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Tears of Steel – Blender VFX Open Movie

You’re a jerk, Thom. Look Celia, we have to follow our passions; …you have your robotics, and I
just want to be awesome in space. Why don’t you just admit that
you’re freaked out by my robot hand? I’m not freaked out by- it’s… …alright! Fine! I’m freaked out! I have nightmares
that I’m being chased… …by these giant robotic claws of death… Whatever, Thom. We’re done. Robot’s memory synced and locked! This is pretty freaky. Shouldn’t you be down there? I heard you guys talking last night. It’s not my fault, you know. Are you ready? Of course you’re ready, you’re a rockstar. How’s it looking, Barley? We should have about ten minutes… Well that’s perfect. We’re on in one! All systems go!
Yeah you, go! Go! Move your asses! Go go go! I love it! Come on, go! That’s nice. Nothing to worry about. Thom. There she is. Now. You love her. She is your passion! Be tender to her. Be honest! Eh- be tender. Remind her what love is. …and, action! Memory overwrite in progress! You’re a jerk, Thom! Ohp- Sorry! Sorry. Look Celia. We have to follow our passions. You have your robotics… …and I just want to be awesome in space. Okay, they’re coming. Two minutes left! Speed it up, Thom! Vivacissimo! Why don’t you just admit that you’re
freaked out by my robot hand? Listen Celia, I was young… …and a dick. But that’s no reason to
destroy the world. Why does he do this? We already tried that one! Abort! Cut! Whoaaa! Whoaaa! Nooooo! You broke my heart. I know. You forgot me on earth. I know. I should just crush you. I’m- I’m sorry. Good ad-lib. Not my fault! This time. Quiet on set! We’re out of time! Come on! RAAAAAAAAH! Memory overwrite, 90%. Captain! We have to abort! The world’s changed, Celia… …maybe we can too. Memory overwrite complete! You know. There’s a lesson to be learned from this. Could’a gone worse.


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