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Taylor Swift Wins Video of the Year | 2019 Video Music Awards

Okay. (whooping) I just want to say that… this is a fan-voted award, so… (cheering, applause) I first want to say thank you
to the fans, because in this video
several points were made, so you voting for this video means that you want a world where we’re all treated equally
under the law. (cheering, applause) Regardless of who we love,
regardless of how we identify. at the end of this video
there was a petition, and there still is a petition… (man whoops) …for the Equality Act,
which basically just says we all deserve equal rights
under the law. -And…
-(cheering, applause) I want to thank everyone
who signed that petition, because it now has
half a million signatures, which… …which is five times
the amount that it would need to warrant a response
from the White House. -(cheering, applause)
-Um… I love my cast.
I am so grateful to everyone who was in this video.
The ones who are here, the ones who are at home,
we love you so much. Thank you for doing this
with us. Um, I love my co-executive
producer, Todrick Hall. -Oh, thank you. Thank you.
-I love my… -(cheering) I’m so grateful to my
co-director, Drew Kirsch. Thank you so much.
And thank you to the fans for everything you do for us. My cast live their lives
so authentically. Thank you for being the example
that you are. I love you guys so much.
Thank you, MTV, for lifting up this point
in this video. We love you. (cheering, whooping)

  • The pandering is through the roof in this little speech. It's a shame a privileged White woman has to lead yall and even worse that you follow. Todrick Hall has always given me "yes massa" and bed wench vibes, even though he's a guy. Not surprised to see him here at all. What is this supposed to be the LGBTQ+ coalition on stage with Taylor Swift at the forefront. What a joke

  • I thought she was a smart girl. Oh wait she's a super rich celebrity, so of course she only cares about personal feelings and not about logic.

  • Fake, sellout, child abusing, scum. Dang Tay had to get all woke.
    Also, “you need to calm down” is not best video.
    Can’t get “hip” these days without the “pocracy”

  • If you support what she’s asking you to, you are saying you want any man, including predators, to be able to walk into a girls bathroom after they see a small child go in. And if you question them, they can just say they’re a woman and that you’re “intolerant.” Inclusion sounds great. But logic and facts are also important

  • "basically just says we all deserve equal rights under the law" – uhhhhh okay gonna need more details than that, Swifty. Sounds nice to a bunch of brain dead teenage fans who will sign whatever you put in front of them, sure. But don't blame intelligent people if they can't take even
    a million brain dead signatures seriously.

  • I think it is so funny how y'all are mad because she wants to give rights to every human being keep being mad because she still getting money unlike most of you in this comment section that got to spread hate

  • Taylor, did you even read this bill before dedicating all your time, money, and hard work to it? The law she's trying to pass would make it so a women's shelter can't keep a man out. Is that safe for all the women inside, especially if it's the man that a woman is purposely trying to stay away from?

    Just because "Equality" Act sounds good based on the title, that doesn't mean you should support it. You can't be that naive and judge a bill based only on the title. You have to look a little deeper than that if you plan to try to influence all your fans to support something as important as law.

    This bill doesn't define what "identity" means when they say you can't discriminate on the basis of it, so therefore is cant be enforced in practicality. That's idiotic. Can I become a doctor because I identify as a PhD graduate? Can an abusive boyfriend enter a women's shelter now because they can't discriminate on the basis that he's a man? Can I be civilly sued and have to pay out to a man that I didn't let join my all women-only support group? Can a man sue (or even press criminal charges) for not being allowed in a women's Alcoholics Anonymous therapy group?

    Those are a few examples that have less consequence. There are many more where this bill would cause much more damage.

    My advice for celebrities: Stop supporting naive causes because it's the popular thing to do. Do some research. Educate yourselves before supporting something that would factually cause havoc in society and put people at risk. This bill would put ACTUAL victims at risk. Stop being naive yourselves and stop ignorantly supporting causes that seem helpful on the surface, but are shallow attempts at doing what is popular. Stop brainwashing people into particular beliefs when those beliefs have steep consequences.

    Also, stop commenting on politics as if you have a degree in political science. You are popular because you are a singer. That doesnt mean you have the knowledge to influence such important issues in society as law. It's misguided and narcissistic that you think that your uneducated opinion matters so much that you have to influence millions of people. In fact, it's immoral to influence so many people to vote for a law that will hurt so many people. You are literally voting in support of inequality when you take away actual safe spaces for women and when you allow people to be sued under such arbitrary terms.

    If you do want to have a say in politics, at least take on the personal responsibility to educate yourselves before shallowly supporting a bill based only on the title.

  • So forcing someone to do something under law wont change the problem of their mindset. Maybe you should start there and then you wont need a law

  • The epitome of dumB! The Equal Protection Act would, for one, render title ix illegal. Just think on that for a moment TS fans.
    Please explain why the enactment of this law is necessary in the U.S.

  • Lol. This girl.
    Sad when hollywood thinks they talk for everyone.
    When she becomes an politician then she can try and talk for everyone. Till then. Stfu and gtfoh.

  • Equality??……where's my award then behatch!!??
    Had respect for her a year ago saying she's A-political……..but…….stick to singing because you are clearly an idiot when it comes to politics

  • Cringe !!! 😂😂😂
    If this was the 60s it would be awsome….lgbt have the same rights as everyone else in america. Man shes stupid

  • We should all be treated equal under the law it’s ridiculous that in more than 13 states in this country where we are all Supposed to be equal it’s legal to discriminate against someone for their sexual orientation or gender identity.
    America should live up to its founding words and remember that “all men are created equal” 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Love you Taylor for doing this ❤️

  • I try not to believe in stereotypes. Maybe it's the bleach brand.
    Know your government? Not so much?? Oh ok. Well…CONGRESS WRITES THE LAWS!! Not the Senate. THAT'S Chuck, Nan,Tali B, AHOC, etc. Why th are celebrities busting their [email protected]$% trying to be the average joe? Like I'm just brand new in the brain? No. I did not buy a bugatti or ferrari last year! Still wating on them to drop tb off! Til then, off my cloud! You don't speak for me! I don't listen to her music anyway. Couldn't even tell the name of any songs anyway. Heard it was bi polar mess.

  • Why can't people do just a little research so they speak knowledgeably about stuff before they run their mouths?

  • Yeah we need equality. I should be able to park my car in front of a business and not get a ticket for parking in a handicapped spot.

  • Women need to be equals in the work place, construction workers, coal miners, oil rigs, commercial fishing…. where are the female representations for those jobs?

  • i read some of the stuff on the "equality" act. That garbage is an inequality act and preference ridiculous and out of touch. It wont pass and taylor is too dumb to figure it out, the white how wont bother with that garbage.

  • As Steven Crowder said, your petition is a petition, the White House doesn't have to acknowledge it at all. So keep holding your breath dear.

  • Taylor we are all treated equally stop acting like everyone is oppressed to make a extra 20 million. And your not wearing a watch. And if her people see this please advise this bullshit artist that she needs to submit her petition to not for the White House to look at a petition

  • You’re treated equally under the law you dumbass, it’s individuals who treat you unequally. Stop with the woke and sjw rubbish, stick with making more crappy music.

  • Hey Taylor, Gloria Steinem beat you to it about 40 yrs ago. Also, this petition is literally just white feminists version of a strongly worded letter. Now before you debate that, imagine hearing that from Mother Electra’s mouth? Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

  • Does anyone actually read these laws ? do you know how many of your amendments and birth rights they're trying to take away. If they pass this equality act and the green new deal act and countless others because our ignorance to actually read them. let me clue you in for a second that the green new deal act have a section where you right to educate and raise your children are rights to personal property are gone like cars/houses/personal protection (guns)/, that that also includes all private businesses will be federal property.

  • Still so happy Taylor did this. People are still not treated equally under the law and those are the facts. POC are protected but LGBTQ+ people still are not and that needs to be changed. Thank you Taylor for contributing.

  • This is such a staged performance. Hollywood and the left are all in it together. Ridiculous how many weak minded ppl there are. To drop their beliefs to support their “idiot” ridiculous 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Milennials are so full of shit… I'm so embarrassed that Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and AOC are representative of my generation smh


  • Does she know people are starving all over the world, while she lives in a mansion towering over everyone we have to hear about equality every second of the day from her, it should be equal don’t get me wrong but it’s kinda silly that there’s bigger things than the rich getting richer

  • Taylor Swift, winning an award for a music video doesn't make you an expert on law. Stay in your lane. This petition is dangerous and what it proposes would actually hurt women.

  • Look at them, surrounding her like little puppets. She desperately needs someone to follow her and when her squad grew up she looked to the gays, the black gays specifically

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