Tankmate for my Oscar Fish?

so it's been about a month since I shared with all of you that I lost my pet Oscar named Oscar I had an albino tiger Oscar and it was a long story but the fish was ill and he didn't survive and passed away so it was very disturbing to me I was very upset I shared that with all of you and thank you all for your condolences your comments so um anyway so since then I've been you know just kind of trying to get back in the groove of things hanging out with some of my fish friends and you know taking care of my tanks and doing some projects and things like that that it really helped me kind of take my mind off of losing my pet fish and I'm just kind of you know continuing to push forward and move forward in the hobby now one of the things that I shared with you I think in that original video talking about losing my Oscar was sharing with you that I do have another Oscar so that other Oscar that I have is named Felix now Felix is an Oscar he's a tiger Oscar that I've had for several months now but I've known him for three or four years the reason why is that this fish belonged to one of my customers I have an aquarium service business belong to one of my customers and when my customer had to move their office they couldn't take the tanks so I took their tanks and I also took the fish and I adopted the Oscar that they had so what ended up happening is my original Oscar my albino Oscar and the new Oscar Felix became bonded and they really started to just spend obviously they're in the same tank but they would go everywhere in the tank together they were pretty much inseparable they were peas in a pod and when my other Oscar died when Oscar died Felix became very depressed now I've made other videos before talking about how Oscars can be Moody so you know dealing with a moody Oscar wasn't new to me but it's been like a month and this guy has not gotten out of his funk he just kind of lays around he'll kind of stay in one part of the tank I know that he's eating I've seen he looks very healthy and act and not not active he's not active but he looks healthy he's been eating just been kind of sulking and depressed for like a month losing you know his best mate I guess so I haven't really decided what I want to do what I do know is that I've got this 125 it's a big tank there's nothing really in there except for some catfish a pleco and then oscar so i think that i need to do something with this tank and i haven't decided what i want to do but it's just not really doing it for me and i don't think it's doing it for Felix as well because it's just kind of empty and boring in there so I think that we've got to get Felix some tank mates or something to kind of get his mood in a better you know in a better direction so I want to ask all of you guys if you could comment down below because I really like it when you guys give me a lot of suggestions I haven't forgotten your suggestions from a long time ago about doing some Blackwater stuff I just had to end up occupying that tank with some Guppies right now and I had to move move the Congo Tetris because my five-star generals are breeding but anyway so they spawned but I want to hear what you guys think I should do with this 125 I'm not gonna like get rid of my Oscar just I don't want to do that he's my pet and I've adopted him but I want to add something in his tank so if you could think of what would be good in a 125 gallon tank with my Oscar and a few scented honest I've got three scented honest catfish in there and one pleco and that's it so basically the tanks pretty empty it's a 125 at 6 feet long so yeah give me some ideas comment down below in the comments what you think I should keep in this tank with Oscar and what you might think would be good for my channel so two things you know what's going to be good for you guys as far as entertaining you and maybe learning about particular fish something that's going to interact and live and cohabitate with an Oscar that will be fine saying water parameters etc but also something that's you know gonna be good for this tank you know long-term because I don't want to just get a fist just to get views or whatever I want something that's really gonna do well with Felix here and to hopefully get him out of his funk so I don't know if that is another Oscar or a couple Oscars and I've thought about that you know I really haven't wanted to go down that road just because I've been very sad about losing losing Oscar but maybe that's the best scenario is to put you know another Oscar in there to kind of build that camaraderie again with another fish or maybe I do something else that will you know get get to Oscars interest again and kind of moving around and seeing other fish so anyway down below in the comments tell you got tell me what you think I should do I love reading your comments don't forget to hit that like button if you haven't done so already subscribe as well thanks for watching we'll catch out of next one

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  • you could add 3 or 5 clown loches. it 's what I've done some weeks ago with my oscar. Now he is ok. from France.

  • I've kept an Oscar with Chocolates and a pair of Geophagus Sveni a while ago. Worked just well even as the Geos had fry. But it's always a risk ;D

  • addding another oscar could be a gamble, 2 oscar together really kind of hit and miss…….might be working , might not be working, surely you aware of this already…..but good luck anyway

  • I'm sorry man I can see how hard this is for you, it will get easier with time. I think some type of tilapia or giant gourami would be nice. Maybe both?

  • I would say another cichlid – not sure school fish will provide Felix with the same interaction and comradery . Could be another oscar or SA cichlid but maybe try rescuing an adult? You see so many people who purchase these fish for their 30 gal not realizing they get 10+ inches. Great channel, great video, keep up the good work.

  • BOSS, I agree with many others MR. Zenzo, get him a MRS. FILEX 😏😏, or a couple of brother(s)/sister(s)😎😎hopefully he snaps out of the downs/outs.

  • Hi Tazawa,

    I think since both you and Felix miss Oscar.

    That you should look for a similar fish like Oscar the Oscar. 😀

    I know it may not be the same, but if Felix accepts him as a friend it will help his loneliness.

    With my fish, dogs, birds, guinea pigs.

    I always have two for that reason.

    By the way cute names for them. Felix and Oscar from The Odd Couple.

  • I have silver dollars with my 2 Oscars. Or more Oscars! What do you feed him. I can't seem to find anything they really like.

  • Jaguar, jack dempsy, green terror…I currently have 2 balas with my Oscar but they are big…maybe even another Oscar ..

  • You should fill the tank with a big school of silver dollars, so that way they can act as a sort of dither fish which should make him more energetic and happy

  • Hello!!! I keep my Oscar Big Boy in a 125 by himself!!! IM afraid he would be too aggressive if I added anyone to the tank!!! Good luck with Felix!!! I hope you find someone he gets along with!!! New sub!!!

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