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Tamar Grammy Awards 2011 – GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Hey Shira Lazar backstage at the Grammys brought to
you by Turbo Tax with Tamar. How’s it going? This is your first time here.
This is my first time here, yes. It’s exciting. I’m so excited to be here. And you’ve worked really hard and is it your debut album? It is, yeah. So let’s talk about it. What the sound is. What people can expect. You know I wanted to, I really wanted
to make a classic record. My biggest influences are Billy Joel and Carol King and all the classic singer songwriters from the sixties and
seventies. I grew up wanting to be them. Yeah. So, you know, it’s a very, it’s a very lush album. Lots of strings, lots of background vocals and I took a lot of time in perfecting the lyrics and having the lyrics tell a story. You write all your own lyrics? I do. Is that important to you? Very important to me, it is. I feel like for an artist
to kind of leave an imprint, something that’s unique to them, you have to write your own material. That’s just a personal opinion. No, I and we’ve seen a lot of people from Taylor Swift
to, I don’t know if Justin Bieber writes his own material. It comes from his diaries or his twitter accounts. It’s still, you know. I’m joking. It’s a joke. [laughter] I’m just trying to mix it up here. And
so you’re from LA. You’re a local. I am a local. So how did that help you
or maybe not help in terms of growing as a musician? Living here you get to experience a lot. Yeah You get to be in a lot of
different pools, social environments, the people you get to interact with every day that you wouldn’t
necessarily be able to interact with if you lived in, you know, just another state. Yeah So definitely, it had a huge influence on my music. You know, so I like being here. I’m not from here though. I’m actually from Arizona. Oh, okay. From Arizona, then lived in Atlanta a little
bit and then moved here with my family. And so now this new album, what’s it
called and where can people find it? It’s called, the records called “Sinner Or Saint”. It’s on, should I be looking at you? Hello camera. [laughter] We’re a multicam experience here. I know, I like it. This angles the best. No, I’m just kidding. The record’s on itunes.
You can find it on Amazon. You know, it’s, I got to work with a lot
of amazing people on it. Ryan Tedder from One Republic is one of the guys I wrote a song with. Yeah didn’t, you did a video for One Republic? I did. I did. This is interesting. You have an interesting YouTube story, right? I do.
So, I did a cover of One Republics “Apologize” and won a contest. Ryan and One Republic picked my video. as the winner. So, I got signed because of them and then I got to work with them on the album and it all came full circle. It was really cool.
That’s so interesting because people think that it’s YouTube, it’s so hard to stand
out and you really were able to. Yeah, it was one of those things where you
kind of were. You kind of go, it must have been fate. It’s weird, you know, they have a bunch of entries. They have like thousands of entries and then yours gets picked. It was an amazing feeling. And now what’s next for you? Are you going to be touring? Hopefully a tour in the spring and the summer and just really promoting a “New Day” now, the single, and just getting out there and making it, making it hit. Making it soar. Do you still do YouTube though? I do. We’re actually doing live Grammys on YouTube. It’s a YouTube take over. That’s pretty phenomenal. No YouTube is great. It really is. It’s an amazing way to just get your art out there and to have millions and millions . of people see it. You know, we didn’t
have that a couple years ago. Yeah Which is crazy that it’s came about what, it really blew about four years ago, three four years ago. Even in this past year. Yeah, it’s amazing. Well check her out tomorrow. Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you. Sponsored by Turbo Tax. Turbo Tax guides you to every deduction and credit you deserve.

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