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Castle Rock are you there? Castle Rock
here sir. What’s the problem? What’s going on Castle Rock this take
is out of hand. It’s Sepia tone, It’s Upside down, It’s too fast and
thresholded as well I’m sorry sir. One of your Co Directors Wanted me to do it his way Is that so Anyway, this is how i want you to do it Take it nice and nice and steady, Get rid of that sepia tone, Go back to the original color and slow
down as well. Yes sir. I will try again what’s wrong sir Castle Rock that was not what I really
meant You said slow down sir Not that slow Castle Rock. when I say take
it slowly, they take it literally! really annoys me!
I’m sorry sir I misunderstood you well that’s okay Castle Rock looks like I didn’t make myself clear enough. And now you know And I hope that we can get this third take right. I’m not letting you down again sir I know you won’t Castle Rock because
I trust you to get this third take right. are you ready? I’m ready when you are
sure okay Castle Rock if you’re ready This is Take 3 Roll It! Another breakdown on set huh Lamar? I told you Those cameras should have been checked out! This is ridiculous! Castle Rock you took the words right outta
my mouth. I was gonna say the exact thing We usually have recording problems with our equipment before but not like this. Oh. Can the cameras be fixed Yes give me a moment. Marsha? we need new cameras right now. You think you could set them up? That’s done. I’m ready for final take sir Okay if you ready This is take four action Cut, Print nice job Castle Rock thanks! No problem sir was that good enough? yes it was Castle Rock that was awesome! thank you sir can I go now? yes you can Castle Rock! Thanks you’re dismissed.


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