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hey guys it's mon gutierrez and i'm here with some of my best friends and the stars of the new erie ality series it girls so for you what is that it bathroom being an it girl Kohn quote it's just something that you have like an X Factor there's something different to you there's something that people want to know more about and I think more than anything it's going to be fun we agreed to do this because we're all in it together the bond between us that's what we really wanted to show you can't fake that it'll be more open you're gonna see a lot of Nico a lot of how we interact together and then with the friends as well you're gonna take a peek into my wedding life and the stress that it brings I'm gonna find mr. right in this show yeah hey guys please watch our new show it girls on e airing October 24th it's a Monday please catch it you're gonna love it


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