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TCA2019 Rodger Haldenby – Lifetime Achievement Award Finalist

I got involved with St Leger Homes at a
a meaningful level in 2006 and that was on the Board and various committees, until
last year when I was officially retired. Well it’s a case of someone has to step
up and help the community, so I had to try and fulfil what I felt was
missing – which was to be a voice for the tenant. What I want is for the tenants in the
high-rise to feel safe and secure. I’m a natural guy who, although I can be vocal, I
like to be behind the scenes – it isn’t for me it’s for the work that I’ve done
and I feel that the high rise deserve some recognition for how they’ve
contributed to the decency work within Doncaster and they’re a community like
anyone else and they deserve this recognition.

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