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T with K – 61st Grammy Awards Nominations and Predictions

we visit a bit like babysit a bit like wait wait wait hi guys welcome back to my channel and if you are new welcome don’t forget to subscribe my channel to get the notification click the ring in the shadow I’m talking shit about some celebrities I’m talking about the gossips the rumors and I’m doing reaction videos or reveal videos and today I’m going to talk about Grammy nominations yes Grammy is today I can’t wait to see how it turns a house I’m talking about Grammy nominations I listen the nominees the album’s songs all of them so I can make a clear and objective opinion about it let’s start something shit so forget to like this video and subscribe my channel I said it’s subscribers and don’t forget to click the ring to get a notification when I list the video I’m really excited about the Grammys this year because my biggest item of all time Lady Gaga is nominated not for one not two not three but five Grammy this year it’s really important actually because she works her ass off so I want to see the pay of the hard work I’m so excited about it I want to start I probably I’m just going to talk about the general files only maybe if I interested in other ones I made a talk but this video is mainly about the general nominations first nomination is record of the Year awards to the artists and the production production record engineers and or mixers and Missouri engineers this award is for the production of the song in a short way our nominees are I like it by bad body and J Balvin the joke this the jerk is Bradley Carly Charlie I don’t know how to lie you’re idiots but this is America childish gambino God’s plan Drake shallow by Lady Gaga impractical very all the sides by Kendrick Lamar and Caesar rock star by postman launched featuring 21 savage the middle by Jets Mary Morris and great I know all of the songs I listened them I like it by early Batman E and J Balvin is a good song seriously probably my favorite song by Cabiria actually it’s not an original song if you don’t know you can’t check the side if I’m not mistaken who samples this side this side shows which songs sampled by with songs you can actually check that and if you check from there you can see I like it’s Parker is samples and I don’t want to pronounce her name that’s why I’ve been here and if you are listening foreign songs the English songs mostly you can actually recognize the song guides it’s similar it’s reminds me something something and I&R kids is a good song but it’s not that original so I don’t want to see the record of the Year award goes to and bad bunny J Balvin so I like it is nuts our predictions the jack by Bradley Carly or Charlie I don’t know it how should i pronounce it I don’t know that’s what I know this song but so be honest song actually includes the song’s name like song called the joke and song is totally a joke I don’t know how shows its gets the nomination of the Grammy it’s totally a joke and this is America if I’m not mistaken it’s a number one hits the music video loves by the general public but I don’t like cherish camera because of his attitudes he used the culture the things that’s going on in America so yet attention from general public and he succeeded this song is good okay our next nominee is God’s plan by Drake Drake is probably one of my favorites male rappers but because of his attitudes to Nicki Minaj to my other Idol I don’t listen him since to the summer if I’m not mistaken but the thing is Drake does make air about it no but like this is my feeling if he made something back to my besties bitch you dad and Drake is that for me is God’s plan is a good song now but rather than God’s plan I I will be a carry weights in my feelings it’s a better song if I have to compare with Scotts plan so God’s plan is not our choice for record of the year our next song is and shallow by lady ever at the Clipper you can call me you’re not objective you’re just fail we are using the favoritism so you’re idle to say something like this but shallow is a record of the year this is like how can I be objective about it she is my idol so she needs to win this but ok facts are facts well America facts are facts shadow is an amazing song from the production to the lyrics to vocals to Bradley Cooper song is really amazing and probably one of the strongest nominee for the record of the year this is not because I’m I’m fennel for Lady Gaga B this is not because of I’m a little monster shallow is really a strong nominee so for my heart I want to see a record of tear goes too shallow but if it’s not Grammys or our our next nominee is all the stars by Kendrick Lamar and Caesar okay I said at the beginning of the video I’m going to be honest I’m not to be objective about it’s almost all the stars is a good song if shallow couldn’t win the record of the year I want to see all the stars as a winner these two songs are the most strong nominees out of the seven if I’m not mistaken it’s a good song mainly because I’m a little monster I don’t think it’s strong as shallow but again it’s a strong song and the next nominee is rock star by post motherfucking 21 Savage it’s a cool song but I don’t believe that it should get the nominations and the last nominee is the middle by zetz man Morris and great and it’s probably the terrible song I heard in 2018 so our first winner our first product prediction is shallow and second one all the stars I will be crazy if shallow win but if all the stars win I would be okay at least the awards went to someone which deserve it but except these two if grammy gives the record of the year someone else bitch also I want to say what I couldn’t see God is a woman and yeah I really want to see a lot of ariana grande and nominations but I’m going to talk about the tea as well at the end of the video about we’re having fun day so I’m going to now talk about some of the year our first nominee is all the stars by Kendrick Lamar Ceaser and the other songwriters record of the year if I’m not mistaken I read it from here goes to the productors the production part of the song and some of the year goes to the lyric lyric part of the song so all the stars is there lyrically again good song I will be okay boot up oh no no it’s not that good that’s plan as a lyrically okay eat my blood Shawn Mendes in the lyric parts it’s again a checkbox I think it’s too early for Shawn Mendes first Grammy like it’s far away he needs at least two more years in my opinion the joke again the totally joke the middle and shallow probably I’m okay with the monsters feeling the best lyrics out of these seven nominees shallow hazards shallow hazard it’s so honest so pure so natural so full of love shallow is the best and the last one is this is America so because of the lyric part of the songs shallow again it’s our first predictions and all the stars our second prediction against may be God’s plan or in my Bloods can be charged ones we don’t have four or more I will be again angry if God’s plan or in my box all the stars and shallow our first two choice but the shallow is first of course that’s all about the song of the year our next nomination is album of the year probably the most important award of the nights our first nominee is invasion of privacy by like I don’t want to see someone who don’t write the songs someone who don’t produce the songs to get the awards grammy is the most important Awards in music industry if you don’t have grammy something is missing you can’t have Teen Choice Awards you can have even BMA but if you are not that’s outstanding artists you don’t deserve grammy the but this doesn’t mean every artist that doesn’t have grammy is not outstanding artist this doesn’t mean that but if you are not writing lyrics or you if you are using ghost writers if you’re not doing anything during the production part of a song you don’t deserve even grammy nominations this is some bullshit I call it bullshit Nicky didn’t get any nominations with Queen even with Chumlee I’m so pissed about it I’m so pissed charlie is the best female hip-hop record this year I mean this date 2008 seems it should at least get the nominations Nikki got zero nomination but the Carly who doesn’t write doesn’t produce the songs got a lot of nominations this is some bullshit this is really bullshit if invasion of privacy with the album of the year I’m going to turn off my television I’m serious about it I really don’t fucking care by the way I forgive you brandy again album is not that bad you can listen the album I’m suggesting you but two songs maybe three songs totally sheds except that it’s a great album I liked it but it’s not as strong nominations about the album of the year scorpion by Drake which hopefully got the world’s when it’s released but as an album it’s not it’s a good album but it’s not that successful it’s not that outstanding you know God’s planned you know in my feelings so no one knows probably the rest of the album and so no but it’s a good album I listen when it released and I made a reaction video about it if I don’t forget you can click the cards to watch my break reaction video about the album it’s a strong nominee if I have to compare with by the way I forgive you an invasion of privacy our next nominee is her by her it’s a great album I definitely suggest to you it’s one of the strong competitors in the nominations beer mugs at Bentley bar by post Malone uh I don’t know how should I feel about this album I really don’t know because all the songs are kind of similar so it’s not that strong our next nominee is dirty computer by Janelle Monae if I pronounced right it’s it’s killer probably the most strong with her type with her I’m definitely suggesting here golden armour by Kacey Musgraves it’s a great album and last nominee is Black Panther the album music from and inspired by the movie by Kendrick Lamar album is not that good we have three or four good songs and it’s one of them the weekend Kendrick Lamar collaboration and the other one all the stars rest of the songs totally shit’s totally job and our strong nominee is thirsty computer after that’s her and after that golden hour our most strong nominees best new artists awards Chloe and Halle those two are so good but I don’t believe that’s there Neal like I knew them 3 or C years ago Luke comes I don’t know her great sound when flats I stood over her okay do a lip our developer actually is that is not that Neal to but in the description part that says achieves a breakthrough in the public so it’s maybe okay draw the power best new artist is a really outstanding awards it’s so importance so Margo price bebe Rexha George’s meets so our top three is drawn upon her and me be Rexha I want to see the words with them and our last two nominations Best Pop solo performance colors by back who wanna buy Camila Cabello God is a woman by Ariana Grande joined where do you think you’re going by Lady Gaga better now by plasma launch I want to see that God is a woman by Ariana Grande is a wind but I don’t think it’s gonna happen yes I know the man said but the joy where do you think you’re goin is not that strong competitor in this nomination my feelings for God is aluminum bats I think colors are hih wanna are going to be the winner our last predictions Best Pop duo/group Performance fallen I fall in line by Christina Aguilera featuring Demi Lovato it’s an amazing song but I don’t think Demi Lovato is ready to take a Grammy to home so don’t go breaking my hearts by Backstreet Boys it’s not that’s best so I don’t believe that it’s going to be winner wonderful by Tony Bennett’s shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is of course a winner my winner girls like you by maroon 5 featuring this song is really overrated it’s a total piece of shit that’s all say something by Justin Timberlake featuring Chris septum it’s a country song but I don’t think it’s going to be the winner the middle by that smell Morris and gray it’s again a track song I want to see shallow take the gramophone to home but if it’s not fall in line it would be ok because it’s Kristen Aguilera song it’s an amazing song and I really love the song I don’t know what should I say any more but I think Grammy is too early for Demi Lovato because she needs a lot of time so as a quick reveal first word record of the year we want shallow or all the stars album of the year we want search the computers song of the year we want shallow are all stars best new artists we want do le pas bebe Rexha or her Best Pop solo performance we want God as a moment Best Pop duo/group Performance we want shallow or fall in mind thank you so much that’s all I want to say about my predictions don’t forget to like this video and subscribe my channel and don’t forget to click the link to get the notification when I release the video don’t forget to watch the Grammys and I’m going to do the reveal videos reaction videos hello not faction videos I’m going to do reveal videos about the performances especially from Lady Gaga shallow performance I’m going to be screaming shouting during the performance and it’s going to be late nights in my time in Turkey it’s going to be late so I can’t record at the time I don’t want to wake my parents that’s what I will say to you it might reveal videos not Grammys [Music]


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