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hey guys how's it going oxwas here welcome back to eating cross and we were talking about the new TCS aura and that 50,000 strengths is this metal good can they be used in every situation without having a problem yes no it depends how you look at the game I'm gonna give you my opinions on this metal but I'm gonna give you the straightforward facts of what it does and then I want to talk about what I think and where you can use this some key blade setups some examples how to get around all its conditions but this metal is I don't know what to do anymore man a 20k strength that's cool 25,000 strength that's cool 30,000 whoa 50,000 I mean what do we do where do our jewels go wouldn't we know this stops what is it was it was a hundred thousand strength medal gonna come out I don't know man but good news is guys there's no content so you don't need to poke if you care about like everything in this game when it comes to like yeah your jewels versus content jewels versus content is just not worth it right now right now it's more like skip skip skip skip skip skip skip in all honesty but again if you do have this in your back pocket when the finally a quest comes out that's worth it and it has value you better pay him I got it you know what I mean so it's up to you you could skip but then they could halfway stop the banners and then bring a quest that's really hard and then you can't pull and you have to beat this quest and the quest has like 5k jewels in it then it's like okay what do I do but we haven't seen an organized into organization event for quite a long time and I bet you new players don't know what an organization event is so let you jump in and let's talk about the banner let's start off the banner the banner ship the banner is a one out of three chance so you can get yourself the blitz form soar there or boyfriend sora you can get key r20 or the new one so one two three one out of three chance on mercy pulls those two banners first banner is the non VIP one so the one that everyone can get no matter if you buy VIP or not it is a ten mercy pulse so mercy poles are back on new medals why was Angelica amber and mercy pole cuz it's that good so ten mercy pole for non VIP along the way you're gonna get to Kingdom Hearts 3 medals per pole the difference between the two is literally VIP gives you four QRS three medals the non VIP gives you two you you get a trait metal purple for both of them so there's always guaranteed one trait metal in there then for the fixed stoppers again non VIP is ten VIP is a five mercy but a five mercy to get a one I had a three chance of one of these medals now all three medals are great I recommend all three of them so if you do need new medals for upright magic upgrade speed then this is a solid banner for you because it doesn't matter what you pick up if you do get that key are twenty great if you get that to be a sword great the thing I don't like is that they just had a dedicated banner for key are twenty and then they bring out a banner with a one out of three chance with key art twenty on it I think that's wrong cuz what if you just pulled four key are twenty and then you see this you're like wow okay I really I would have went for a chance on this cuz I could have got key are twenty or the new pirate Sora you know what I mean they kind of like they kind of jet those over there so my little my little two cents of what I think when they do with their banners it's just they want your jewels guys be careful always be careful but if you guys didn't get care twenty year guarantee that especially if you didn't need an upright speed medal you got guaranteed upright magic but because these are both upright magic what I just said stands so back to this you get VIP coins ten of them for both of them one gets you magic broom and the other one gets you a Mickey and magic broom so Mickey and broom metal it's not really a big difference the whole thing is basically VIP for the five mercy pool now also you get a higher chance of gain the Pirates aura but again I've seen people pull 30,000 jewels on a banner with VIP and not get said medal even with the higher chance so do be careful with that that doesn't mean it's guaranteed if you buy VIP so the banner I don't like the banners why not three chances don't like it but in this case all three medals are very very good if you compare the 25,000 stri them to the 50,000 strength you're like yeah no that's not that's not a good banner because only the one medal has 50,000 strength but I'm gonna talk about a combo with these two later on how can you can fix a lot of stuff in PvP with the bf Sora and the TC sorum it's a lot of sores in this game and it's a lot of sores it's like my friends are my powers no no I am my power me alone I am the power so let's talk about the medal what does it do again huge shout out to Robo Lloyd and Ilene always for updating on discord having those translations it's always a beaut so I'm gonna drag it right over here so I leaned up the tweeter the tweeter the twit a little notice of you here talking about the update so this surah has 50,000 strengths it is a single target for one turn it overwrites your now your opponent's yours so your d buffing yourself this is a glass cannon with the like an effect that hurts you so when that cannon goes off it actually Sean's a sends a shockwave and it blows your body up alright you literally lose all your defenses you get general defense down up break defense down reverse defense down and power speed and magic defense down to negative 15 so maxed out D buffs on yourself when this activates now when I first heard this is my turn that sucks but realistically everything the game calls see them 1 turn so the Poland doesn't get a turn so your defense doesn't matter PvP you can get around with this on the second round and also in PvP to tell you the truth your opponent's gonna debuff you anyways the point is in higher ranking pvp if the opponent knows and sees you attacks you loses to you but sees that you use this medal they'll take away their D buffers and bring in an extra attacking medal as long as they get their times 15 attack up in there and their buffs they're ok they don't need to use a Kyrie or Shion they can use medals that just buff their attacks up and that's it they don't have to worry about debuff in you so that can hurt you but for everybody else who's just bouncing around and all that it's not a big deal another case on its 50000 strength it only has like a hundred defense I'm gonna show you an example an elephant's video of what it looks like in just a second but let me continue telling you what it does so it's more powerful when there's one enemy left so as long as there's one enemy it's got a multiplier of 64 point 60 but if there's multiple enemies it's only gonna hit one of them but with a multiplier of three point eight zero yeah it's not as it's it might do something to some enemies but realistically in a real situation with level five thousand enemies it's it's not gonna tickle them it's gonna be very very low so you want to be able to hit one enemy raid bosses you want to make sure the limbs are broken so on and so on now there's a cache this metal not only does it only have 100 defense not only does it or all of your defenses to negative 15 you also use your entire keyblades gauges at this point in the game uses up to 30 extra gauges now this doesn't mean that when you activate it you have to have 39 gauges for it to work no if you have nine gauges and you don't have an attack boost max spk zero or whatever on the Soraa as it'll take the nine gauges and then it'll activate regardless if you have extra gauges after you consume the nine gauges that this medal cost it will take all those gauges regardless if it's an extra two for 6:30 doesn't matter it'll take up to 30 so you don't have to have 30 gauges on a keyblade to activate this medal you just need the nine gauges for it to activate and that's it everything else gets consumed so I want to talk about that and its traits and how it's gonna work in certain situations so two downfalls seems pretty bad but there's ways around it for that much strength so it's very gimmicky again but a good gimmicky because that 50,000 strengths is huge compared to everything the game you have that much strength you almost don't need negative 60 ground or negative 60 aerial because of how powerful the metal is I'm gonna talk about all that so minimum to activate tier 9 multiplier there's all there so supernova it is a single target again recovers five gauges so after you activate this metal if you have a friend metal that has five gauges or less you can activate its supernova to get back to those five gauges so you can use your friend metal for one turn the problem is is when you go through multiple turns but Elise it does have that there but it's not enough to justify an extra attack on this metal because you need minimum of 9 even with attack boost max zero you still need nine gauges for the game to allow you to swipe your metal so those five gauges is for short for it to take care of itself for when it comes to extra attack now let's multiplier is really good 220 on the supernova plus and I'm gonna talk about this in some setups but before we do that an offence video right here guys if you want to see it he's got it up a showcase it does a lot of damage even at level 72 out of 120 with not the proper chips on it it still did like five billion damn so with the right traits and all that this medal is going to just kill everything but here's an example of what the medal looks like at level 72 its defenses only at 89 so it probably has like about 100 ish defense maybe 200 I don't know but it's still pretty low my first concern when it comes to this defense is that in PvP defense does make a difference now I know about like will octo doesn't matter your dear friends you're gonna lose all those defense d buffs anyways everybody's losing a defense down to 15 if you're not making your opponent go down to 15 in PvP you're doing something wrong you're missing all huge potential of points so the worst case here is that his defense is at a hundred and something or 200 and that's low when you if you ever take off a medal in your Keyblade and you attack someone they attack you you'll notice they do more damage to you because your defense is lower now most medals in PvP people will have negative 60 ground which defense doesn't really matter then but if that metal doesn't have negative 60 ground your defense does matter it's not a big amount but when it comes to trying to beat someone you want all the advantages so having a metal that has that low of a defense it's kind of scary but nothing to be like oh no this metal sucks because of that again the debuff that applies to you and the defense being out he'll only 100 and something it's not a big deal with that much damage it's really not that big of a deal so that is a little showcase of if you want to see the whole thing please check out anal fins videos really really good always updates it like this he's on points so let's talk about Keyblade setup and what to expect here so this is an example for PvP let's pretend that the new soar is on the spirit medal right over here so that's your last lot in PvP you activate your buffer you have Maleficent here and we explain in a second plus your other two attacking medals whatever it be your upright magic and your reverse one I'm using Fair starts because Fair starts very powerful now you come in here and you use this sword what the sword does is basically makes the next metal into a speed metal because Sora is magic anti aqua pretty much decimates this metal you use our anti aqua and then attack you with my noose or I'm gonna lose as long as you did enough damage before that so you have to change this metal into a speed medal or power medal if there is metals like that to make sure that the anti aqua doesn't affect it so further PvP scenario second if you do have the noose or here again you can activate it and it doesn't matter the best case to do this is on round two so round one you use a setup that has no Sora hopefully you win that round if you win that round then your opponent attacks you you hacked it how you haven't activated sore yet so you didn't give them all those deep buffs on you now it's your turn if you do enough damage especially with the new Sora you'll win round two and boom you're done those negative 15 defenses on you will not matter so in PvP the workaround is this and now if you have extra attack on Sora regardless of PPE or not PvP you're gonna have to use metals like Maleficent Pete's Woody Buzz they all restore gauges by 30 so if you look at my lip it's in supernova it says gauges plus 30 so if your metal does have extra attack you're gonna want to use a couple medals like this especially when it comes to PvE content because in the PvE content you're most likely to take three rounds sometimes you take 5 rounds and you're probably not gonna have the right gauges to make extra attack work on this metal so extra attack is almost not needed and I would say don't get it and just go for another plus 1000 on it get that negative IXY Aereo ground and then 3 plus 1000s and then plus 2000 on the Petri and boom you got a perfect medal because you have to use these older medals with lower multipliers and they have to be properly traded as well in order use those supernova activations he only restores 5 and that's not enough you have to have 9 gauges to use his attack even with attack boost max SP gauge 0 so bring in medals like that to make him work besides that let's say you don't have that you don't have that but you just want to use Sora in the pet slot then you're gonna have to make sure that your friend metal is 5 gauges or less it's in order to use it for at least one turn if not you never get to use your friend medal in the round sorry yeah round 2 or round 3 only your first turn is gonna counts because you can actively hit supernova but then after that you can't really do much but that makes a really good friend medal because again when you come back you usually have your Kairi over here with extra attack or you're Kyrie so you get your D buffs and your gauges all in one slot or two slots and then you come back over here you have a different metal but your friend metal is a new surah and it does a huge hit it's not as good as having your own surah but it works if you have to this matters gonna be the best in Colosseum cuz Colosseum equals one turn there is no turn after that there is no friend metal it's one turn and having 50,000 strength is gonna dawn dominate Colosseum the only issue I see is that if you take it to calcium and calcium like we talked about in discord not too long ago if it becomes exclusively only groups of enemies then your sword is completely useless a three point eight zero multiplier is not gonna help you because there's two enemies he will use that three point eight zero multiplier but if the calcium has single target enemies that you can go for then he's gonna shine and dominate easily so my end result on this metal there's work arounds I really dislike the work arounds so I would say skip on this banner because the banner sucks and because he has to have certain bells to work with them I would also say skip but if you do get him there's plenty of situations he's gonna be great but is he gonna be the only fifty thousand strength metal out there is there gonna become fifty thousand strength and it's gonna be normal what they'll any kind of like oh this hurts you because it gauges look at terror Ventus and aqua the one for the Avatar boards that are currently out right now they all cost two gauges no matter what they are powerful multipliers but they have that issue of consuming gauges it wasn't too big you can work around it you had metals that restore enough gauges every turn so it was fine but then metals came out that did their power with no extra little causes no defense now no gauges no nothing but they had more strength than those TVA metals so it could become that other metals come out with fifty thousand strength or he might be unique like Roxas Roxas came out thirty thousand and nothing wrong with them just dominant PvP pirates or comes out he's really strong but he has that claws of like you lose gauges and you get Deeb upped and the next medal might come out saying I have forty thousand strength but this happens or nothing happens so these might just be unique set of medals and they might not come up to 50,000 again who knows so he might be one of a kind they have done in the past where they've had one kind medals and we thought like Oh more medals will come out like this like nomine e^x plus we thought more medals would come on like that and nothing else came out like that so these could be one-of-a-kind medals 30,000 strengths 50,000 strengths just like the organisation medals coming out there weird powerful but I still think these might be a little unique should you pull for it in all honesty that's up to you guys I if I have a choice if it was only the one medal I would say yes cuz I would make this metal work and it would go through problem no problem defense down who cares low defence who cares in in Coliseum doesn't matter in PvE content it doesn't matter it's those gauges that hurt the most but again without extra attack you can easily get through them it's just your pet medal gets screwed over unless you have Maleficent Anna Pete plus him because first turn you activate him he takes all the gauges but then you activate a supernova now you can activate your pet medal or saw your friend medal then you come back your buffer restores gauges and then you get back to him he buffs I mean he attacks but then you don't have a supernova for him but you use Maleficent's now your friend medal can attack then it comes around again now you use your Pete activation so your friend medal can attack again or maybe you don't need your friend medal because fifty thousand strength is just ridiculous and I'll take care of you all together one thing to note though if you try to use a copy medal to copy it it's not gonna really work out that great backwards copy will work as long as the backward backwards copy medal has two gauges or less because you can activate him and then he restores everything to zero activate a supernova and then you can copy backwards on him to get that activation because that medal only cost us two which means he restores five so that copy metal can copy backwards but again it's all workarounds there is a spot for him but how much is it gonna pain you to switch so many big medals around excuse me talking too much I'm gonna end the video here guys let me know what you think there's so many things we can talk about this but this is pretty much what the metal does in all honesty it's just a banner stopping me and a little bit of those gauges but I'm pretty sure if you have the medals you would work around it and make this work I'm just like where does it stop I thought 30,000 was incredible now we have 50,000 strengths where does it stop when do we spend our jewels it's really hard but if you do have this right now again what content are you using it on there's a little heads up guys if you did enjoy the video don't forget to hit the like button and as always thank you so much for watching keep on smiling and I'll see you in the next one


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