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which I actually suck at morning talking about how much I suck at monopoly which is true welcome to another episode of sju I am Danielle Radford hello hi nice to meet you I've got a fine panel of folks here that I love to death I have got me a Vanessa Britten Hey hello I've got me a Spencer Gilbert yeah yeah got me Admiral you gotta build hotels that's the key hotels an adult that I learned that's how I should be playing the whole time I just bought everything yeah no you got to put the hotel yeah see that's how you show us off to live life if you get money buy an apartment building gentrified Baltic Avenue is that one a good item room keep it later you have any weird man it's great so we've got some good stories today it's real business EJ I'm very excited about that we're gonna talk about Thai cattle tackle in flashy Gordon we're gonna talk about Joe silver even silver which I don't know how he can do that fun fan questions but first so Taika Waititi this is me a deadline has been tapped by fox Disney which I didn't know that they owned Flash Gordon now but I shouldn't have been surprised I assume they own everything and I'm surprised if I hear they don't own sense yeah they own they own us they on that hat they own everything they own this paper and so Mouse ears on it see if it I would buy a previously on the x-men at Mouse ears let's stop giving away free ideas to someone who hasn't it and so initially it was reported that he was going to be writing and directing but it looks like they're saying his his exact role is TBD to be determined thank you for putting that in parentheses here IME so much because I wasn't sure what that Messer lost so I'm really pumped about this first of all just first initial reactions what do you think and what do you think about it being an animated movie because I sounds like a lot of people were disappointed by being animated a few I knew I felt like this is something that he's been wanting to do since the second I saw Ragnarok is Ragnarok is so clearly influenced by slash Gordon like from me like the color esthetic to a lot of like the creatures in that universe we need things charging in slow motion like the third act of Flash Gordon Prince Prince Spartan beard and wing suit also just remember the soundtrack sure I remember a lot of the soundtrack I remember a lot of the visuals I remember a lot of the villain being I love me an alliteration named villain yes and Flash Gordon is very much a alliteration name the original Mandarin made yeah this is a great it's a great fit because look I wish Roth was here because she has like a love for that movie that to remind you that the first thing that she ever did here was a show in which you both argued about Flash and I think it is an amazing piece of kitch of cheese which has actually in a weird way been inspirational and and formed a lot of people's like aesthetic yeah yeah preferences and their movie preferences weirdly enough Star Wars I remember was based on well inspired by the Flash Gordon serials not the movie cuz it came out after Star Wars which is insane to me that this came out after Star Wars this feels like it came out in like the 1930s but it's cool like you know what if you want to make a movie today about like basically Tom Brady getting recruited to fight aliens great I think tag is the right choice because it's so insane and my own will take it seriously yeah but but it doesn't have to it's fine yeah what do you think he's almost it's almost seems too easy it's like yeah that definitely makes sense but I mean he's he I love that he comes his perspective is he takes things and still excuse them in a weird I actually strangely just last week and I was away watched thor ragnarok with my mom who had never seen it liked it and even though she kept asking she's just like like after the movie she's like it's Loki good or bad that's the mystery of Loki so but that's what I loved is that is he so obviously took a beloved character who took him in a way that was interesting and engaging the people and I think informed really the future of that character as it goes on obviously he didn't do everything on that movie yeah so yeah I whatever he's doing I'm interested sign me up I'll take a look I'll give it a look-see I gave it a look-see man I feel like he's one of those people that has this perfect marriage of taking something so seriously yet not at all at the same time because he never he's never he never approaches something like this is ridiculous and the audience knows it's ridiculous and let me like laugh with the audience like a prom king comedy type of thing where it's like oh isn't this ridiculous he he takes it very seriously but it's still very fun and it doesn't sacrifice either ya sincerity goes a long way with my son is very earnest something like a snakes on the plane just doesn't work for me like the sharknado movies are like it's fine but you you're doing that nod nod wink wink to the audience that's done on the wings I like the earnest II yeah earnest I like sincerity I'm excited to see this to the character earnest yeah he goes to camp I was gonna say go there's a lot of he has a last ride I believe he doesn't really he does and he went to Africa which I haven't seen but which I imagine is probably like the best thing in the world [Laughter] watch an idea just get nuked out of orbit yeah I'm excited for this to be animated too cuz I you know one of my favorite movies in fact I think maybe honestly my favorite movie from last year was into the spider-verse yeah and I loved how different it looked visually than a lot of other kind of Western animation and so I'm excited to see what this could look like animated what do you think what do you and what do you think about people kind of downgrading this idea of animation and that it's not as on the same level as live-action in the West yeah I feel like people look down on animation all the time because they're like Oh animated it's cartoons it's for kids but a lot of my favorite movies that sit with me are not just Western animation but animation from like everywhere one of my favorite movies is a cat in Paris it's an animated movie it's a style that I've never really seen anymore when you look at it you're like that feels Parisian uh what is this cat doing in Paris it's basically the story of a jewel heist from through as led by a cat like a like a street cat uh-huh uh and it has this tie-in between like a jewel tea thief and like the story of this little girl that doesn't talk and the English dub and the French dubs are both excellent the English dub has the work of like Steve Blum who is as we know is Cowboy Bebop and I feel like a lot of these voice actors have the ability to bring things to life that we wouldn't be able to otherwise and yeah I can only do an animation that's I also I think for me why I'm kind of excited to see this in animation is because you can go balls-out crazy and animated and in this in a way that you might not be able to otherwise would you prefer it to be live-action or are you psyched it's whatever it should be really and if the vision is something that lends itself to animation like people call it and I said I'm sure I've done it before like they call it a genre yeah like horror horror comedy animation animation is a format yep animation is a medium it's not there's nothing genre like to call it a genre is to say that it can only be one type of movie when it could be any type of movie I think it goes but it's I think it's because maybe it's maybe it's because Disney and you know that the US and animation yeah early animation in the US was largely driven by Disney and Disney I guess largely aimed their movies progressively more towards kids so it got that although Fantasia is not a kids movie really sure like experimental a lot of them but I think yeah it's that we didn't have we never had this this thing like you know anime for example in Japan which is like that's just an uh there's our kids movies there's just another kind of movie here they've always been kids movies or people like you know Richard Linklater doing you know like a nice experimental it's an experimental medium I just don't think it's yeah the the Pepsi the Disney's coke was was Looney Tunes and Warner Brothers which is also you know aimed at kids so it's been saddled with that baggage as far as Flash Gordon goes though that is a feature-length animation is expensive but not as expensive as a live-action 2019 the effects Flash Gordon movie would and should be so I get it they don't want to throw two hundred million dollars into making you know photorealistic Birdman or I think I think animation is the right way to go unless you want to make taiko itd do this on a shoestring budget live-action does not work well Flash Gordon what I enjoyed about it was like well you can basically see the wires of the bird guys like that's kind of a charm so a low-budget kind of like his his shorts with like Thor and Barrel like like making a stripped-down version of Flash Gordon and in some back lot and like Robert Rodriguez is like ranch or something a cardboard that have a certain charm to it that would recapture the original but if not just yeah animate it yeah and so there have been a lot of really great animated movies there's been mask of the phantasm which is really good one and again there's also a spider verse which was great for me one of my favorite movies of last year so are there any other kind of characters that you can think of comics books video games that you wouldn't want to see that you think could work in laibach or at work in animation I just got finished reading Pet Sematary which I hadn't read because I saw the remake and and I really think that the thing that I've noticed even King but you know I've read one of the big ones shining in Pet Sematary you know the Green Mile was a different kind of like it his horror his horror work is he's so his imagery is so vivid yes my favorite things I love how he writes and he describes fear in such a visceral way that live-action film has never because I don't think you can in live-action it would look you either couldn't do it or would look silly or it would make sense I would love to see someone take on a Stephen King one of his horror works and and visualize how he writes about fear and the physical effects it has a knee or even like people describe visions or things that they see yeah ways that it manifests and in animation I think that that could be chilling yeah I would love to see somebody take a big Stephen King book and and do an animated version of one of those and really phone in on just like I want to try to it's like try it's like it's like drawing a dream I guess but I want to try to visually represent the way that he writes about fears I think that's what makes those books so so chilly I think especially something like and this is a one of those Stephen King books that I love Rose madder mm-hmm whether it is actually wait that would naturally lend itself to animation because there's a there's a painting look it's it's Stephen King there's a chick she's being abused there's a painting there's magic it's great yeah I think that would be something that could lend itself really well to know 100% I really I love Stephen King so much and have honestly never thought about animating his work until now and if you kind of dumb about it because now I'm sitting here I'm like Langille ears would have been perfect animated yeah that's brilliant [Laughter] like really lend itself to the animated I mean for me it's like all those really massive sci-fi novel poems that are like super unfilmable and like they're gonna take some cracks of like I know they're making like a foundation series for HBO and that's like fairly grounded dude yeah but you could like take another swing at a Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy but animated take like um like Iain M banks like the culture novels these things that are like spanning whole galaxies and your sources and stuff like great this world would be fantastic stuff that is unfilmable it can be animated yeah mm-hmm one for me that I think about all the time because I know I'm never gonna get a sequel to this game ever but a series would be amazing is an animated series of the videogame Psychonauts Sega nuts is honestly in one of my top three games uh yeah there it is it's beautiful I don't think I've ever played anything so vivid and gorgeous and aesthetically unique in my whole life right down to the actual story or it feels it very much feels like inspired by somebody that watched x-men growing up right because it's a bunch of kids with interesting psychic powers that all very at this summer camp but it's also very much playing off of like the typical summer like the scary summer camp something's happening at kind of drum and like I won't give away too much but there's a meat circus because it's also in dreams so it's very surreal and odd and the only kind of thing that would only work in animation as either like a series or movie that's a really good one I would oh I would love to see him Zelda animation because I don't want to see it live action I think I feel like live-action you could get really corny and really like the Lord of the Rings revolved there was a great Zelda I used to play I believe it's part of the Super Mario Super Show yeah that's that's worth me princess supercut blood just left my hands hey I've been asking for it I finally got what I wanted Thank You Chad cold classic having been on the internet for like a week because I've just been resting and it turns out there's good news on the air okay it's not gonna close it's not gonna happen again please comment I just wanted to clean the one week that you weren't on it well once again we are fandom entertainment make sure to LIKE subscribe and hit the bell like the fate of the planet depends on it Wow that's what you would do for the fate of the planet just three well cuz you have to if it's the fate of the planet you want to really hit that Bell right yeah but definitely an odd number of times because it's an even number then you'll be back for Easter you'll be back where you started gotta hit that odd number bells and we did put up fandom uncovered if you guys want to check that out we sent ruff to Forks Washington to hang out with some really hardcore Twihards I believe that's what they call themselves and it's really fascinating look at day you know talk about sincerity hi [Laughter] one of these days we are get out for the chair we should just smash the chairs for their force to get us they almost work and they will continue to almost work for years but we need to fully break them let's accelerate this it's a great way to take a look at like sincerity and sincere fans also speaking of the x-men as we did several times and is Spencer's hat wheel all day we put up a new screen junkies show about the x-men where we actually had the two of the creators of what is that face get up on your toes the x-men so next we're gonna go into and our next story Warner has announced a new CEO this is via variety Warner Brothers has hired and start off the CEO and he wants of uncertainty driven by the studio's acquisition by AT&T the impending launch of a streaming service and the shocking dismissal of studio chairman CEO Kevin tsujihara after reports emerged that he used his position to secure auditions for a woman with which he was romantically involved it's bad bad thing so but Sarnoff's got a great background she used to be president of BBC studios America CEO of the WNBA yeah let's let's get it in for some good technical basketball look we're super gay I stand me a strong queen we have often sent each other pictures of NBA players soccer the Jack between the two of us is very thirsty for like athletes with strong fundamental grinders from that one Futurama episode where they go to the plan of the Amazon woman that's that's all I know someday but Sochi will be bringing that operational experience she will work with Warner Brothers film chief Tony Emmerich and television group head Peter Roth and her variety staffers are hopeful that her experiences working with Doctor Who and Top Gear will prove useful as Warner Brothers tries to grow and expand it's Harry Potter and DC Comics franchises just the British and long-running okay yeah why is she I was reading about she was there when they launched brick box which I'm sure was the great thing on her resume cos from it sounds like a large portion of her time is gonna be watching the streaming service next year so yeah I was from what I've read I mean she seems like she's done a lot of great place a good at a lot of places she seems more of a business oriented executive which is good if you're talking strategically and hopefully that means hopefully that means that they will have their creative department doing things and doing the things and the business executives will be handling the business of it tends to work really well that way Warner Brothers mo of like we're at or driven and like here Zack Snyder do whatever you want to a point right because like Suicide Squad and other films that you can you can almost see the fit I swear even though they were digital prints I could see executive fingerprints on so many Warner Brothers movies that were like seen where they're playing catch – I feel like it needs to be in here yeah and so I feel like it's it's it's filmmaker driven it seems like it's been filmmaker driven to a point and then we're never others is like well hang on let's we gotta do some I hope this means that it's just like we have strategy we have business you know this is the executive level and then creative level and there's always some interaction between them but from a business standpoint it sounds like a really good hire I was reading that her grandfather was David Sarnoff who like founded NBC so what runs in the blood which is which is good but yeah it seems like they were looking for somebody was a very strong business executive background that have launched initiatives that had launched streaming services when Fox is one of the earlier ones it's still around unless it closed down a Brit box honest trailers for Doctor Who brought to you by Brit box yeah most of the place so for their strategy that's good that's good there's a lot of good stuff home box for what they need to do strategically as a business it seems like a good hire to me great yeah it seems that it's kind of a telegraphing their priorities which is streaming streaming streaming which yeah I guess so and you know we don't know how much the market can bear and we don't know what the Warner Brothers has in mind I think if you bundle literally everything from DC that DC thing fold that in full in HBO all their movies in TV then you have something approaching like an attractive proposition for my $7 a month like yeah you know it's gonna be really hard to break in because they're gonna be last to the party it sounds like um but sheet seems like as good a person as any to leave in there yep um so we know that last year DC you had some problems getting off the ground last year like a movie – and fantastic beasts who wound up underperforming do we think that now like this new surge of leadership will kind of help bring in some new end kind of get some of these properties back on track maybe I mean we look what happened with Swamp Thing sounded like an executive decision was made really before much of a critic well the critical reaction was in a little bit but essentially that shows fate was sealed the first episode where and you know James Wan Dino weighed in is just like I have no clue what why that man so I do hope that it's good from what I've read the sources and said that they felt like they were a little bit of drift yeah because when you have a vacuum up to the top that's what happens so I hope that this means that things go a little more streamlined and a little bit more on the same page that'd be nice yeah it is nice when things just work what about what are you thinkin esse do you think things are good when they just work I mean I love something when like you know and like a chair is just a chair one height weight what a business is just when I just work now um one of the things I've been thinking about what I well I've just been staring at this is I feel like everything Warner's been doing for the last few years has been almost like what you've been said over produce too many executive hands not it it it says and it claims to be more hands-off but it hasn't shown that I mean everything feels like it's been an executive not trusting a franchise or an IP to do well on its own and both adding too much towards the end or making a lot of moves that they insist on that end up killing the property right cuz that's what I got out of fantastic beasts – fantastic beasts – could have been good but even some of the casting choices felt very much like this will not survive unless we add this and I feel like it's just one of those start from scratch start with someone who I like that you mentioned Doctor Who and Top Gear or the two of them worked because I've had hands off they've been yeah how much they've just trusted the teams to execute it and I want to see that happen now and it seems like they're moving more toward that lately Aquaman and and Sam you can very much tell well that was James that was the movie that James wanted David Sandberg oh I make Godzilla king of the monsters even though not not probably what they would want box office wise felt like the movie that the director wanted to make and for good or ill so I think that it's a fine line yeah that's why you need someone that you can't just throw anyone in that job you had somebody that yeah toe that line and figure out what's the right balance so where the director isn't coming in is just doing traffic control right where it's just well this projects already done and I'm basically just here pointing it where you need yeah I just say action and then someone else take care of all the thinkin like international felt like this yeah I feel like a lot of other properties from the last few years up until as of lately have been very much you're just getting a director and just to get a name to click in they're not actually able to do their jobs that's disappointing but hopefully like you said this will bring in some news and that new energy and new energy in this life the less less of a bummer but so yeah we talked about the streaming services and we forget that they do have all of these properties they've got the DC heroes they've got Harry Potter they've got Lego and Looney Tunes they've got friends and Big Bang Theory and people don't tend to remember that they have these huge properties the same way they remember you know everything that Disney owns cuz we keep hearing about it every day yes and I can pull them from wherever they are now Netflix Hulu although I think they own a small stake in that and then I don't think it should be underestimated that they are they're not in the business of making art they are a division of a telecom so they want to sell as much broadband subscriptions and as possible if like their entire all of Warner Brothers could be reduced to something that's like a kick in when you sign up for cable internet that's true so that's that's where we are now but I think they're unique in that in that sense that they're the only studio that's owned by like a streaming company so to speak yeah there are some cash still owns Universal rate versus division of caste I think so yeah right I'm ready for the internet streaming service provider wars conflict and I don't know what they're I'm not sure what their relationship is but I know that with t-mobile I believe that you can also get something through Amazon or something like that so it's not the first time it's not unheard of it's not something I've actually done even though I could afford to I just haven't paid attention yeah I don't pay attention to my phone service what's up calm cats is not we're trying to see about MC univer comcast MC mutant rehearsal yeah at least that's what the last oh the like yeah the last two seasons of 30 rock of topic that is correct okay perfect so next story here we've got Joe silver leaves silver fever practice Hollywood producer Joel Silver has left silver productions variety has confirmed this was first reported by deadline Joel Silver recently indicated that he intends to leave silver pictures and go out on his own says he'll set off start silver productions can I leave Radford am I allowed to do that pack up I think I have to stick with it so they're working they said we are working with him to define a productive way forward giving his ongoing contractual obligations to the company and they're gonna keep going forward with their slate of projects that silver did make headlines in 2012 when he left Warner Brothers in a 30 million dollar deal that included him selling off many of his properties of coming projects for silver include the third entry into the search or like homes franchise and a horror thriller called dark moon which I about a black ops mission at space tell you we have to talk about how weird is it that he's leaving a company with his name yeah I mean that's insane because to start a new one how do you compete with this silver production yeah the silver productions the brothers the brothers Miramax was named after their parents yeah hmm and they left to start their own company right and left than one that was named after their parents a company they were no longer involved in so it's weird yeah how many family cute names are gonna be out there that they just step away from where it's just like in 2020 I announced my leaving of Papa entertainment I'm opening gam-gam studios we look forward to our partnership with Mema mines oma I have an Omaha mother don't do the ER it's grandpa goodbye yeah yeah Oh monogram daddy so what do you think is going on in a studio that is yours that you own and that is about you where you decide you want to just pack it up and bail new challenges yeah I knew when you start something as it grows bigger than the infrastructure grows you your your you grow your role grows and then generally it tends to be that you're the top and then everything's happening below you yeah you may be at a point where it's just like you know what I want to I want to get back in the trenches yeah I wanted to start start digging stuff myself that's that certainly happened before yeah it happens all the time where somebody starts something and it kind of gets away from the original vision where it starts in a smaller way or maybe they had a little bit more creative control or they had a clearer idea of where it wanted to go and as you add more moving pieces sometimes the moving pieces helps you get closer to what you wanted to see sometimes everything he says some good things a little bit muddled then it's a little bit far away from what your initial vision was so a lot of the times whenever I see somebody start something that they loved it's they want a new challenger just kind of got away from them well speaking of the way it started I was just reading here that silver productions made die hard 1 & 2 all the lethal weapon and Matrix movies predator demolition man so yeah props props are him you can go do what he wants yeah you get to do it look after you make the three seashells so you get to do whatever you want that's the way that it works there was a year at the Oscars and I don't remember which one I think it might have been the year that that made the first matrix or one of the Matrix movies one like a lot of the like visual effects and sound but there was a year at the Oscars where Joel Silver like I remember reading about it was like Joel Silver was the most thanked person at the Academy Awards because so many technical awards were being won by the matrix I have people like that's crazy that like who would have thought at a time of at the peak Miramax that Joel Silver would have been the one that was thanks to the most but yeah I think that he was it's a parity the powerhouse producer particularly in the action genre yeah absolutely I am majorek stands out to me specifically because we're going to talk about it all right internet leave me alone here is everyone has gaps everyone has a movie that they somehow miss their entire lives this is I finally redeemed myself I've seen every single witch house key movie bound is one of my top 10 favorite movies up until the matrix is here somehow just to be clear you saw Jupiter ascending yes before you saw the matrix off sense8 before I saw the matrix I saw everything before some matrix did you see the matrix two weeks ago I saw it as a screening in the feet again loved the house keys somehow I miss the matrix for 20 years of my life did you send a secret first I saw I still in a major experts I don't know I don't know how you missed the matrix I don't think that's you missing it that you like ducking and dodging ducking and dodging and because I think it was just like scared you were like neo dodging the bullets I can say now I'm saying bullet time all the time now but yeah I think it was just like I was scared that it wasn't gonna hold up and I was seeing it so late in life and then I just would have missed out and I saw it in a screening and I yelled is so sweet seven times in the last two weeks I'm caught up with all of you now have you seen the sequels what let's see yeah yeah I started the most night okay what have you thought of a sequel so far you know you can go back and just keep watching the first one I definitely did yeah yeah you have a chance to craft your own reality yeah we're in the only movie that exists in that trilogy is the matrix yeah you fill in the blanks the Animatrix is good just the car chase and the second one's real cool yeah there's a companion video game which is one of the only ways to understand some of the plot in the second one I was gonna say something's missing I don't know why shouldn't it's a video you have to play a video cartwheeling video games yeah featuring the likenesses of the cast and voices the five hands seems like they shop yell interstitials of a crucial movie information I have a new a new fun thing but yeah I've seen the matrix as of last night because as soon as I finish the second when I went back and I watch the first one seven times in two weeks nice well is there are there any movies like that for y'all where it took you forever to finally watch him well yes but not in the sense of like like I was I didn't get to the boy I was like I have seen Sugarland Express I have seen the terminal I have seen always but I have not seen jaws yet it's not in the case of like a great director whom I admire but I have not yet seen like the big one big one I tell there's plenty of movies that I have but I have my first cherry tomato this year so I'm having a lot of firsts what do I know have you bids are hard to dodge every salad they're in salads they're on skewers just like the matrix a and around them they're a tricky one because like they're really good for like three months out of the year and then they're terrified cherry tomatoes terrible yeah but yeah the matrix is it's it's huge for me now like how did I miss such a piece of culture yeah I saw scary maybe I saw compound khakis commercial ice of it I've sent was first parity of the matrix before I saw the actual matrix and it made it so much more worth it to me when I got to scream there's a Rob Zombie song in there did you scream back during the screaming into my hands things that we have learned only go see movies as Vanessa hasn't seen with her for the first time don't do it in a theatre because she will yell and embarrass you it was very excitable structurally perfect notes are good that's all I'm gonna say sometimes notes are great I love notes so next we're gonna move on to some fan questions we're talking TV releases now this was via the community tab thank you for putting that in there Ryan this is a devil Kazuya 27 says is releasing shows on a weekly schedule or all at once but he didn't pronounce like that or Alan wants better for the longevity of a show he believes that weekly or they believe that weekly is better for building long-term fandom and community engagement for example what Game of Thrones have been as popular for at least all at once because there'd be no watching Thrones or fan theories yeah I'm trying to think if they just dumped every season of Game of Thrones on what HBO go or something like that yeah it's tough because obviously the things at the top it's like a self-fulfilling prophecy because of course we're following Game of Thrones week to week but so many other shows came and went and no one talks about them and if you dump them all at once would that at least have people watch technically more of it which is like the only metric that place cares about is like oh our total watch time is pretty good I I don't know it's like we talked about this the other day Jessica Jones came out and I'm like here know a few people are like it's really good and check it out but I haven't even watched it yet and I love that series yeah like it's interesting because I feel like it also depends on what the because I feel like every time a creator makes something the way they intend for it to be watched is very specific mmm I know certain things like stranger things works well on a very bendable quality because stranger things what you watch it almost like it's a comic book where it's just like you're just flying through single issues and going through these stories versus other things like maybe when you go far back to like The Sopranos and early times where it was a lot of time to figure out what is that last conversation mean so I think some series don't work if they're dumped all at once because they rely on that weak tension of you waiting and other things things now that might be created for streaming are created with the intent to take it all in one day right and kind of really immerse yourself into this universe at lightning speed mm-hmm yeah I agree completely that stranger things as meant to be it's a snap it's like a big snack it's lopaka leaves on a cliffhanger you wanna you wanna you want to get to the next thing smackle to seize but I found that before really the first two seasons house of cards was a show on Netflix that I felt like if I bend cuz there's one season where I benched it all and I guess then I'm like that was a mistake yes that's so much of that is about like weighty consequences and decisions and did I make the right decision or should I do this or like and when you fly through it all you kind of don't get the chance to absorb it and take in what happened take in think about the consequences of it and I think that it lessens the experience of the show but as far as like is it better for the longevity the show like I I don't know I mean Star Trek discovery is we and people kind of come and go on that I think for streaming services it works because you have to subscribe for longer more you have to wait longer this yeah yeah I think it depends I think depends on the show Kevin who's been the only one that's experimented with the format of reboot weekly releases well depending on the content yeah it's one of those where I cuz I know it's something that we talked about hugely during the last season of Game of Thrones and it being you know it said it was such an important it was appointment television but we could have something where we know bird box gets put up randomly on Netflix and everyone's talking about it for a weekend when stranger things comes out everyone will be talking about that for a weekend so I don't think we necessary we missed the community aspect of it which i think is a huge thing obviously that drives the longevity of a show yeah yeah yeah and just thinking more about what you saying like the artistic differences and approaching him like I think bulk bin jabal shows they're allowed to be a little more boring like more slow and like have episodes where not much happens they can simmer they can simmer a little bit more to you some seasons of daredevil sure exactly every every Marvel Netflix show there's four episodes you can throw out but you still watch because what they're asking of the audience is to not move which is an easier prospect than asking an audience to get excited and come back and proactively choose something yeah I think the advantage that it has for the streamers if you're gonna drop them all at once is like NBC has to advertise superstore starting in August they got an advertised superstore from August through May they gotta remind people that you can watch superstore they got to tell people to watch it they got to bring out a bus ad for like eight months six months seven a year whereas when a new season that daredevil comes out Netflix can spin up a month before want used to be anyway it's like daredevil is coming on June 17th and then they have to they advertise it have you marketing for a month for daredevil June seventeenth and then it comes out and they're done yeah daredevil anymore until the next season comes out like I think that it helps to market them like movies but you can choose to watch it however you want mm-hmm I think it is easier to sell a show if you're a network if you drop everything at once because it's just like Sabrina buy but but I think it may hurt long-term fandom because you're right you don't have those weekly things of like oh this happened on Episode one of Sabrina what's gonna happen next week let's talk about it you have that week gap like know everyone just watches it and you almost you almost don't talk about it for three weeks is everybody's on a different page yeah yeah and then people were doing the recaps and like they're still trying to do the recaps weekly yeah even though everyone's already watched all of them and so then those can kind of you know and that is one of those things that does generate more interest and yeah yeah cuz I know there's certain age fear shows where like you and I will spend a week texting each other oh whoa like anytime insecure exists like why is she doing for like seven days Kazuya twenty-seven squishin I think Game of Thrones would have been substantially different experience if it had been released all at once because there was on this channel and everywhere else a whole corner side Network yeah popped up about speculation series what's gonna happen what just happened she was like Game of Thrones shows like breaking bed they started out week to week but they only really hit that critical mass consciousness when people caught up on streaming and they were like oh I'm gonna binge three seasons of Game of Thrones because I need to know what everyone's talking about so whether you binge or whether you it depends on the show I think that like you gotta just you gotta just suit the suit the material and like we've been saying some things are better for to just gorge yourself yeah some are better wait I like a binge but I do find that I wind up missing details because I haven't had that time to really like let that sink in yeah you don't have time to go back and watch it a second time or just sit and think about it oh that seemed you're on to the next one and that's why I sort of stopped doing it for a lot of shows because I want to sit with it and think about it and go oh yeah that meant so yeah for my personal viewing I think unless it's something like stranger things right yeah two or three at a time and just be kind of streams you can busy versus something like the left overs where you're like an elephant and you're just like I know ten minutes and think about what I saw and then write a dissertation yeah because I'm thinking because I don't think that I do more than two or three episodes at a time anymore and there's been days where I've done you know I'm gonna clean my house and just like watch whatever and just put it on all day and now I'm like I really want to you know focus the time and the energy on it and I'll watch like maybe two or three depending on how long the show is yeah well there's no street there's some streaming services better given me shows that I would have had marathoned otherwise before streaming like the amount of times this week I've sat with just king of the hill in the background like enjoying the sounds while I'm working god it's such tender parts in my or it's just like having your parents working in the next room yeah packing of a hill also a great show so did you watch that this year or have you seen king of the hill before alright well I think that's gonna be hit rest today we're gonna go ahead and take off anything any last things you want to say get us out of here no no anything anything for you sign me on all forms of social media under a desk written and check out my sketch team at Hale night church I actually just wrote a sketch essentially as a giant apology for having just seen the matrix it's two minutes of I'm sorry so that's gonna come out soon so we do got some stuff oh you just did a charting with Dan I did charting yesterday talking about Toy Story and my disagreement with the assessment of many that it was a disappointment I did not think so apparently I found out after the show came out my lips started bleeding nobody look what happened was I've been away for a week I was on a five-hour flight early yesterday morning so the altitude plus I was I was in the south it was much more humid I came back here it's much more arid I think your lips got a little dry and apparently it split at some point during yesterday's charting so enjoy that covered in burn man you played the yeah yeah I didn't know I had no idea if somebody would have told a jazz was bleeding openly in the middle of the show stop down we could have stitched it together something but that's okay you just care so much about charts item I was watching it back though and I'm just like oh my god like why didn't somebody tell me that I'm openly bleeding during a show it makes me love numbers more and then I believe we're gonna try if we it is like a solar eclipse but I think the scheduling is gonna work out today we hope for Ross and I to sit down and do a review a midsummer wait I'm excited to share and talk about with her because I know that there's a lot to talk about so I think that might be coming out today schedule the scheduling dependent yeah that's great and we've also we just put up the new honest trailer yes so go watch that one rounds a world full of water there's also the honest trailer commentaries you can find those as well and that is it so we will see y'all tomorrow have a good one let us know what movies you haven't seen that everyone thinks is weird in the comments down below I'm sorry you

  • Are you excited for Taika on Flash Gordon? Binge watching or weekly release? Let us know in the comments below plus your thoughts on ALL of today's topics (click see more below to get timestamps for episode) and thank you for watching!

    01:08 – Taika Tackles Flash Gordon
    17:30 – WB Has New CEO
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    36:00 – Fan Question: TV Release Schedules – Binge vs Weekly

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    Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.
    Three: Don’t go looking for fights.
    Four: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • BTW the way to play Monopoly is by one of everything and negotiate. My family wont play with me no more.

  • Vanessa & Danielle, you guys are amazing separately, and together you're a freakin' volcano of laughs, omg! Always a hoot when I see you both. Muchly and deeply appreciated. <3

  • hitchhikers guide is my FAVOURITE book series and my first thought for the animation question. im so glad it came up

  • I haven't seen any of the transformers, pirates of the carribean, fast and furious, harry potter and indiana jones movies.

  • I have mostly bounced off animated shows and movies, and I realise this is bad/wrong. Still, the discussion about Stephen King animated was very cool, and would be one way to approach the weirdness of the Dark Tower, among other things. Insomnia is another one that felt totally unfilmable.

  • I have not seen the Big Lebowski. I have seen almost every other Coen Brothers film (Fargo, O Brother Where Art Thou, No Country For Old Men, Bad Santa, Hudsucker Proxy. Barton Fink, The Lady Killers, Miller's Crossing, Raising Arizona, Blood Simple)
    Lebowski just eluded me. Everyone has seen it, everyone I work with quotes it, it is my Boss's favorite movie. I even bought it two years ago and it is still in the case.

  • Swap Spencer with Ed and you get four hosts with glasses at a glass table. Make it a movie fight and they can debate things like "best movie with glass in the title" and "best screen character that wears glasses"

  • "…after report emerged that he used his position to secure auditions for a woman with which he was romantically involved."

    This seems like very careful wording. What exactly are we talking about? Was this meetoo? Or was this nepotism?

  • I've seen every Tarantino movie except Pulp Fiction and I feel much the same way as Vanessa — I'm afraid it won't hold up and I'll be disappointed.

  • You guys need to make a video and post it, Have you guys re-creating the scene from office space but with that chair

  • Just fyi, several discworld novels have been animated. They were decently animated and voice acted, but Id love a high quality animation for it.

  • STEPHEN KING’S DARK TOWER NOVEL SERIES SHOULD BE MADE INTO AN ANIMATED SERIES. If you’ve seen any of the artwork made for these books, you know what I’m talking about.

  • I’m the same way with the Cohen brothers. I’ve seen no country like 20 times but non of there other films.

  • outside of the original 4+danielle, i am really digging vanessa and eric. while the chemistry isn't fully there (like with danielle) yet, i really enjoy their POV and how they contribute to the show.

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