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Taylor Swift – Mean Grammy Performance 2012 – MissP Recap

OK, although this performance
didn’t have a lot of dance in it, I did want to touch
on this one– Taylor frickin’ Swift. OK, first of all, I really
enjoyed the lyrics in her song and how it correlated
to the Grammys. But did you all how she stepped
down, did a little two step, pick up the guitar, did
another two step, had the little tambourines in the
background, and she was like, ow, ow? Did you all see that? I know I did. With performances, there weren’t
a lot of dance– there wasn’t a lot of
dancing going on. It was really either
singing or tribute. So that’s pretty much
it, and yeah. Peace, love, and all
that good stuff. God bless. Bye.


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