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Tessa cries while talking to Vito | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Hey! Are you okay? You look like you saw a ghost. Don’t mind me. Elias, can I have
a word with you? Miss Tessa asked me
to do something. Have you decided? What did you do? Tessa! Tessa! Tessa, can we talk? I have something
to show you. This was Samuel Arguelles’s
guitar. The great musician
of Las Espadas. I want to buy this
for you, Vito. This will only gather dust
in our house. Just like my old guitar. You know I’ve never really heard
you play, right? I only heard about
your past performances and last recordings
through your friends. I’ve stopped playing music
for a long time. And I don’t plan
to play ever again. You know… I’m fine with you hiding
secrets from me. Like your sudden trips
to Manila. Or to wherever here
in Las Espadas. But this one, I know
that it’s part of your life. And I’m not even allowed
to share it with you. You know what? It doesn’t matter. Tessa!


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