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Student E-text Requests in the ODS Online Portal

Welcome to this overview of
the new ODS Online Portal. This brief slideshow
is for students who have already
registered with ODS and have been approved for
the e-text accommodation. We’ll review how to request
e-texts each semester. Before requesting e-text,
please take a moment to review our e-text procedures. It is important to note
that text conversion can be labor intensive. So all requests
for e-texts should be made a minimum of six weeks
prior to the start of classes. There is a minimum
turnaround period of two weeks for
textbook conversions and up to four weeks for
out-of-print editions, custom editions, and
UA printed materials. Please be aware that
ODS students must have been approved
for e-text in order to request text conversion. Students can check
approved accommodations by viewing My Eligibility
in the ODS Online Portal. When requesting
accommodations, students must request e-text
for the course in which text conversion is needed. Please ensure that
you only select e-text for courses in which
having the textbook converted is appropriate. Once students have requested
accommodations, including e-text for specific courses,
select the Alternative Formats tab in the ODS Online Portal. Once in the Alternative
Formats module, students will be
able to view books that are required for the
course in which e-text has been requested. Students must click Select
next to each book for which text conversion is needed. Having clicked
Select, the books will be moved into a
processing phase, which indicates that staff have
been alerted to the request. Once e-texts are in
processing, students must upload receipts
into the Portal here. If it is not possible
to upload receipts, please contact [email protected]
to determine how proof of purchase will
be provided to ODS. Once uploaded, receipts can
also be viewed on this page. Staff will review the
request once receipts have been uploaded
and will begin working to process e-text conversion. This process may take
a minimum of two weeks. And the process should be
initiated at least six weeks prior to the start of classes. Once staff have
completed the conversion, students will be able to
view status changes here. Students will also be
contacted by email. Here is an example of
an email confirming that the request has
been received by staff and that proof of purchase
has been provided. Please visit the ODS website for
additional tutorials, guidance, or questions, or contact
your assigned accommodation specialist who is also listed
in the ODS Online Portal.

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