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Student achievement awards bring donors and students together

Student achievement celebrations are all
about bringing our donors and our students together in celebrating that
shared vision for students that exists. So scholarships really are a way to offset
some of the financial costs of your study but students also use their
connection with their donor to really take on board an informal mentor. I would
say to somebody who wants to apply for a scholarship – to never doubt yourself
because you’re always more than what you think you are and people can see
potential in you that you don’t see in yourself. For a Southern Cross student
getting a scholarship I just hope it inspires them to really invest in their
studies and to really think about how they’re going to achieve their goals and
dreams. The Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship has given me the opportunity to travel with
my placements for nursing so I recently this year went up to Brisbane
for three weeks to do my placement in the hospital up there which was an
awesome city experience and it was thanks to this scholarship that I was
able to do that. At the end of this year I’m off to Vietnam for an immersion
placement with other allied health professionals. For three weeks we’ll be
working over there with a school for disabled children
and doing a bit of a project there for primary health so that’s really really
exciting and I’m able to do that thanks to the scholarship. I’m the father of
four children with one on the way so at the moment it’s we’re very busy
but I’d like to say to anyone who wants to to do a degree especially with a
family that you can do it there is the support there. I’ve had a long-term
interest in Southern Cross University. My daughter went to uni here so it’s been
important for me to actually help in the process of people who are coming along
as new students. When I left school at 16 or 17 I came from a very modest
background and I got a scholarship. The scholarship
gave me an opportunity to get education that we need otherwise I would not have been able to have. Having had that education I just know how important it was to
the life that I’ve led. This scholarship for us has been meant that I can put my
four beautiful children into childcare. They attend childcare so that I can come
to university and study I can focus when I’m here and I know that they’re being
cared for. I feel like at the moment being able to come and engage and spend extra
time with study has meant the difference between passing and getting by and
actually achieving high distinctions and achieving my goals.

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