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Teen Choice Awards: Meeting Logan Paul

hey guys why beast here good morning to
you all it’s now around 9 o’clock in LA I slept late I just woke up now and of
course it’s all Wow that’s looking pretty cloudy days you can’t see so as
you can see I still have my bed hair from last night because the other JIT
just woke up so yeah basically what else can I say today is probably read by the
title which is the same speech I just said in my ice bucket video but we’re
going to the Teen Choice Awards so I’m really excited I hope I get to meet some
people so yeah but first things first I need to brush my hair oh and I almost
forgot umm if you’re not already subscribed to
the channel just detonate that subscribe button to join team beast right now well
hello I am back again so um yeah I didn’t brush in my hair so what I wanted
to say but I forgot to mention before is um of course regardless the youtubers I
actually really want to see would probably be Jake Paul Logan Paul and Miller but I’m joking snob will be there
of course but basically is I’m actually extremely excited to go so all the
course of U of L a as usual with those Falcons in the last
and the mountains and the rise which you can’t be because the stock sizes
but anyways these reviews so basically adds a few other things to do so when I
do that I’ll be going to the Teen Choice Awards at 4 p.m. in LA time so yeah I’ll
see you there okay guys I’m back it’s been five hours since I last recorded I
came back I changed my clothes and very soon now we are going to go to the teen
awards so yeah still there okay guys we’re on our way to the Teen Choice
Awards so as you can see now we’re in the car and we’re making away so yeah
see you there you because I’ve arrived at the awards now
just be pass security no let’s go I’ll be with you in a second guys so
feel like there’s a lot of people of screaming for no reason so all I’m
actually waiting to see actual people on stage so yes parties out here for your
favorite people up here but you already I’m gana going up my tripod smile way
fun hopefully you’re here with someone if you see these see what’s on TV
right but that’s it so again me now we dig have fun did any of you guys there’s
people from a lot of counterbalancing tonight woman attention t1u with my copy you won
the actual thing starts oh yeah please I’m Oh Oh Oh you Oh God it was winner I’ll go away after
Michigan our super glue JC and toy soldiers and do keep me motivated make a smile so my
brother better we will consumers by context we are getting
another call we go straight to voicemail on Cal and
then we’re going to say we thank you Oh Oh like a girl everyday you are going to me juice mix woman give it up for French whoa Hey Dude what with you now you w I’m
here with Logan Paul I like a producer is the one and only Savage will get
broke the video is going to be vertical but you’re holding a horizontal throw
you reason block let me out okay guys so basically what Logan means is when I
started the recording was actually horizontal not vertical so I just edited
to fix it right so at this moment I need now we think this draw I appreciated you
you’re young savage the classy inside keep them on the right track 50 the
college mom since you’re here you know what’s
that – yes I do okay chill chill
oh just okay okay mom oh okay deaf cause you daddy I don’t think that wouldn’t
happen is moving you with siren entire world Oh the private network hydropower working are too have no fear because I will surprise
them I’m going to show you guys just a little preview my latest music video
this oxygen for joy Wow Wow thank you
oh wow what did they smell like honestly what a great day
so meeting Logan Paul was amazing for you Jake Pollard’s I tried to get a get
to Jake ball but of course his security didn’t let me oh yeah how they are so
for those people who like enjoyed the teen award like it was amazing
it was really fun great time had a great time with all the singers and actors and
so whereas we say oh yeah go to the Teen Choice website which will be in the
description below to check out um the actual filming or thing because my
filming is not perfect of course like you will probably see some wobbling in
the filming but yeah check it that out so an amazing day so this brings it to
the end of this blog long day so I have stiff yellow my hair but why beasts out


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