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Terry Bradshaw Gives A Final Performance | Season 1 Ep. 3 | THE MASKED SINGER

(SINGING) Strawberry
shimmer on hot lips. Silver buckle
hanging off her hips. Uh! (SINGING) I sparkle
when she smiles. What! Come down on the radio dial. Homemade jar of lemon
drops, take a sip. You sound good! (SINGING) Don’t stop, girl. You know I love it when
you get your shine on. Woo! (SINGING) We be rocking– He’s so cute. (SINGING) –all night long. – Yeehaw!
– Come on! Yeehaw! (SINGING) Baby,
baby, baby, baby. That’s a new note! That’s a new note! Terry Bradshaw,
ladies and gentlemen! Woo! Terry Bradshaw! [MUSIC – FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE,


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