hey guys what's going on it's ash here coming at you today in clash Royale thank you for joining me guys today's gonna be a good video we are joined here by a mockney Baja mockney dominated last season using this hog deck it's similar to the number one hog deck in the game if it's a couple changes though a couple big changes and not the number one popularity that would be two point six of course but the number one win rate has this same deck but instead of archers they have princess instead of bandit has gob and barrel so this is kind of like a a more sprint fami version I guess a more pressure version than that deck in a little bit less bait but he has a tough success with it he's gonna play then I'm gonna play let's hop into the arena alright guys starting out here we are top 400 right now early on in the season of course and we are already inside our first match so again this deck is is is fun I've been getting a lot of requests for a hog deck that's not two point six that's not Hogg mega Knight and of course hog is really still the most polarizing card in the game like what do you guys think about hog we get all kinds of damage on that left tower to start things out here by the way guys but what do you guys think about hog like every time I share a hog video in the comments half of you guys are like another hog hog so Opie I hate hog and then have a giant graveyard here who would be the light out of the Lightning two arrows the new fast shooting arrows like boom they go fast ah but either way we have plenty of the answers to graveyard this should be a matchup advantage for us in this deck but anyway half of you guys are like hog sucks I hate hog and nerve hog or I'm gonna quit the game then happy you guys are like hog needs a buff there's way too many counters the tombstones the nato's the inferno towers I can't even get my hogs in the tower anymore where I stand is somewhere in the middle I I think that hog is it relatively well-balanced for the most part but I know that pretty much 90% of you disagree with me based on the comments so let me know what you guys think of hog rider in the back but this could be a problem here or in the back in the comments where's my head today I left it at home I apologize anyway tons of damage and the opponent gives the early gg alright not the start that we wanted here to this video but we'll see if we can persevere nothing better than beating somebody who gives you the gg before even double extra time so let's see if we can make a comeback here again you do have matchup advantage here we have fireball forest barbarians we have Inferno tower for his giant and we have about a billion graveyard answers looks like they're gonna give us that hog rider in the left lane now we have those barbarians marching down past the bridge here in the right lane a giant in the pocket graveyard on our Tower and furnish our scar me archers boom done defense beautiful defense I might add there with about 30 seconds left all the sudden we are just back inside this game guys take that left tower he gave us that left tower I know if I agree with that decision now we have a bandit in the pocket a fireball prediction fireball hits those barbarians we didn't hit it the first time we do hit it the second time 17:57 all the sudden just like that we have the damage advantage the opponent now changing their tune giving a hey did I say good game I meant good luck I meant good luck earlier that that's all all right in front of tower in the pocket here we catch that giant the SAP comes down on the Inferno tower I mean while archers doing a good job on defense against those skeletons from the graveyard hog goes in on offense – archers are there band is there bandit dashes through the barbarians on the tower fire ball GG come-from-behind victory what a way to start the video guys I'll see you inside match number 2 all right guys the side match number 2 year I'm gonna do 3 matches with him and then I will play two or three matches to end the video so viewer beware I spent a while so I played a hog back here but I'm a fan of this deck I think a lot of you guys are gonna have success success success success success with the deck honestly I think it's I think a lot of you guys will like this deck especially if you're you're used to playing hog decks or the the hog princess version with Goblin barrel again that one's the currently the goblin barrel princess version like I said in the beginning is the number one win percentage deck on ladder in aggregate as as a whole so if you don't like this version give that version a try you know feel free to make any substitutions as with every deck that I share that best suits your arena your trophy range so here we go panic is a charge off on that left tower in a king tower they're activated shooting at that bandit we still get the tower down to 25 Oh to splitting our damage 2869 remaining on the right tower here comes another hog rider here we're devoting a lot of elixir to our offense in the opposite lane seven elixir devoted to that left tower lumberjack and left lane we have the the scar Mia's down the Zap comes down I think I might hit some of those skeletons with the SAP as well now this could be trouble here guys what do we have Oh fireballs down okay nice fireball there on the right but now we have a baby demon contend with your only three elixir enough for archers though right there they are archers are down but this baby DS getting so much damage this is not a deck where we want to fall behind in in single extra time because in double extra time they can just pull one of these big monster pushes off right and it's been a while since I've seen a golem deck without a big well without the double dragon or the big spell so he's playing Knight which instead of electro dragon and he has he was untold bloodier opponent here is not totally maxed out either misses top ladder granted as earlier in the season so here comes a bandit in the right lane runs right into that lumberjack nice lumberjack there by the opponent and here comes a mega man in the left we're leaking we're leaking real eeking and we miss the lumberjack Oh No mock me what are you doing six sixty two remaining on the right tower by the way uh mockney baja is a Serbian player so shout to my Serbian viewers out there a log comes down again that towers gonna fall down to sixteen eleven but we are in trouble here guys this might be an L I mean the only saving grace here is the opponent does not have a big spell in their deck so they're gonna have to work for it here that's 662 damage we have a star me down notice how he uses scar me in goblin gang Oh bats make contact oh no 368 remaining on the right tower but notice how he's not afraid to use his scar me and his goblin gang even if the opponent has a baby dragon right so let me saw it the last match – with the wizard right even we use scar me against the wizard you can use make sure they get a lock on to whatever they're targeting even in a pinch against baby dragon for example you can still use your swarm cards we use Swiss skeletons in the back they're scar me I'm not sure why we I guess he thinks they have lightning but they don't cuz we can see all the cards and he can't so he doesn't have lightning so we go in the hog here ten seconds at sudden-death overtime it's gonna take a miracle though because again they have lumberjack and they have tornado so it's gonna be hard to break through here if I'm Letty I am just like cycling a mega minion regards in the in the left lane the tower that we're going for and then is playing a golem in the back oh whoa those archers at the let and abandoned beautiful defense there by mock me just clinging on to life here he is hanging on the cliff by his fingernails right now 368 damage remaining on the right tower inferno D is gonna do a little bit of work here what's he gonna do he's gonna go about the bridge see I don't like that play I would rather goal them and back of the the King tower I can tell that he's trying to go same lane here as a makhani so he doesn't have to be punished by the band and the hog rider you can stop bandit hog rider with the guards and the tornado as well tornado and speaking of comes down right into the lumberjack there hog rider is taken care of by the lumberjack as well meanwhile again just using that scar me to distract that baby dragon baby dragon is a real thorn to this deck right because it kills like half of our deck thank God we do have again the archers and the inferno at our what what happened there I saw a little glitch on my screen in fern tower was there and then it was gone it might just be on my my Elgato here but man that was weird you guys cut to that or is it just me probably just me anyway here we go right lane this time not working on the left are gonna try the right here we go is uh but lumberjack mega minion down for the opponent nice defense there 368 is still remaining on our tower only 75 seconds left here in the match here guys Inferno tower do and work bandit wagon ooh the mega minion died at the last second some close calls here some very close calls help on that baby Dee when the two archers came down the very last second and then the Bandit came down the very last second 60 seconds or less remaining in this match can we get two fireball cycle range here comes another punish push here and again we're using the hog rider there in the left baby Dee there the bandit bandit down just in the nick of time if I'm the opponent man I would either try to get a golden bush going now it's probably too late or I would I would send in like a lumberjack in a baby dragon in the right lane and then I would predict if NATO pulling the band because he keeps using a bandit in alternate hour I guess that would work too anyway again nice defense here we can potentially spell cycle just a login a fireball guys i how did I not notice earlier 15 seconds left he's gonna win this he is going to win this fireball down boom logged down how did he do it man – pretty good matches in a row let's go to the third one guys alright here we go so we faced off against Gollum what the heck was the first match man ah don't get old your memory goes I swear oh it was the giant graveyard deck so giant graveyard golem Amon lava hounds perfect perfect three matches to watch here to start things off so Banda gets the charge off on the tower here tons of damage and hey okay muck me figures know in response to my bandit I'll go ahead and send in a hog rider – what the hell 16:52 remaining on the right tower to start things out here lumberjack in the right lane we've good beside these Ascar me a nice snowball there by the opponent Bank thankfully Ford makhani there he places scar me very high normally you want to place your scar me low because of the log or the Barbarian barrel more likely the Barbarian barrel that time the opponent step master from no mercy clan opting to snowball they're not a bad predictive snowball that could have been towered down had he nailed it there we go ahead and we keep attacking with the goblin gang there's Starmie and a flying machine so we know it's a clone deck right when you see flying machine and lava hound X you pretty much know it's a clone when you see star me and flying machine you know a hundred percent they have clone as well plus the lumberjack so clone is kind of making its way back into the meta a little bit guys nine hundred eight hundred five hundred that tower is gonna be down now we have a hog in the left just like that we have a huge lead in this matchup halfway through lava hound Inferno tower is down he's gonna be saving this fireball for after the clone I think and there it is boom he actually predicted that clone there but that was a beautiful fire fall and then Steph master says good game it's not over yet though because again this deck even though we do have the the fireball we don't have like snowball or any other spells to contend what we have logged but no spells to contend with the the clone so it's not necessarily an easy matchup here for makhani just doing a good job being aggressive with his band in his hog in between these big lava hound pushes and again playing good defense through offense can we hold on in double elixir time banner gets a charge off that's gonna help there 594 remaining on the Left tower here it comes gonna be a lava hound and a baby dragon when you're going against a swarm deck like this if your step master you want to keep using as many baby dragons as humanly possible because it answers like half of our deck like we talked about in the previous matchup here it comes it's gonna be cloned down to baby Dee's fireball taste caramel a lot of it again where's our log to be use our log I think we use our log skeletons on the tower another baby dragon is that a raged up it's a raised up baby Dee takes the left Tower you catch this our bandit with the lumberjack there so this one is not over yet but we are in spell cycle range so two fireballs in a log we'll get that tower down let's see what happens here a hog comes down we don't use the log so the Scarb is gonna take care of the hog no hits on the tower meanwhile there's the log so meanwhile 471 remaining bandit in the pocket and the lumberjack goes down against the bandit again meanwhile flying machine getting all kinds of damage to our King tower 27:45 so the big damage let's see clone he's gonna clone it he's gonna clone it that was a desperation clone I feel like guys and I think with that it's probably gonna be GG can't blame Stef master step master do not play back in this match at all honestly he played pretty well but hey monk mockney you can tell he's played against this deck before just knowing when to pressure and there that panic charge seals the deal for him and that's gonna be GG clapping royal ghost all around there so guys I'm gonna go ahead and hop into the arena wish me luck alright guys we have the decks selected we are ready to go into the arena using it let's see who we face in what we face here against uh zai ho good luck Inferno tower and let's go so hog MANET Inferno tower and goblin gang here in hand let's do the minor emo oh my god he comes in hot I was gonna go to goblin gang and he's not gonna respond okay Valkyrie nice Valkyrie well played it's like an in furniture that's gonna lock onto the Valkyrie first and gonna go ahead and try to get okay he's apt late there so that's good I think we'll get okay sweet able to get rid I was I didn't want to over commit on the defense so that went well I really never want to start with a with a golem if you're the opponent so he goes with Inferno dragon in the left so it's an inferno dragon golem deck you don't see that every day you know that's okay and for a dragon obviously doesn't do well against our deck because we don't have any big tanks and we have plenty of swarm to distract so this time obviously if he does have zapped he does have golem so an inferno tower here see what we can do try to get that zap out of them not be afraid to use the defensive fireball here wait a little bit wait a little bit here we go he does have rage that's really weird these apps and there's this car me beautiful beautiful man we've had so much Gollum in today's video I apologize guys I sent a hog over here and see what he does Valkyrie gonna get that bandit on the Left tower all right so far so good nice defense against any beat down deck using this deck right just gonna go ahead at goblin game I don't even know what he has in hand nothing to answer that I guess it's a heavy deck though so it's one of those decks that you just got to be kind of careful to the careful whiff excuse me as well I may have lightning I don't know okay nice fireball opportunity here did you get myself oh my god he got my scar me with his app I'm an idiot okay I'm gonna lose this tower I think let's see that was really dumb I should have just delayed on my zap a little bit but of course I didn't okay I'm still able to defend but man that was that was in I was an idiot there so he just zapped so that's GG but that was not well played on my part I almost blew it I almost lost that tower you know we fire balls there that's cool I can fireball log okay good game man that was dumb defense that was dumb on that it makes sure you don't make my mistakes right learn from me but not do not emulate me right so that was using the the inferno tower and not waiting for this app to come down like I played the cigar me and he got so much that value that was really dumb I kind of panicked honestly alright Damir 2008 SAR hmm alright we'll just go ahead and split archers here furnace could be royal giant so that's what I'm gonna kind of expect here but we'll see I try to sneak a bandit through and see if we can time this correctly to cut clip clip the next goblin in we don't of course way to go ash way to go way to go bro go ahead and log that up look at all that bandit damage though in the the left lane huh hello alright so I can bypass that tower that that a furnace excuse me with my hog I called a tower he's playing that spawner royal giant deck which actually is a believe it or not it's a competitively viable back to play this in crl china all the time i was hoping that alright the archers over here they'll clean up all this mess well with the help of the bandit they will nice charge they're beautiful scar me down try time this correctly keep that scar me alive nice and baby d okay so let's see if you were are geez here does he have the elixir to RG we don't want to take all this damage so that's cool not heists nice that went well see what he does here don't want to go in the hog just yet can I clip it yeah fireball that he doesn't have his furnace down so I'm just gonna go ahead and scar me as well now he fireballs maybe he's gonna cycle to another RG just gonna go ahead and send in a hog he's gonna barb someone to Oh screw that up he did barb but we really screwed it up she's gonna have place a hide bandit here to distract that pull everything back sacrificial goblin gang let the what the archer do some work here and then go ahead and log and I don't know if this dude has lightning but I'm gonna assume he does know he has fireball my bad but we got a hit there let's suck is he gonna I need to save up to okay I'm glad you didn't barbarian there because it's tricky right because you can always okay now I can here's what I'm gonna do here guys I got this this is it cycle to hog wait for it wait til have enough okay Wow decent logged there although I miss everything way to go Oh P plays Oh P plays between the furnace and the goblin hut and the barbs tough to break through here with hog right 222 remaining gonna scar me over here get another band at the bridge here he goes he's gonna log I don't want a fireball you no reason to fireball that I'm just gonna go ahead in the hog here place hi archers bandit as well there we go we got this we got this we got this oh my god – bandit cross the other side oh my god that barbed okay we still get a hit though no I missed that baby Dee way to go there ash okay here it goes this is game this is game ready one two three boom boom game set match alright finally oh my god what a way to end the video we'll go ahead and end it there guys just a couple victories but uh man it's a fun deck just be patient with it even though it's a hog deck don't play at like two point six and I think you guys will have a lot of success so guys check out on the deck link of course in the the profile below it excuse me the profile check out this statue rail profiles in the description below along with the deck in the description below huge shout out again to bran Chun my YouTube partner check out friends information in the description below guys thank you so much for watching and as always take care guys

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  • Hey Ash! About hog: it is the most efficient and versatile win condition in the game, PERIOD. It is EXTREMELY fundamental in its properties. The haters just really hate losing to it bc it DOES require a serious counter or address when you face serious hog players, BUT great players understand that it is in fact not really OP as much as it seems to be when someone is on with it. It is a polarizing card but I think it is fundamentally just fine, and that a player adjusting his play or deck is how to handle it. Also how SuperCell can buff or nerf SUPPORT cards to also alter Hog's prevalence and success in the game, I think that is the only kind of things that need adjusting with hog – not hog itself.

    Edit: and I myself am not a hog player in the least bit, it is truly my least used win condition. Like literally every other win condition has more swag points than hog, and I am just fine learning all the other cards and archetypes and just leaving hog as something for me to counter that OTHER players rely on. Then it's all the more sweeter to crush it 😎

  • I am trying to get higher in trophies and I always lose battles and then win one and end up where I started. What should I do?

  • 5:40 I'm Serbian player to. Thanks for shotout, Ash 💙.
    Also you're kinda killing his name. I know it's not easy to say Mocni Baja in your language 😂

  • Hate hog bro…. Hog is everywhere, wish Riot would do a day without hogs to see a shift in the game. 5000 trophies and facing hogs almost every game…. ugh….

  • CWA, I watch this YT channel named ProGuides. I watch them for Fortnite and they did a video where they chose 3 people and they analyzed their strengths, weaknesses, and what they look to improve on. I wish to see a series like that on this channel, hopefully once a week or twice, and you will attract so many more viewers. A way to organize this is like this…
    1. The strengths, weaknesses, and things to work on are stated
    2. He/she gets on voice chat and does a few live battles, and then look at replays of them.
    PS: You should choose people of different arenas and challengers, ex: Arena 12, Challenger 3, and Master 2.

  • Im climbing in trophies. 5600👀🤙🏼

    Episode with the boy?? Level 13. We here now

    I play a Pekka,Wizard,Miner,Bats,Goblin Gang, Poison,Tornado,Zap deck.

    Very strong right now. Most cards in my deck are max level.

    Ive been playing clash royale since id say a month or 2 after launch.

    Probably spent about $100 all together on the game. Mostly buying the $5 -$20 chest deals on christmas and other holidays or events.

    Is that free to play??lol

    No its not. But i grinded to level 13. Took me 2 and a half years lol. I didnt gem my way to it trust me.

    160 War wins by the way. And 12 win challenge winner.

    My clash name is – King Me M’Lady

    There is a funny story behind the name too. Supercell changed my name about a year ago,once i got above 4000 trophies one day i logged on and my name was different.

    I guess they thought my name before was offensive but i didnt think so. I just kept the name now because i like it. I know you can change it but i mean it sounds cool, thanks supercell.

    Just do an episode of me playing 2v2 with Bufarete. And im good.

  • Shows a flaw with the game, won by spell cycling not by getting troops to the tower. The game is to heavily reliant on spells

  • I think hog is pretty well balanced. It’s very good offensively, especially when given proper support, but is nowhere near frustrating to counter unlike ram rider, and the 4 elixir cost I think is perfect for it. If I ever have frustrations with hogrider, it’s when I face a player that has its cards at least 2 levels higher than what I normally should face . Especially their hog. But “tell us something we don’t know,” right? That’s something for basically every card. Otherwise, I’m perfectly good with it. Even if it’s one level higher than me.

  • Does anyone have any tips for facing stupid over leveled spam decks?? im 4700-4800 trophi4es and thats all i face, is stupid level 12-13 op cards, golem, wizard, hog, royal giant, and giant skeleton, and ballon, i cant do anything, lose 90% of the batles i play!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELPPPP

  • Pekka hog please ash. Its extremely underrated. Well to be honest its probably not gonna happen but ill remain faithful my guy

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