'Tactical Genius' Trophy/Achievement Guide | Ghost Recon Wildlands – Fallen Ghosts DLC

hello and welcome to a quick and easy truth in achievement guide for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon wildlands fallen ghosts DLC what a mouthful today we'll be looking at tactical genius blind yourself using the flash drone this is arguably the easiest trophy in the DLC they probably just chucked it in here just so you could have like a funny easy achievement to get you know just to get you started because some of these are going to take quite a while now after beating the first mission you'll have gained enough XP to buy an upgrade but you won't have enough of the consumables you need so you need 500 of those little flame icon things so once you have enough of those just buy the flash drone equip the current skill then go across to loadout and underneath the drone like on you can select which drone to use and go down to your Flash drone you'll see in a minute this is going to be very easy to do and then all you have to do is bring out your your drone basic character you don't even have to face your character just pull it out in front a character activator and boom you have just been flashbang you flashbang yourself what a genius get yourself a cure fee thank you guys very much for watching check out more 2fe guides in the description and I'll catch you next time


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