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Taylor Hawkins Presents Alanis Morissette With The Icon Award | Women In Music

– I don’t need my readers, that’s good. I don’t need my readers. I’m nervous. I don’t normally give speeches,
I play drums for a living, and one of the reasons I
play drums for a living is because of an amazing
woman who’s here tonight. I think I can see you. Alanis Morissette. (audience cheer and applause) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I would probably be delivering pizzas to someone you know tonight
if it wasn’t for her. I mean it, she gave me a break, and she’s awesome. She was an amazing boss. She went through 18 months of insanity from here to insanity, and
she handled it with grace. Now I’m gonna read my speech. I played with Alanis
on her Can’t Not tour, right after “Jagged Little Pill” came out. On that tour, I witnessed Alanis become not just a star, but an icon. Someone who inspired countless
musicians, including myself. After her… (mumbles) Sorry, I already fucked up the speech. (laughter) I knew that was gonna happen. Can you go back a little bit? Thank you, yeah, yeah. Who inspired countless musicians after her and changed the power
structure of an industry. It wasn’t easy. When radio stations said
they couldn’t play her single because they already had female
artists in their rotation, well, they played the fuck out of it. Let me tell you, because
there was no stopping it. There just wasn’t. The week it came out, it went bananas, and it was amazing, and
I saw it first-hand. Anyways, yes, the rotation. ♪ The rotation ♪ The power of Alanis’ music overcame it. It definitely did, because
it was fucking amazing. And the sexism, didn’t matter,
didn’t matter who it was, because that’s how good it was. She sold out shows, she topped charts. She was played on the radio a lot. And then an incredible thing happened. Thank you (laughs). More women began to get airtime. Sarah McLachlan, Ani DiFranco, the Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow. They had already
(audience member cheers) accomplished a lot,
(audience light applause) and they were respected,
but suddenly radio stations were willing to play
their songs back to back. Alanis’ efforts made gender irrelevant. Since spearheading that sea-change, Alanis has won seven Grammys, 10 Junos, the UN Global Tolerance Award, damn. (laughter) Damn, and many more. I don’t wanna get so stiff
as Alisha put it (laughs). I’m feeling a little stiff (chuckles). She’s continued to influence
and awe fans and artists alike with her confessional style
and cathartic performances. Man I saw ’em, she never missed one. Off script, I mean I don’t
even know how many shows we played that year, and she
never fucking missed one. Never, and she sang every night and, you know we were going on before Rage Against the Machine
and bands like that. To watch her sort of
have to prove herself… I don’t mean prove herself,
but like, you know, it was a tough time, the 90s,
everyone was walking around. “Are you real, are you real?” To see her go on and we
played with David Bowie, we played with all these
people and she just, once she got to the front of
that stage it didn’t matter who was before or who was after,
it did not fucking matter. ‘Cause it was on, every time. Game on, every time. Never missed a show. That’s, all right, I’m
flipping the script. All right.
(audience member laughs) She became a mom of three. She mined that experience
for the deep insight we’ve come to expect from her. “Flavors of Entanglement”,
and “Havoc and Bright Lights” saw her embrace a sensitivity she hadn’t revealed on previous albums. I’m trying really hard (laughs). (laughter) And now with her podcast
(audience cheers) and a brand new Broadway musical, inspired by that ground breaking album, “Jagged Little Pill”. And I know it well. And a new album coming this
spring, she’s truly unstoppable. She is, she really is, she always was. From the day I met her,
and I thank you so much, for everything, for me,
and for everyone here. I’ve been so fortunate to
witness Alanis’ artistic growth, personal determination,
over the last 25 years. And here she is tonight. She’s the type of musician
and person who comes along just, God, once in my
lifetime, if you’re lucky. And I was lucky enough to meet her.

  • Taylor, you are true man. My respect to you. God bless your friendship with Alanis. All my love to you, guys โค๏ธ

  • Do you know when Taylor Hawkins presented Alanis with the Icon Award at the Billboard's 2019 Women in Music last night.

  • Hey Taylor my name is Jeff Conner, if u could pass this along to Dave Grohl I'd really appreciate it. Dave my name is Jeff, you used to come to the band practices when band practice was mostly over & we did alot of work together on playing drums & the one thing that might jog your memory is playing with the sticks backwards. It was in N. Springfield Va. @ Doug L. house. I've put up a bunch of posts to see if you'd maybe reply as it's been a while. Lol. Would really like to hear from you. I didn't even know you were doin anything until Joey W. hit me up & told me to tune in & yeap! There you were playing on smells like teen vid with the backwards sticking tech. & then on other songs, the triplets & quads we'd worked on. Hey just trying to respectfully touch base & mean no disrespect. Hope to here from you or see a post or somethin. Take care brother! Jeff

  • 0:22 Vulnerability, isn't it beautiful? Why hide it. Perhaps the most important lesson one can learn from Alanis Morissette interviews cause that's poetry, just listening to her speak. But Taylor is underestimating himself, he too is an icon. For me Taylor has always represented life, instinct. Not only because the drummer of a band is supposed to give energy, but energy is movement, and movement is life. And there is nothing more primal than the act of drumming.

  • We need more men like Taylor! A true ally ๐Ÿ™‚ ….yet, it's incredible how he can go out in front of thousands of people and sing Under Pressure and do Freddie Mercury impressions, but gets so nervous giving a speech. You did well, Taylor! ๐Ÿ˜€

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