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Student Showcase 2018 Awards Ceremony

To present tonight’s awards, we welcome
three people who were instrumental in making Showcase 2018 possible. We have Kathryn Nash. We love her, she’s the producer. Love this lady. Love this guy,
Joel Selby. Joel Selby, executive producer of Showcase, oh. Dr. John Severson,
Superintendent of the Muskegon Area Intermediate School. We love you. Thank
you so much. Alright. So, we’re moving on. Here, okay. Now we
start with the literary arts. If you’ve had a chance to peruse the poems, essays,
and stories, please make sure to read those. They are phenomenal. Phenomenal
talent we have in our writers. So, once again we like to thank our literary arts
judges. We have Gretchen Kline, Colleen Murphy, and Foley Schuler. Thanks again to
our literary arts judges. And now, the results of our literary arts
judging. The judges have chosen chosen two honorable mentions this year. First
honorable mention for his poems entitled “mold,” “True Love,” and “Part 1,” from
Fruitport High School, Jakub Duchnowski. Second honorable
mention for her story story entitled “When the Sea Whispers, I Hear Your Voice,”
from Grant High School, Heather Schoenherr. Alright, third place. Third place in the
literary arts category for her poems entitled “Maelstrom,” “How People Become
Poetry,” and “At One Point We Were Like Art,” from Mona Shores High School,
Stevie Averill. Alright, second place. Second place in the
literary category for the fantastical story, “Wake Up, Alice,” from Maeli Cardiff
from Hesperia High School. Alright and for the first-place trophy in our
literary or literary arts category of Showcase 2018 our top award goes to the
outstanding entry called, “Everything,” from Laine Rogers of Ravenna High School. Alright, congratulations. Brilliant
writing. Please, again, please check out the works if you have not had a chance
to do this. Check out the works of our literary arts honorees Check out these works, they’re phenomenal.
So congratulations to all of our honorees. Alright, again, if you have not
checked out our visual arts honorees it’s right down the hallway. Just venture
down the hallway. It’s there for a couple more weeks at the Betty Clarke Cannon
Gallery on the second floor of the Hilt building. Make sure to check out our
visual arts honorees in person. It’s beautiful, it’s well worth the trip.
So, again, if you see these works and when you see these works you’re gonna
understand how difficult it was for our visual arts judges to judge these works.
Again, we have to thank our visual arts judges, Chelsea Kirksey, Cathy Mott, and
Patti Opal. So thanks again to our visual arts judges and now onto the
results of our judging. The judges chose two honorable mentions for our visual
arts category. The first honorable mention for her work entitled, “Modern
Woman,” from Mona Shores High School, Carolyn White. Thank you. Our second honorable mention for visual
arts for his sculpture entitled, “Suspended Ascent,” from North Muskegon
High School, Jimmy Cobb. The third-place prize in the visual arts category for
“Unfamiliar,” by Tileya Hardmon from Muskegon Heights Academy. The
second-place prize goes to a captivating portrait entitled, “Present,” from Julia
Ojala from Reeths-Puffer High School. And now the first-place prize for the visual
arts category of Showcase 2018 goes to the work, “Which One is the Real Me?” by
Anna Gwiazdowski from Ludington High School. [Applause] Congratulations again. All the works of
our visual arts honorees is right down the hallway at the Hilt building on the
second floor in the Betty Clarke Cannon gallery. Definitely take the time to look
at that. Alright, now we return to our Performing Arts.
Alright we’ve seen the video from last night. We’ve been here live to see
tonight’s performances. Very very difficult to judge this work so we have
to again thank our performing arts judges. We have Jonathan Borisch, who is
our student judge who came from a completely different county just so we
could have a student judge from a non-competing county. Thank you again to
Jonathan. Kim Beecham Gaver, Jeff Lynn, and Heather McCallum. Thank you to all of our
performing arts judges and on to the results. Performing arts for Showcase
2018, for individual performances, third place in the solo duo section here third
place we have for “Variations Sur Un Air Du Pays D’oc,” from Reeths-Puffer High School,
from Lindsay Bos. [Applause] Lindsay! Lindsay Bos. For second place in the
solo or duo performing category in performing arts. For the work, “Restless,”
from Fruitport High School we have Matthew Leslie. [Applause] And finally, the winner of
Showcase 2018 in the solo duo performing arts category, dance set to “Replaceable,”
from Grand Haven High School, Kaitlyn Sowles. [Applause] Spotlight Dance Academy. [Laughter] Congratulations, congratulations.
Alright, now on to our performing arts groups for Showcase 2018. In the third
place for performing art groups for third place,
“What is Love, A Middle School Drama,” from Artios of Grand Haven, the “Artios
Actors.” In second place in the group performance category, a dance set to
“Rewrite the Stars,” from Muskegon Catholic Central School we have James, James. [James Jordan III, Lindsey Joyce, Tiovanni Knight, and Megan Zelenka] And finally, the winner of the best group
of Showcase 2018 for “This is Me,” from Reeths-Puffer High School. Right down here. Thank you. Congratulations, rockets! I feel bad. I don’t want to block these
kids. Oh my gosh, congratulations. Alright, so on to the very coveted Gary W Ostrom
Showstopper Award. A very special award chosen on behalf of our sponsors of
showcase that is given to the act that is best exemplifying showmanship at
Showcase 2018. Gary Ostrom was an incredible supporter of Showcase and
former publisher of the Muskegon Chronicle. We can’t say enough about this
wonderful man. Sadly, Gary passed away two years ago. His
legacy will continue with the presentation of this award each and
every single year. Okay, wonderful man, wonderful man. And he brought Showcase to
this very Frauenthal stage. Here to present the award is Gary’s wife, Kay
Ostrom, and their daughter Carol Moore. And finally, the winner of the Gary W
Ostrom Showstopper Award for Showcase 2018, for “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head,” Hesperia High School, Miguel Escobedo. [Applause] And again, congratulations. Again, thank
you again, to all of our sponsors and you for helping us celebrate the very best
and brightest in West Michigan student achievement. Without you, we could not
make this possible. Again, thank you for your countless hours driving all of our
precious students back and forth to practices and school and this and that
and rehearsals and you know the drill. So, thank you to all of you. Thank you to all
these brilliant wonderful students and thank you for making Students Showcase
what it is. It gets bigger and better every single year. This is our 37th year.
Next year, 2019, join us right here again at the Frauenthal. Again to you and
yours be safe thank you again for all you do. Thank you for these wonderful
students that you share with us.

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