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Supergirl Wins Best Superhero TV Series | Saturn Awards 2019

Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, ladies and gentlemen, it is an actor. Thank you, thank you. Superheroes embody our best qualities. We tune in for the laser eyes and super speed but stay for the heart and selfless acts of heroism. But mostly for the laser eyes. These are the nominees for best superhero television series. That’s Green Arrow. Wrong guy. I told you I’d always have your back. He was a bad man. You are the strongest person I have ever
met. Are you a bronie? Dude we’re bronie bros. Out of my way. Hi! We need to talk. Uh, who are you? I’m your daughter from the future. Holy mother— A friend. Divided we fall. This is my home, and my mission is to protect it. And the Saturn Award goes to Supergirl! Make some room, people. Let her through. Oh my gosh, am I taking this? Oh my goodness. The middle of us. Yes. So thank you. We’d like to thank the
academy of science fiction, fantasy, and horror films for this amazing honor. Science fiction at its best holds up a mirror to the world we live in
this award is especially meaningful to us because last season we tackled real
world issues that we all care very deeply about at Supergirl. Assault on the
Free Press, racism, immigration. But of course because our illegal aliens were
actual aliens it wasn’t the red and blue issue it was a green one. We are blessed
with the best cast led by David Harewood Chyler Leigh, and of course our star, Melissa Benoist. She’s not only a tremendous actor but embodies in her real life the same strength,
kindness, and compassionate spirit as her character that she portrays it’s
impossible to believe that she doesn’t actually fly. We are so excited that
she’ll be doing double duty this season as a director. Of course every hero needs
a great villain and we hit the jackpot with mr. Jon Cryer. Lex Luthor is the
second most evil man ever to inhabit the Oval Office. We have the best crew any of
us have ever worked with led by our line producer Chris Pavoni and our producing
director Jesse Warren. They’re amazing. The most hard-working post production
team led by Joanie Woehler, an incredible VFX team led by Armen Kevorkian and
Brian Reiss, the most creative insightful devoted writers. They are all here. They are all here and they are never short on stories. And amazing partners at Berlanti Productions. Greg, Sarah Schechter, Karyn Smith-Forge.
Yes, we love you all, thank you guys. We love you and we are so grateful for Warner Brothers and the CW who empower us to tell stories about inclusion and tolerance and hope, thank you so much. Thank you.


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