Karol G: Tusa

-Making her late night TV debut, performing “Tusa,” from her upcoming new album, give it up for Karol G! [ Cheering and applause ] ♪♪ ♪♪ -♪Ya no tiene excusa♪ ♪Hoy salió con su amiga♪ ♪Disque pa’ matar la tusa♪ ♪Que porque un hombre le pagó mal♪ ♪Está dura y abusa♪ ♪Se cansó de ser […]

Oscars (Academy Awards) JOKE WAR

today’s topic for Joke War, The Oscars. The Oscars givees all the Golden Globes losers a second chance to remember what losing feels like. The theme for this year’s Oscars telecast is heroes. Because sandwiches don’t get the recognition they deserve. I watch The Oscars like women watch the Super Bowl so I can talk […]

The Solve It Squad Returns LIVE SHOW TRAILER

[thunder] [music] [thunder] [evil laughter] [music] [thunder] [music] [music] [thunder] Scrags: We weren’t hiding! I was having a snack! [music] [music] Gwen: Ghosts aren’t real. [music] [music] We’ve learned that the hard way more than a few times. [music] [music] Esther: Where the jink are my jinking glasses? [music] [music] [thunder] [thunder]