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I would say my natural high is waking up in
the morning and realizing that this could be the best day of my life, knowing that we’re
going to play a show a really cool city that I’ve never been to before, excited to find
out about it. I I guess it’s it’s more of an approach to life that that this is going
to be a really good thing and I want to make the most of every day. I think it’s for me
it’s not a matter of of saying no to drugs it’s a matter of saying yes to all the other
alternatives. Because I don’t think that they correlate.
Then there’s no one on drugs that will say to you “it’s been great. Things have worked
out really well. I just do drugs and it’s awesome. There haven’t been any problems with
it.” Yeah no one ever says that, never. You know as far as like your performance goes
as a musician you know I guess it’s similar to an athlete like you you
train, you rehearse, you practice, you put all this work into it. And then to get up
in front of people and risk blowing it because you’re completely high or you are totally
drunk or something. You know it takes so much work to get there that you don’t want to risk
not being at your best. And I can’t imagine where it would go if we had that interference
of drugs in our life. Think about where you want to be in it like five or ten years or
something and don’t don’t make you know you’re making decisions right now that will either
take you that direction or not take you that direction. It’s good to be able to think about
the future even though you know sometimes at
the age of 16 or 18 the age of 28 feels like a lifetime away, every decision that I made
when I was 16 has led me to where I am now. You just watch vh1 behind the music it’s like
every band that’s it’s like the story every times like after this commercial things take
a turn for the worse. You know the band gets into the whole rock-and-roll
drugs and drinking. So it’s like like how many bands could have been really really awesome
huge bands if they hadn’t screwed it up. To look at people that were clean and really
talented at the same time it didn’t need drugs to expand their mind but rather really wanted
to be in the moment. I’ve heard this a lot. Like people like yeah I just need to escape.
I just need an escape. I have so many problems so I drink or I just get high to escape them.
You know what I mean. It’s a mask like it’s a temporary escape but it doesn’t fix anything.
Like it doesn’t it doesn’t help anything, it doesn’t fix anything. You escape you come
back things are exactly the way they are. When we first started the band you know you’d
be hanging out backstage with other bands you know somebody would be doing drugs or
be offering you drugs and to kind of stick together as a group it was great for us to
be able to look each other and say “hey let’s get out of here we have something better
to do. We’re gonna go find something more fun. And to not be
afraid to be the guy to call it and say “you know what I think we are going to leave. Thanks
but no thanks.” You can’t be afraid to say no. I just say
think about the future. There’s so many more opportunities and things coming up and in
your life that you don’t want to screw up right now by getting on a wrong path. It’s
like you’re jumping on a subway that’s headed the wrong direction. You go you go that way
and it’s it’s all of a sudden like you can’t and it’s not as easy to find your way back.
Yeah life’s too short to delay reality. You only have a short time on this earth and
you want to live it well. Live it to its fullest. And taking drugs it’s not living it to its
fullest. Playing music is a natural high

  • This is my favorite "Natural High" video. It is also one of the students favorite videos too! I keep trying to find another video like this, but nothing compares. Thank you

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