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TEARDOWN – Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) (Easy Difficulty)

Hi, this is Helectronics. In this video I will tear down a Nintendo
Entertainment System or NES. NES is a home video game console made by Nintendo. This was one of the most famous home console
of that era, also overtook the PC game market. I show you the sticker on the bottom of the
console, where you can find a lot of information. This console was made in 1985 and it is from
Italy. Let’s start to take it apart. On the bottom 6 screws are holding the console
together, these must be removed. I speed up the video while I take it apart. A sidenote here: The whole console is assembled
with phillips head screws, so be sure you have a good screwdriver. The 6 screws which are holding the console
house together are in deep holes, so be sure you screwdriver is long enough. Now that the console is open, I make close-up
shots of the interior parts. These are the connections for the controllers. Here is the power supply circuit with the
big 2200 uf capacitor and the audio and video connectors. That is the 5 volt regulator. The power and the reset buttons. And last but not least here is the cartridge
slot, the game cartridge is placed here. Next up, another six screws has to be removed
in order to take off the metal housing, I show you where these screws are. The metal housing is down, more parts can
be seen inside, also the circuits are visible too. I show you these parts, I makes more close-up
shots. The next task is to take out the whole circuit
board from the plastic house. Only a few more screws has to be taken out. The whole circuit board is out so I can show
you more details of it. If you want to reach the bottom of the circuit,
where the ICs can be found, then this blue connector must be deconnected, after that
the protective metal sheet comes off easily. In this box you can find the power supply,
video and audio output circuits. The cover has to be popped off and the interior
becomes visible. Inside you can find a fairly easy circuit,
if you have a problem with console and it does not turn on, then here you should start
to check for problem, also check the 5 volt regulator. That’s all for this video, in the next teardown
video I will take apart another videogame console, don’t forget to subscribe if you
don’t want to miss it!

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