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“Why does everyone keep telling me that?” Two years ago I made a video about superhero movies And why I’m getting tired of them with all this speculation about superhero fatigue And when audiences are going to turn on the sub-genre like the westerns of old? I thought that it might be a fun experiment to go through every superhero movie from the previous year to document any noteworthy Exceptions to discuss and see if these films are improving or are heading towards the toilet bowl I figure if you guys enjoyed this video, then it’s something I can revisit around this time every year It’s not like I’m gonna be short of content to talk about in all honesty I think 2017 was probably the best year for these kind of movies since 2014, but that’s not to say there ain’t some stinkers *moans* So I’m gonna go through this list in order of DC Marvel And then the one x-men movie the time stamp for each separate film can be seen on screen now or in the description Below just in case there any you don’t want spoiled or just are not Interested in and I expect I will be spoiling some of them So don’t say I didn’t warn ya Right so that’s done our capes and get into this DC Justice League good god What a mess we might not have thought this through Justice League proved to me that the DC EU That rolls off the tongue doesn’t it really has no Hope whatsoever like I’m sorry DC fans, but it’s hopeless you know I like Batman and Superman too, but come on guys Through sheer incompetence and lack of vision Justice League is the second most expensive? movie of all time And we as the audience don’t really get to see where any of that money went because all we’re left with is a bland Hilariously subpar movie that offers. Not a single interesting element of no there’s no secret that the film had a nightmarish production with constant studio interference to make it feel more like it’s Competition and a tragedy tearing its original director away only to be replaced by someone whose vision clearly does not align with what was originally Shot I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a Frankenstein’s monster of a film I’d be more upset by if it wasn’t so comically Fascinating and how appalling it is at times? It comes across as so amateur and poorly made that it feels more like a bad TV movie than a professionally funded and produced studio Say whatever you want about the Schneider films before this But at least the miserable dark tone was somewhat consistent and offered something different to what the opposition brings to the table Because without that all you’re left with is a film that is trying to ride off the success of someone else’s business Model without any of the planning or base character development and even then not even doing a good job of aping it they keep showing This epic Justice League lineup as if it’s impressive or something but Realistically we only know two of them in any sort of detail Because everything is so rushed the film is so brisk that is kind of over before ever really begins Hastily glossing over anything that could be interesting and fear of going over the two-hour running time that the producers forced it to be Personally I actually prefer the characters in the Justice League over the ones and the Avengers well I used to anyway But this film really highlights the fact that simply owning the rights to a popular and valuable character isn’t enough on its own Marvel has meticulously built up some genuinely interesting characters over a very large amount of time so when we see them come together It’s extremely satisfying and exciting Justice League shows us nothing new except how to not make a superhero movie I think if you did the exact opposite of every creative decision made in this movie Then you probably wind up with a pretty good film the dialogue is terrible trite and is transparently begrudging and how has to be used as the main source of exposition with no creativity reinvented Ness after the Unity you will join my Legion The righteousness of power it is so by the books then when that’s combined with the reluctant delivery by appliqu Who clearly is not interested in being there at all the pretty poor performance by gal gadot who is Let’s be honest never been much of an actor to begin with right because of your guilt Ezra Miller who feels like he’s running from another movie who gets more and more grating with each scene that he’s in Jason mamoa who tries his best with what he’s given But is so glossed over that I actually forgot. He was in the movie when hos right in this video There’s ray Fisher who probably gives the strongest performance with what he’s given But unfortunately it’s completely undercut by some of the worst visual effects I’ve seen for a movie of this caliber and Henry Cavill who is now playing a completely different Character to what we’ve seen in this universe before because people didn’t like dark gloomy Superman so here have Happy glowy Superman the great music by junkie XL and Hans Zimmer That was set up from the last two schneider films has been completely abandoned for the sake of a Danny Elfman score That is so bland and forgettable that it might as well not even be in the film in some scenes It is mixed so quietly that you can’t even hear over the sound effects I Kind of like this theme for the flash But it means nothing when it’s used so sparsely and without proper usage in combination with the other Established hero things when I first saw the film in the theater I thought it looked pretty bad But nothing really that noteworthy but upon re-watching it for a second time on my 4k TV I gotta say this is easily one of the ugliest films I’ve ever seen there is not a single shot that looked impressive to me the reliance on CG for Absolutely everything was so transparent and fake-looking most of the movie is computer-generated It’s basically an animated movie except the problem with that is the animated movies are normally drop-dead gorgeous and Justice League Isn’t it has the script similar to one of the more mediocre animated DC films so it makes sense? I guess the actual art direction and production design is so inconsistent because of the strange post-processing they did on Snyder’s original footage They were desperately trying to add color and saturation to raw material that clearly was not filmed and lit the way they ultimately Wanted it to look the color grading is so bad at points that it actually made me laugh out loud the intense grain and terrible choice of color had my jaw touching the floor at points like Batman clearly was not supposed to look like this he went from looking like the powerful Shadowed cloaked figure from BVS where he looked pretty great to this goddamned gummy bear looking fool Who is completely comical and useless you know even the action? even the action Which are the very least is what you expect to be thought out and well choreographed for a film like this is so poorly planned And fake looking even the flash who should be the most fun because of his powers looks like a stupid dumb idiot when he runs Around why is he moving like that every single one of these heroes is a discount Poundland version of something? We’ve already seen better before cyborg is worse Iron Man Aquaman is worse Thor the flash is worse Quicksilver Batman is worse, Batman from one film ago And then when he gets a Superman who is so ridiculously powerful that it makes basically every other member of the team completely superfluous most of the film it is even about how useless they are without Superman because he’s so freakin Altima or Superman so they bring him back to life, and he easily solves all the problems they were having well That’s tense then we get to the villain Stepan who is so bland that actually pisses me off. He isn’t a character this guy is not a character look at him He’s a Debbie He’s just a stupid CG creature who vomits dialogue from the how to write superhero villains Handbook that Marvel threw into the trash four years ago. He’s got no presence. He’s not intimidating or scary We don’t care about his motivation because it’s completely unrelated warm without depth or interesting Explanation much like the rest of the film He is pointless all-in-all Justice League ends up being one of the worst superhero films I have seen in years a Focus tested business decision that resents the fact of the studio’s poor management and vision have left it in the state that it’s in it Is the film equivalent of that scene in Alien Resurrection where they stumble across the horrible? Manufacture clone of Ripley who is begging to be put down because they’re in such pain and misery It tries to please everyone by being a Colorful friendly Marvel movie and ends up pleasing no one because it does nothing well a plain and simple product a film that comes across Is so unfinished and messy the aleph wondering if Warner Bros accidentally released previz materials that are the finished movie It doesn’t matter how successful Wonder Woman or Suicide Squad is on their own They aren’t enough to keep the sinking ship afloat the Justice League is supposed to be the Avengers equivalent We’re supposed to be hyped and excited for this This is supposed to be the peak of what this Franchise and characters can give us and we get this it’s a nail in the coffin for this universe which somehow Lost to even more of the non-existent integrity that BVS already flushed down the drain Why they let Snyder take the reigns again after BVS only to spend years and hundreds of millions of dollars Backpedaling exudes such ineptitude that all I can say is that I’m glad it failed I adore these characters on paper I never want one of these films to be bad I’m just glad that this film’s failure reflects so poorly on the studio leadership But it will hopefully be the kick up the backside They need to take a step back and get their act together at least as soon of this franchise fails the faster We’ll get another attempt at these beloved characters Legg a Batman movie hilariously enough for Lego Batman Movie is the best Batman movie in years it has its problems and doesn’t even remotely hold a candle to the lego movie But still manages to be an entertaining enough animated flick the lego Presentation allows for a unique style that adds an endlessly inventive visual flair and potential for creativity much like the toy It’s based around so I was just editing this segment of the video, and I noticed a really cool Animation quirk, but you might not notice unless going through frame by frame So I know they did this in the lego movie as well, but the animators made sure to restrict themselves to Motion that Lego is actually capable of meaning say a leg a Lego leg can’t bend there are there aren’t there isn’t muscle or bone in a piece of plastic so To create the smear frames the animation has to have four smooth looking movement What they actually do is they use? LEGO pieces So you can see there his leg actually morphs into Two real LEGO pieces that exist and as this leg comes down Instead of just stretching the leg they just place a Lego brick Underneath it. And it creates the desired effects so when you play it together it creates a really smooth Animation it does seem to be aimed at a slightly younger audience than I was initially anticipating with a lot of the humor being a little too immature Random and simplistic for my liking however the pacing is so quick that any bad jokes don’t really get the chance to linger That’s not to say that the humor didn’t work for me has a big Batman and Lego fan There is a lot to appreciate and the majority of the time I found it pretty charming the spin of Batman and Joker Having this kind of anti relationship was a clever twist that shows a clear understanding of the roots of the characters Which I appreciate? But at the same time twists it just enough for it to be Suitably comedic and fresh as far as the major negatives are concerned I have a couple aside from the humor unlike the lego movie which was fully committed to absolutely everything in the universe Being made out of bricks unless Necessary to the plot the Lego Batman movies a little more flippant about a meaning that the odd texture or particle looks real Stick to like our world and hence somewhat breaks the charming Lego visuals and style it’s not a deal-breaker and it’s pretty nitpicky But it’d be nice if these Lego films had some sense of consistency as far as the visual style is concerned my biggest problem would be the score by Lorne Balfe a lot of it is just Fine except. There is a piece that is constantly used that sounds weirdly similar to a track from Mad Max fury road Like tell me if I’m imagining this every time it played I found it very Distracting and it really pulled me out the film the Captain Underpants movie did the exact same thing by basically? Stealing a theme from The Incredibles Why does like nobody notice this so it’s so distracting overall I think Lego Batman does work more than it doesn’t it was clearly a lot of passion and understanding for how the characters are Traditionally supposed to work. It’s not a film for everyone especially if you don’t like Batman or Lego if anything I’ve said sounds interesting to you, then I’d probably recommend it. It’s my favorite DC movie from 2017. That’s for sure Wonder Woman I’ve basically nothing to say about Wonder Woman It was so painfully average that I can barely remember anything that happened throughout – hour and 20 minute runtime I do appreciate the cultural impact it had being the first proper female directed and starring superhero movie But beyond that I found a pretty forgettable you have to understand that I’m really not Expecting or even wanting that much from a superhero movie to have a good time As long as the action is good the effects work and production are solid and the acting and dialogue is okay I can deal with the pointless MacGuffin stories They all have this is what got the airlines fight 1-1 3-8 as long as they’re not too derivative It really doesn’t bug me that much The problem is Wonder Woman doesn’t particularly do any of these things that well sure a lot of it is Serviceable before it is bad, but also a lot of it is is pretty bad I don’t know what it is about these DC movies having absolutely god-awful special effects But a large portion of the time where CG is important to the visuals it looks Hilariously awful, and cheap. I just either want to be shown something I haven’t seen before or if you are gonna be derivative in some way at least be better than what has come before it or subvert my Expectations in some way unfortunately Wonder Woman does none of these things for me It’s kind of a weak porridge mix of other superhero movies We’ve seen years ago without any of the creativity or energy required to make it stand out with many Splashes of the extremely middling Captain America the First Avenger combined with a fish out of water Nonsense from the first Thor movie and probably one of the worst third acts I’ve seen in one of these superhero movies rivaling the stupidity in headache-inducing Explosions of even Batman V Superman or Man of Steel simply nothing is surprising all that interesting to me the director patty Jenkins excels with the character driven interactions and relationships Which is admittedly pretty solid and gal gadot looks the part But that’s simply not enough for a movie in this sub-genre It needs more needs some meat on the bone and those skinny little bones I do think the reaction to this film was a little hyperbolic But I can at least Appreciate that there is much more to like if you’re able to ignore its glaring flaws at least when compared to that of any of The other DC movies from recent years however to me There is no greater crime than being so average in banal That you just become boring and I was so constantly bored with Wonder Woman that I really cannot recommend it Marvel the Guardians Man talking about subverting expectations this this the Guardians movie is kind of a a weird 180 for Director James Gunn here. I guess they didn’t have much confidence in it because it looks terrible Maybe I had like a really small budget, and I don’t know why everyone kind of speaks the way they do Who use me as a guinea pig thing you just threw me out what happens to star man? what happened to the wrestler guy okay obviously this isn’t guardians of the galaxy – this is a Different superior movie not made by Marvel. I was subverting your expectations there wasn’t that clever you know that you need our super powers But you’re not going to get them. That’s not for you to say my furry friend But when I googled superhero movies 2017 this film had never heard of called the Guardians was there the first. I thought it was one of those cash-grab Ripoffs that always come out like atlantic rim or trans morphers. You know that kind of thing it turns out This is a superhero action movie from Russia made for what converts to about five million dollars or something like that It’s really low with that being said the effects work is it’s pretty bad that for five million It’s pretty decent and I gotta say this. This is one most entertainingly bad movies. I’ve seen Oh a long time I was consistently laughing scream laughing throughout It’s kind of like copying guardians of the galaxy and the Avengers and Justice League all at the same time It tries to do what guardians of the galaxy did where you set up like a team of characters who will have their own? Personality and different powers and stuff and make a team out of them. This movie is so short It’s like an hour and a half long and all of them have already been superheroes before As you might have noticed our old teams back together I don’t know if there have been like other entries in this series But I don’t think so so everything’s just rushed past and it’s one of the worst cases of The show don’t tell rule I’ve ever seen every other minute that a character just breaks out into a monologue But oh yeah, well, this is my past yeah I was I’ve been hiding in the wilderness and now yeah, I can turn into a bear Welcome horses The story is there’s a villain who did experiments on scientists and accidentally created? Superpowers and this crazy scientist man who has a weird tiny face accidentally gives himself the power to control Vehicles like he’s not like magneto who can control metal He can just control vehicles like drive tanks around and these weird CG Metal Gear looking things and his plan is to Destroy the world or something who cares soon the whole world will Know that I am the genius I imagine the film is Russian so of course it was originally filmed in Russian so the film has this hilarious hunt down the Fremen tear voice acting by English people It’s foolish to stand in the way of a deadly warrior that just really adds to the hilarity of how terrible This is I found out as part of my superpowers I don’t grow old like I’m sure even in Russian the dialogue is bad so when you add in the fact that it’s translated it adds an extra level of bad I Guess silence is golden This silence and say it’s priceless the whole thing made me think of what it’s like browsing deviantART like if you stumble across some OC Avengers or something where everyone’s made their own characters and one can turn into a bear and one of them can you shoot rocks or whatever so one of those come to life to the big screen we got a guy who’s an Earthbender from Avatar a guy who can run really fast like the flash? And a guy who can turn into a bear like a werewolf and there’s a girl who can only go invisible while in water Like a really specific and kind of useless power one hilarious thing is that this villain guy Actually looks better than the villain from Justice League, which is so embarrassing for Justice League considering? It’s one of the most expensive movies of all time compared to this stupid Russian five million dollar Garbage the first 30 minutes are just the team coming together, and they keep referencing other the gangs coming back together This is all happening again, but then in their first fight back together They just get their asses kicked and they’re all defeated and captured and I say well, you’re all useless Has some of the worst sound design I’ve ever heard and this is including search for the worst movies It’s like they didn’t use any of the original audio that was recorded Or like Foley in the background so every single sound that you hear is so artificial and just plug it in it creates this really funny Unintentional humor and everything’s so awkward it just feels awkward and wrong Completely strange and unexplained things happen like towards the end of the second act this just old guy called the Professor shows up and everyone acts like they know him and one characters like oh I thought you were dead and they said no, and I’m alright There’s the professor here to see you He claims that he used to work here professor this is incredible we didn’t even think you were still alive Well, but, then literally in the next scene he’s killed when we’re supposed to care for some freezer goodbye later One of the things that really sticks in my mind is this weird shot of the villain just walking in a straight line for like 20 seconds straight The editing is so bad They never know when to cut and they just cut back to things that they’ve already shown it reminds me of the way I would Edit YouTube videos back when I started when I was like 14 Probably the highlight of the movie is this really dramatic or melodramatic monologue by the bear guy who’s really upset that he’s scared that His bear mode is gonna get him stuck permanently being a bear Especially when I reached the final stage of full bear mode That brain modes lasting longer every time. It’s weird I’m scared I could get stuck in that mode forever every one of them has the most dramatic Stupidly over-the-top backstories it reminds me of a really badly written anime or something like the really fast guy Just out of nowhere towards the end it’s like I had a brother once He was way better than me all the time and was really strong and I could never beat him in a fight That’s why I agreed to be tested on by the scientist But then he made me too strong so I came back and weary weary fought but the power just Consumed me and I killed my brother by accident, and they’re like alright you want to go do your job now He’s a hero. He just jumps off. I just lost control My senses came back Brother was dead. They’d beaten To death the action is really slow for some reason, so they didn’t plan any of out at all Probably the best thing in the movie is this bear guy He like walks around just as this stupid CG bear with trousers on and boots He’s like completely useless until they invent this machine gun that they strapped to his back And then he runs around punching people in the air and shooting them with a machine And then he turns into a full bear that has a machine gun strapped to and he’s run around shooting people Then he changes back to the half way bear transformation, and he’s just randomly got boots on again And they do this really weird thing where out of nowhere a character’s just like oh by the way I’m all of the Guardians can swap powers with each other But it’s dangerous so then they tell the Guardians and they’re like all right cool Let’s just join together and shoot like a beam out and then we won then ends I think it’s probably the best film. I’ve ever seen it’s the film I recommend most out of every one of these in the list is the one you’re definitely Every single one of you will enjoy because it’s just so hilariously bad. Sorry. I mean good It’s free on Amazon Prime for people in the UK so watch that right now. Okay now I’ll actually go to the serious one guardians of the galaxy vol 2 guardians 2 is a wonderfully cheesy crowd-pleaser that I Enjoy immensely James Gunn’s passion for interweaving comedy into character Organically creates a tone that somehow manages to still be taken seriously at the same time as being a really effective Comedy gun clearly pumped so much attention and care into making sure that every character serves a purpose that either fits into the various characters Arcs or themes or is just there to be funny So you’re left with a Marvel movie that not only is especially kick-ass visually impressive bombastic and hilarious But has a lot more Emotional resonance than even the better Marvel movies from before it as much as I enjoy the Avengers or the first Ironman They don’t really make me feel anything beyond the spectacle or comedy so guardians – rises to the top Compared to what has come before it in that regard it knows just when to pull back so as to not undercut any dramatic Moments and usually knows the right amount of time to spend on a joke before briskly moving on I’m so glad that Marvel have leaned back a bit and allowed the guardians movies to have their own distinct identity They knew that if you took this inherently silly material too. Seriously that it could easily fall flat on its face So they fully embraced the campy 70s inspired motif and ran with it it distinguishes itself through lashings of color and unique production Design and some really interesting costumes and makeup. I really cannot emphasize. How cartoony and Fantastical these movies are over all of the others especially compared to the cats in America movies and that isn’t a negative Necessarily at all but it is worth noting especially considering We’re gonna see these worlds collide soon And there are a couple of scenes where I had to question myself One if they went a little too far on up was probably mostly down to how much patience I have for seeing CG characters Bouncing jumping and flinging around before I get tired of it speaking of CG I don’t normally like praising a movie by saying the CG was amazing but The CG was amazing it’s that kind of CG that is still very obviously CG, but is so polished and detailed But you’re just impressed by how good it ends up looking. I will say that for me It does take a little while for it to really get going I do prefer the first act from the original movie a little more For the last two acts are much more satisfying in this one there are so many memorable lines and moments to the point where if you put 10 different people who have seen this movie in a Room and each asked what their favorite moment was They potentially all have different answers Dave Bautista is so charismatic and likeable and probably has the best jokes in the movie Chris Pratt delivers another good performance of star-lord and so does Bradley Cooper as Rocket although out of all the guardians I find him to Be the most inconsistent to me. He’s either really funny or massively annoying. I don’t really care about Gamora very much I wouldn’t say she’s particularly bad or anything, but I’m just not that invested in her character I enjoy her arc with star-lord and the one with her sister that adds some much-needed depth But I really don’t enjoy nebula that much either She’s serviceable, but there’s something about the delivery of her dialogue that I find off-putting I think it’s all in the performance with that one goddamn Doctor Who girl go back to Doctor Who Kurt Russell does a really great Job he expresses his Desperation and makes you understand the motivation for the things he does even if they’re not even remotely a variable But michael rooker steals the show as yondu they turn him from someone You kind of weren’t different about in the first movie like it was a lot of fun He’s not someone you really were invested in or cared about that much and so probably one of the best characters in the MCU Sean Gunn even sneaks in a really solid Performance that is worth mentioning. Honestly. Just about everyone is pretty good in this movie You can tell how much passion there was for it as humorous as they are I don’t find that these guardians movies make me laugh Out loud they remain charming and likable throughout, but don’t get much more than a smile or light chuckle from me I’d say that one out of every five jokes really doesn’t work for me. Which is fine considering how fast the pacing is and how many jokes there are but it can still be kind of lame when you’re really not feeling the Humor of a scene and once you figure out that a lot of the humor revolves around characters remarking on how ridiculous their current situation Or behaviors are then it can feel a little bit repetitive and predictable I was also pulled out the movie a couple of times by characters randomly going into monologues that were triggered by something kind of unrelated its self-aware and often played for laughs But it shows some of the strings of guns writing coming through instead of feeling like a natural interaction overall This is very high in my favorite Marvel movie list although I have to say I did like it a lot more the second time seeing it the jokes seem to flow better and were somehow More surprising to me or something the emotional core and family themes of the movie nicely carries it along to keep you invested and Interested and helps to ground the movie in something relatable around all of the crazy space mumbo-jumbo And you can clearly tell a lot of care and attention was put into making this whirlpool fleshed out and thoughtful despite How silly is I still don’t really understand the powers of these characters because they all seem a little bit invincible but I really don’t care that much because everything fits within the Context in which they’re shown I’d recommend this film to even people outside of the Nerds who love superhero movies it works inside and outside the MCU Standing tall is a very strong and well-written James Gunn movie above all else it doesn’t try to recapture the lightning and a bottle that the first movie was with cheap tricks and lazy writing it builds on its characters and leaves us in a different place to where we Began, which is what we can really ask for in a sequel spider-man Homecoming you know I really wasn’t that keen on homecoming the first time I saw it I thought it was fine, but didn’t really offer me much that I hadn’t seen before already But weird thing happened on re-watching it I actually really enjoyed it once you break out that everything has to be just like spider-man 2 mindset Then there is a lot to appreciate It’s not without its problems but it does a very good job of showing us a relatively quaint and Self-contained superhero story the focus is more on character interaction over the entire world Coming to an end it has one of the best villains in the entire MCU who is completely understandable in his motivations for a change and Tom Holland is a really likable main character weirdly enough for a Marvel movie the action is kind of the Worst thing about it I wouldn’t say it’s bad like Justice League or Wonder Woman But it’s just not that impressive or as well choreographed compared to what we saw the same character do in civil war Spider-man is such an interesting way of being able to move and fight because of his powers so it’s disappointing to me that he doesn’t Do anything? That memorable compared to what we’ve seen in the past probably my biggest problem with the movie or the bizarre shots where spider-man is pointlessly Completely CG even for shots where he’s not even performing anything that otherworldly or stunt heavy the suit looks really impressive And amazing when the actor is actually wearing it with the expressive CG eyes But you can always tell when he’s completely CG, and it looks kind of terrible and weightless I’m also not sure about how I feel about the Iron Man ization of Spider Man It does make sense in the universe Considering how the suit came to be but it does make him feel a little less special I guess that does ultimately tie into the point of the movie so whatever at the three Marvel movies of 2017 is definitely the most bland and typical Marvel in terms of his visuals it doesn’t have much style in its camerawork editing lighting action or pretty bland score the score is probably above average for one of these there are actually some like motifs I Remembered and noticed as opposed to just being random Orchestra noise like they often tend to be but it’s really the writing and performances that carry the movie There’s just something so compelling about watching Peter try to balance his life as spider-man with being a completely lame kind of pathetic Average school kid and the two lives end up mingling with each other in some really interesting ways in this movie I thought that opening with him filming everything like a vlog was weird and awkward and went on for way too long, but once That’s over. It does get much better It probably sounds like I’m not that enthusiastic or passionate about this movie either way and that’s because I’m really not I think it’s relatively well-made and solid in most areas but for me It’s lacking that certain x-factor that really makes a movie like this special to me I can’t see where so many people fell head-over-heels for this movie But I personally prefer what the same character had to do in civil war over What happened in this movie with all that being said though? It’s still either the best or second best spider-man movie depending on your thoughts on spider-man 2 Maybe part of why I seem so unenthused is because we’ve had three different Interpretations of this character over such a short amount of time there were like four hundred million movies Which has become a little mind-numbing, but this Spider Man is definitely the best fit for the MCU And I hope for the sequel that it can set itself apart by either upping the presentation a bit or having a more original story Thor Ragnarok Thor Ragnarok is a weird one. I really just like the first and second Thor movies They are so bland that even referencing them is making me feel Tired but Ragnarok is kind of amazing. I don’t want to oversell how good I think it is because I have some major problems with it, but wow we actually got an extremely entertaining Thor movie who would have thought We basically have one of my favorite directors Taika Waititi To thank for this one his Kiwi humor and sense of style is exactly what this character needed to stand out and give well Him a sense of character Thor is no longer the dictionary definition of boring pretty prince man He has a personality and a sense of humor And he’s thrust into a situation where he actually has to Problem-solve and figure out a way to get out the obstacles that are holding him back unfortunately The first thirty minutes of the movie are kind of dedicated to undoing the dullness of the previous two movies with a strangely long sequence with Doctor Strange Which seemed a little unnecessary to me and a death scene that lacked to any impact or resonance at all but once Thor winds up? on the garbage planet Then things get a hell of a lot more interesting Clearly heavily inspired by the 80s much like with TT’s previous film boy with nods to John Carpenter with a pretty decent sense score that embodies a sound that we haven’t heard before in this universe I’m not sure how the matically relevant the use of synth is beyond it just Sounding cool and being yet another eighties reference the pop culture is so obsessed with at the moment But it’s certainly fresh within the context of a Marvel movie the film definitely has the most fun And is the most fun when it’s on that garbage the use of color is distinct and makes a decrepit Landscape weirdly attractive jeff goldblum is hilarious as the weird ruler and things especially improved once the hulk comes into the picture I kind of think is a massive shame that the reveal of him being in the movie was ruined by the trailers the movie is edited as if it’s supposed to be a surprise so it’s annoying that it was completely deflated by the marketing they were memorable and Stylistic decisions that actually stood out I can very clearly picture some clever shots and even Transitions that were creative and pretty much unheard of in previous Marvel movies the film is kind of split into two perspectives One being Thor and Co on the trash world and the other of the villain back on Asgard played by Kate Blanchette the scenes on Asgard while not particularly bad Lack the creativity and flair that the corresponding scenes with Thor have the film even seems to be aware about how lame Asgard is and they pretty much do everything in their power to make sure we never have to see it again after this movie as Far as the villain goes she’s okay? Blanchett is charismatic and is clearly having a lot of fun hamming it up in a cool-looking outfit But her motivations aren’t particularly interesting the information she reveals is fun to learn and his good world-building, but as a character She’s pretty one now. I also found her early scenes to have very little tension because of how insanely powerful She is and mostly because I just don’t care about any of the faceless drones on Asgard Even the minor supporting characters from the previous movies will treated like garbage and like they don’t matter because they really don’t Does anyone even know the names of any of these characters yeah Thor not Karl? Urban
Who I usually really like is probably my least favorite character in the film only really existing to be an empty slate for the villain To have someone to monologue exposition to he also changes Motivation pretty flippantly and only really does what he does in service of the script instead of his character So I could do without some of his scenes I liked how the humor costume and production design managed to distinguish itself from guardians of the galaxy They have somewhat similar settings, but have a completely different sense of humor visual presentation and goal You won’t be feeling much emotion from this movie It’s visually interesting and funny, and that’s definitely the focus so you can’t really criticize it too much for that But it does lack the heart that it would need to propel it into being a truly great film in my opinion I think Motiti did the very best that he could with the material it’s an extremely fun constantly engaging And comedy and that’s really all a film about for needs to be it accomplished everything it needed to with a little extra New Zealand spice they’ll make you smile as long as you go in with realistic expectations I think there’s a lot to like about it And I really hope this opens more doors for Motiti so we can continue to make amazing films like boy, or what we do in the shadows Fox Logan I’ve been wanting to gush about Logan for months now, and I finally get the chance I absolutely adore Logan I’ve seen it three times so far and it holds up with each viewing not only do I think it’s the best superhero movie probably since the Avengers But it’s one of the rare Jon remove EES that is able to break past a label of just being a great insert genre here movie But it’s just a fantastic movie all around it wasn’t until the end what really hit me how long the x-men? Especially Wolverine has been relevant and prevalent in movie pop culture Logan is the nearly two decades long? Build-up and swan song for a fan-favorite character and is executed with such Emotion that is kind of unmatched in terms of how much investment. We’ve had in this Harry goddamn mass-murderer crazy Person we’ve been following this guy through thick and thin, and it’s so Satisfying in morose to see how it all comes to an end Logan is miserable depressing vicious Violent dark and unrelenting somehow without ever seeming completely hopeless there are plenty of hopeless moments but it never fully descends into torture porn the violence and misery only assists to aid the tension and add weight and consequence to Logan’s actions I know there are some people who can’t deal with how dark the movie gets which I honestly completely understand But it’s not agonize adjust to be Exploitative or over-the-top is to highlight the tragic and heartbreaking state that our main character is in at this point in his life It’s completely in service to the story and tone and makes it really unique the first two-thirds of the film is almost completely carried by two excellent standout performances by Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart You can really tell that these actors in particular Really poured their heart and soul into what will most likely be their last performance as these characters and their passion and investment really shows I had to commend James Mangold the director for having such faith in the audience allowing for a lot of visual and interpretive Storytelling that leaves a lot to the imagination The dialogue in particular is bittersweet and wonderfully Served and has a lot of really memorable lines with only a small handful of slightly awkward But necessary moments of exposition the visuals are dark and moody But not without style or beauty there are plenty of memorable shots and pretty good camera work I won’t show it here, but whoever’s idea the closing shot was is a genius I totally didn’t see it coming and it sums up and concludes the film wonderfully as far as things I didn’t really like about it There are a couple of points where the music is kind of intrusively strange which I can’t decide if I like or not But my main gripe is with the scientist villain character He’s ultimately not very important to the overarching story the way his story ends makes that clear but for a film that tries It’s best to avoid the mistakes of lesser superhero movies from the past He’s a weak reminder that what you’re watching is indeed a silly superhero movie at its core with that being said though I did enjoy the other villains Boyd Holbrook was menacing and effective, and I didn’t even mind the major spoiler Three-two-one Logan cloned normally that’d be something I’d roll my eyes at and whinge about with these kind of superhero movies that they always end up just in a Big fight with a villain who is just the evil version of the protagonist, but something about this one just works for me I may be looking into this too much But I see the clone as the physical embodiment of how Logan sees himself a mindless barbaric killing machine the result of so many Excruciating years of research pain and death so when Logan finally sacrifices his life in an attempt to defeat the clone It’s the moment Logan finally lets go and realizes that he’s not quite the monster he once thought he was the moment he becomes the hero all the kids saw him as Completing the characters arc and beautifully wrapping up his story the more. I talk about Logan the more. I like it It’s a personal understated story that isn’t about the end of the world. It’s about people living in a world That’s already ended for them it might not be as effective if you’ve never cared about the x-men or seen the other movies But I think it even works. Well as a standalone piece I’d recommend it to anyone who’s a fan of the x-men superhero movies westerns Or just sad booboo movies that might make you cry There’s a theory flying around that Logan may be the unforgiven equivalent for superhero movies But after this we may see a decline in popularity for the sub-genre just like the Western there certainly are a lot of similarities I’m not quite convinced. We’ve reached critical mass here only time will tell conclusion and the future So there’s all the superhero movies of importance I left Captain Underpants out because it doesn’t really count I just have nothing to say about that movie. It’s fine It’s very much a movie version of the books the end but if I had to rank my list of best or worst of 2017 it’ll probably go as follows Logan is my favorite followed by guardians to Thor Ragnarok spider-man Home Coming Lego Batman Wonder Woman and finally Justice League, I’m clearly a Marvel fanboy and need to kill myself Lul honestly when comparing 2017 to previous years of superhero movies the quality of these is unusually high Marvel absolutely headed out of the park three times and Fox managed to hit one in there, too DC still have a hell of a lot of catching up to do And I really don’t see it happening until they abandon this universe they’ve made and try again or how about you? Just do the smart thing and go back to making standalone Batman movies. That’s what we want as far as the future is concerned It’s nearly time for the Marvel movie that has been teased for six years I think as long as it develops an interesting villain that was worth the hype and the action is excellent It’ll be okay I think Justice League has me a bit worried about a fully CG villain because it was so Awful in that film if anyone can pull it off. It’ll be marvel at this point We also have Ant Man and the wasp which I’m pretty disinterested in if the first movie is anything to go by now We’ve got Deadpool – which whatever we’ll see Supposedly an Aquaman film is coming out at some point in 2018 so that’d probably be hilariously bad will straight-up cancelled Somehow a venom movie is actually coming out cause it’s not fair to write it off quite yet But the trailer is not looking very good I’m pretty excited for the animated Spider-man movie the style looks really unique and finally The Incredibles – the first movie is my favorite Pixar film So hopefully it’s not massively Disappointing this video turned out to be really fun for me to make but it did take a stupid amount of time Hopefully you enjoyed it and look forward to tuning in again next year for superhero movies 2018 because these movies are endless and they’re gonna keep going at least until I die and nothing matters after I die for me So whatever thanks for watching everybody bye Well hey everybody just a quick reminder that I do a podcast With Ralph the moviemaker and Adam from your movie sucks every two weeks So head over to the link in the description or the link that’s about to come on screen now And you’ll be in for a wicked wild time thus we’ll about movies and jenkem so I Have it on good authority that we’re going to be talking about Avengers infinity war after that comes out, so Tune in for that one. See you later

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