Terry Crews Accepts the Voice of Courage Award at our 2018 Champion Awards

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  • The voice of a bitch, all muscle and NO NUTS. It's ironic he played the role as an ex-con / rapist in the Friday series, how's that for dramatic irony.

  • real men are men, who can admit and are not ashamed of sharing his true emotions like Terry. Society filled with a bunch of bullies.

  • this was a well speech but mind you i dont trust him and certainly not believe him yet, i dont give in this bullshit because i dont believe words, i believe action and results, people always talk and say i will be better, i will fix things, that this them yada yada but real truth comes with time not words, so prove it terry, lets see if you are honest with this words and lets see in your future career how you gonna be a role model for future generations, because i only remember you yelling loudly as POWEEEEER or the angry soldier in Expendibles series, even in your latest Crackdown 3 game you are perspected as an angry shooting everyone type guy, lets see if this continues terry, show us you have changed only then ill believe you earned that trophy in your hands, because Terry words not define the REAL man, its what they do with their power.

  • Wow God bless you Terry Crews. You are the bravest. You’re hilarious as a comedian and very real as a man!

  • "Toxic masculinity" refers to only the bad parts of male behaviour – not the kindness, loving, caring, bravery, sense of adventure, toughness, dedication, perseverance etc. Toxic masculinity refers to what Terry Crews talked about – beating the crap out of people. Sexually assaulting them because you have a position of power. Making excuses for the violence and assaults of other men.

    So if a 6 foot 2, 250 pound former football pro can be a victim of sexual assault by a person in a powerful industry position, and you believe that it happened to him, and he wasn't trying to get rich or famous, ask yourself why you're so quick to question the motives of other assault survivors (male or female but especially female) when they try and tell their stories, when police stats for false rape allegations in the USA, UK and Australia all range between 2% and 6%.

  • Everyone watching this video – please save the link somewhere on your phone or computer, and every time you come across some douchebag who refuses to understand the difference between masculinity and toxic masculinity, share this link. If they still can't/won't understand it after seeing this video, then they never will (until they have their own "lightbulb moment")

  • I admire you; You stood up and spoke clearly. You risked everything, and you became a hero. A real hero.

  • Such a powerful speech. And so needed in these times. I have a feeling some woman or man will watch this and it'll be a life-changing moment.

  • I wish I had the ability to change people's lives and empower them to reach for the impossible. Just using life experiences to let them know that bad things happen to everyone and there is always a way out. It may be drugs, a mental illness, abuse, life in general…there is always a better way, a different way… sometimes you just need the right people to educate you on the choices that are available.
    I love this video! His speech is so powerful. I love how he's using the bad to now do good. Much love.

  • Hi SAFE HORIZON, I'm not sure you know about this but another youtube site took your video and edited it to likely make money on the views. I'm sure you have some copyright claims to the video. At least hopefully you know.

  • My earliest memory, too, is my fathet beating my mom, however I think it was just that one time. My dad had an alcohol and drug issue, eventually went to prison for a short time. Then he came back a better man. Today I love him and he always since the day he came back has always tried to be the best dad he can for me and he would do anything to help me. Of course my mom wouldn't take him back and its best that way, but people CAN get better and I know that also that this sort of upbringing does a lot of damage which I still am trying to figure out. I always thought I would never want to be like my dad or be like my mom who I thought was so weak but now I see how strong she is for having taken care of us and gone through everything she went through which nobody could do perfectly..
    I have a lot of personal battles and I want to become a better person.. people don't understand that as a kid you don't know better.. I didnt understand what happened was wrong because nobody told me it was wrong.. I never got to see the flip side and I guess I don't know how to maintain a healthy relationship.. but its just that.. I want to learn to be a better person. Terry gives me hope on that. My dad gives me hope on that and my mom gives me hope on that.

  • This marvelous man is a true SUPER HERO who risked his career to stand up for something he believes needs to be addressed. Courage, honour and commitment has a human representative and that is Terry Cruise. Sincere respect and admiration for this fantastic example of humanity.
    Thankyou Mr Cruise.
    Bob. Australia

  • You fucken gotta be kidding me!!! This big mucle strong black man is a hero because he had another man grabbing on his balls in front of his wife. Lmao 😂 😂 yeah OKAY!!!you fucken People that feed into this shit are the dumbest stupidest delusional MORON sheeple LMAO 😂 😂 fucken DUMBASS MORONS.

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