'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles On The Harsh Scenes With Michael | SDCC 2018 | Entertainment Weekly

  • Her outfit and her hairstyle are very perversely suggestive, and her demeanor is unpolished and crass, you call that professional?

  • Ten Things I adore about☆ J.Ackles☆ Dean Winchester 1. His scent 2.His Lips 3. That he waxes his body follicles 4. His ripped physique 5. The way he rubs his lips on my cheek as I sleep 6. That he is saving himself for me 7. His hair 8. That him and I have been together going steady for a while 8. He washes my panties everyday even if their unused 9. He and I are going steady 10. His protective nature that makes me feel cherished and secure

  • Theory on the Apocalypse: it’s still happening. In Biblical lore the fight is only one part of the Apocalypse. It’s a series of events that includes the birth of Lucifer’s son and the fall of Heaven. For the most part, the show has always been pretty accurate with the various myths and legends, so I’d be really disappointed if they didn’t continue that.

  • I'd like to see Dean change Michael and tame that ruthlessness… much much later in the season tho, cuz Michael is super cool… I try but the only word I find doing justice to Jensen is 'adorable'…
    Oh! and I love Sam, she's pretty sweet…

  • the interview is great, but the clothes she wear, dont suit her..Its not complimenting her..

    What Jensen say abt the 300th Episode, i think its even true. It gonna be a flashback episode, and it even makes much more sense as we know their Dad John comes back for this Episode. So its fits .

    But bad what Jensen say abt Michael.. So he want much time for develop this character? Damn no. I rlly hate DeanMichael.

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