — like she said, you can really tell that they're dancing for themselves, because they enjoy it. It's incredibly alluring.

  • As a diehard fan of D/W, I never thought I would say this- but I'm happy to see these two return. They worked on all the right things to come back stronger than they were at Sochi. Both appear to have more stamina now; Scott seems to have more core strength. They figured out how to feature their closed hold rather than being ruled by it. If they are pointing toward the 2018 Olympics, I wish them continued strength and safety as they go.

    Well done and welcome back Tessa and Scott.

  • Breaking News Virtue and Moir win the FD in addition to the SD . 116 in the FD vs Papdakis and Cizeron 111

    Bon Dimanche. Je me couche la apres avoir ecouté le FD en direct +dharma MS

  • Goooo Tessa and Scott! So glad Sochi won't be their swan song, after all They were grossly underscored in the SD back then, but I feel like this just made up for it! <3

  • Even with the 2 minutely small hiccups at the end, the fact they scored a WR still shows how good their Short Dance is

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