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TCA2019 Eileen Cooper – Lifetime Achievement Award Finalist

Oh, I do a lot of things! I’m a neighbour, obviously to my neighbours, I also attend the Baptist Church, in this community, which is just across the road, and I also attend the PACT meetings every month. I’m also the Vice Chair of Mexborough Neighbourhood Network, which is a new association, and we’re trying to promote Neighbourhood Watch. So I’m a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for this particular little bit of area. Well, unfortunately, we face, as many areas in the borough do, the addiction for drugs and broken down families. Loneliness is a big thing. And it’s a feeling inside here, where I know I’ve got to get involved in these people’s lives – and I feel very very privileged to be who I am at 82 years of age, you know, in the community. I was shocked to know that I’d been nominated, actually, she went ‘you know you’re on the shortlist!’ I said ‘Wow!’ You know, so this is how I respond! Not so much personal, but as a tenant, I hope it will stimulate others to be more active in communities.

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