Gujju UNO | The Comedy Factory

By the way Ojas Your prosthetic hands are looking good! Just like your glass eyes! Don’t act over smart – – HE DIDN’T SAY UNO!!! He threw the 2nd last card and didn’t say UNO Pick up UNO is written right behind the cards I don’t get the logic of still shouting it out loud! […]

Sugar Sammy: Threats at a comedy show

Trump’s not that nuts. You know who’s nuts? It’s his supporters sometimes. They’re fucking crazy. You run into some of them — They are fucking crazy. Right? This guy’s worried, he’s like Some of them might be here. I’m not exactly white. I’m kind of like an off-white. And I’m with a white woman. Can […]

KiDi – Enjoyment (Official Video)

I go kill you with… Enjoyment…Enjoyment… (Herh) Enjoyment…Enjoyment…Enjoyment…Enjoyment (Herh) I go kill you with… Mmmm…Sugar Daddy Give them! Oh lord of mercy! It’s M.O.G Aww my oh my oh my Give them! I want to see you shake it shake it for daddy Yay! Sing for you like do re mi Give you loving Mo […]

How to Run Away and Join the Circus

– [Announcer] Three, two, one! (canon explodes) Blastoff! (“Entrance of the Gladiators” by Julius Fucik) Please welcome our first trapeze in the air, the Fabulous Flying Bell! (crowd clapping) – There’s a certain feeling of adrenaline once you get up there in the air. It’s a feeling unlike any other. (relaxing music) You feel power, […]