Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul Engaged! See the MASSIVE Ring

you love me our Tana mojo and Jake Paul engaged you sent me a voice memo like admitting that you wanted to be like Tim I celebrated her 21st birthday with a party that was so lit it ended with a proposal cake and a diamond ring okay let's back that up the youtuber counted down to her milestone birthday on Instagram with a series of picks including this scantily clad shot of her with some balloons and these almost not-safe-for-work snaps posing with a birthday cake that reads I'm legal bitches Ventana and Jake took a party bus to Las Vegas with her closest pals and naturally documented the whole ride including they're uncomfortable PDA later the two headed out for a night in Sin City where Jake presented Tanna with a massive cake that had the words will you marry me Tanna written on it then Tama shared this clip to her Instagram story that's a massive sparkler sitting pretty on that finger Tanna shared the news on Twitter writing Jake just proposed and I'm dah dah dah dah dah engaged doc doc doc I thought when one Twitter user asked a question that we're all thinking is this a joke here's what Tana had to say it's not I'm engaged holy fuck not only did Jake seemingly bite Anna some serious bling he also dropped some serious cash on this gift for Tana yep that's Tana posing with the 22 year old and her brand-new Mercedes g-wagon complete with a red ribbon thanks babe I got you swipe up what okay let's sidebar to discuss that a g-wagen cost upwards of one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars people that is some serious cash Oh both Jake and Tana documented the surprise on social media Jake captioned this shot happy birthday BB well Tana shared this pic writing never give up on your dreams kids thank you baby wanna teach me to drive or many skills our whole thing is you know better in each other better each other not down to teach you I'm just like do you use my car definitely have a car okay this is wild because according to a video that Tana posted a few weeks ago titled Jake Paul teaches me how to drive in his 250,000 dollar car she can't actually well Drive really never driven before I've driven like twice oh my god my gosh goodness how far should my foot be from the gas which one's the gas oh you should be me me Jake recently set the record straight about his relationship with Tana in his new series team 10 uncut is why I love tender because we are like the same exact person the way we think rumor said the two were dating first got stirred up when she posted a snapchat in his bed and I'm Jake's gonna say that I'm doing this for Klout which is so annoying like holy no I I came over to hang out I looked cute I took a snapchat story I'm sorry your beds famous like I know she did this on purpose like she's not gonna admit it after talking to Tana on the phone the two decided to just go with it ride it out and play it up to get more views this is like puttin our laps to like get some cloud up you know it happened we can either sit around and bitch about it or we can like make the best of a crazy situation I don't know hmm of course et had to ask Jake and his brother Logan about the dating rumors when we caught up with them in May he's mainly into me but like I don't I've been keeping it low-key Jake more went public with it yeah yeah there was rumors that maybe you guys went on a first date is that weird but they did it any it Jake this is a better match if I'm being honest yeah we should do each other's girlfriends I guess time will tell on this one and we'll be right here to keep you up to date on all things Tana and Jake so keep it locked on et until next time I'm Hallie Stephens bye for now [Applause]


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