Gemini Man: Movie Review

Is Gemini Man a double dose of pure adrenaline? “You’re just tryna rattle me.” “I’m tryna save you!” Let’s just say it has its moments. Will Smith stars in this sci-fi action thrill ride about an aging assassin who comes face-to-face with a younger clone of himself. Considering that setup, parents should be ready for […]

TT Movie: St. Patrick’s Day

Hey, panda, what are you doing? Suck my ballsack, monkey! Why are you playing Roblox upside down? Why won’t you suck my ballsack!? Okay, whatever i won’t put on something green wait, why, because today’s saint patrick’s day, oh? Boy, huh, that was weird ah, oh st. Patrick’s day, my great-great-great grandmother used to bake […]

Wayne | Ep 1: “Get Some Then”

[ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] [ROCK MUSIC STOPS] [WIND WHISTLING] What? Screw off, you fucking freak. [DOGS BARKING] I said go. [SCOFFS] Get the fuck out of here! [GLASS SHATTERS] TEENAGER: What the fuck! You asshole! [MAN GRUNTS] Hey! Who did that, huh? Who the fuck did that? You? Break my window, you bitch? You break my […]

Dimitris Taktikos | Awards of Excellence 2019

[GREEK TRADITIONAL MUSIC] My name is Dimitris Taktikos, and I’m the doorman of Grande Bretagne Hotel, right at the center of Athens.>>Dimitris is the welcoming committee of the Hotel Grande Bretagne.>>For Athenians the Hotel Grande Bretagne, it represents the history, the history of Athens. For us, Dimitris is an iconic figure, standing in the front […]