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let's move on to the premiere date of the return of a flop with exes Christina instead and Tarek el Moussa has officially been announced the 18 new episodes of season 8 are premiering on August 1st and it's gonna focus on their business partnership and co-parenting their two children Tarek says they're in a really good place right now and Christina says they put their differences aside and just want to give their kids the best and happiest life now Christina of course is remarried to ant Anstead they're expecting a baby boy would you guys want your spouse working that closely with their ex if the bag was established before I came and said bag is coming into our mutual fund yeah you go ahead and make the bag yes and continue to fill my bags really successful show even though they both are now getting their own spin-off shows which is awesome this show is still extremely successful and if you're able to do it and it doesn't like completely disrupt your home life then I would also be like I guess do it I don't know that I would love it I don't know that I feel super comfortable with it it would probably drive me crazy and I would say two more seasons you know so you would like as you would you would forgo the six-figure paycheck for seasons will invest that money wisely heirship keeps going up and up so we're talking about multiple children but also the show is another child okay their relationship and business is another child you need to nurture all these children and I know my fiancee would not want to look back he would not want to ever work with his ex me personally because I'm securing the bag and the business was established before so I do agree I would continue to do it very amicably and be able to live my life over here and go to work over here and do my thing over here yeah but you know we're not mix it some exes do work well together well and I'll go to the rock and his ex-wife Danny Garcia in 2007 and they divorced and it was done but they started a production company together in 2012 because they realized that they work so well together and I think for those exes they're looking at the bigger picture they have a kid to support they have a legacy to uphold and I feel like if you're a couple and you're on the same page and you understand what your what your man or what your woman's intentions are and that's to make a great company or make a great product with their eggs feed the children that you shared with do you know what I think it only works if the trust you have in that person hasn't been completely broken because I feel as though once you lose trust and somebody it's hard for them yeah like you think it would blur the lines even professional yeah because you just don't know you don't whoever you know whoever the person who doesn't trust the other person like if we were in a relationship and you did something that made me not trust you anymore I would constantly have in my back the back of my head that you're gonna stab me in the back at any moment I don't know when it's gonna happen I always have to have my guard up and it's not gonna be a very good you feel situation for me that's why this show is killing it everyone knows that they are both waiting for the other one to stab me in the back that's it for today's daily pop but don't worry we do it every day that's right and be sure to click below to subscribe to our emus youtube channel so you don't miss any of the latest videos whether it's tackling breaking hollywood headlines our amazing celebrity in studio interviews daily pop on youtube will keep you pop-culture see you soon


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