Talented Writers & Directors of Deaf Entertainment

I'm very upset get out save and support okay please right hey they are from defent attainment there was a deaf audience and films with only deaf actors just like hearing movies deaf entertainment stories gave me the same feeling I really enjoyed I found it very interesting and they were all deaf like me my question is how do deaf benefit by watching your movies there are many negatives among the deaf such as no awareness rivalry among people and a lot more we have also had our problems in the past we have had ideas for a film we wanted the audience to watch the film and change their attitude drop negative mentality and many other points I want them to learn and become aware this is the benefit if people keep enjoying we will make more movies next term that's great hey wait who's this his name is Rohit birthday he's an excellent director even though he has a shor syndrome he's a very good editor how did you learn and become such a talented editor please tell our viewers thank you I work as an editor videographer creative ideas and many other things earlier because of my vision I remained at home and never came up with ideas on the TV I would see beautiful movies in Hindi Tamil English etc there was no intention to copy I was simply watching Kareem here and there were no subtitles but hearing people found it very interesting there people would also watch but they only enjoy the expressions there are no subtitles and they only enjoy by looking at the pictures how will deaf people benefit by all of this how will they set their goals they can't even hear then I decided to learn how to edit on YouTube so that the deaf people look at me and develop since I have Usher syndrome Ervin helps and guides mean while shooting we would always discuss and share our work defender Taemin says thank you I used to think since he has asure syndrome that it wasn't possible for him to work however he can similarly I hope deaf hearing partially deaf must copy his can-do spirit he's the best in the future it may increase the number of deaf deaf actors and directors in the future all deaf people must come for their interesting program thank you thank you thank you

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