hey guys and welcome back to my channel I'm so excited to bring you guys my look for the NYX face awards top 30 challenge now at trending I was super inspired by the trends we see up and down our timelines of the changing shows that rise in popularity from time to time on popular streaming services streaming and binge watching the latest TV shows on Netflix and Hulu – at the largest streaming services right now it's huge and I really wanted to highlight that by creating at the stream Queen she's a welcome week it's super invested in a really good TV show which I think we can all relate to her look features color bars cracked skin in a TV antenna crown I think there's a little stream Queen in all of us I think we all love a good streaming session of a really good TV show don't forget this is an entry for the NYX face awards and voting starts to day July 29th and goes until August 1st for more information on that stay tuned for the end of the video or check out the description box for more information but now without further ado let's go ahead and jump into the tutorial so first off I'm gonna add a wig cap just to get my hair out of my face and prepare for the wig we will be adding later now taking the V sheet mineral 89 daily booster I'm going to add this onto my skin for some moisture and to prep for the makeup now on the number seven brush I'm taking the NYX professional makeup bear with me hydrating the jelly primer to further prep the skin and we're gonna let these products set down on our face before moving on so first off I just went ahead and sketched out our T V shape around our eyes using the NYX professional makeup eye and eye brow pencil in the shade teal then using the tiny precise number tawny brush I'm taking the NYX professional makeup can't stop won't stop full coverage foundation in the shade light ivory and I'm just drawing in those areas where the skin looks like it's cracked to reveal the tv-screen which is the main focal point of the look now to remove redness and discoloration from my skin I'm taking the NYX professional makeup color correcting concealer and I'm picking up that green shade and just adding it over some red blemishes I have on my face and on the NYX professional makeup complete control blending sponge I'm going to take that same can't stop won't stop Foundation and blend it around the remaining portions of my face and bring it down my neck as well on that same blending sponge I'm taking the next recessional make-up can't stop won't stop contour concealer in the shade pale and adding that to my chin region for some highlight and further coverage then to set everything in place and prevent creasing I'm taking the NYX professional makeup sfx set loose setting powder just dusting this along my face and neck using the NYX professional makeup at number five brush now to warm up the skin I'm taking the NYX professional makeup California Beaman bronzer in the shade do C on a number twenty five brush and blending this along at my forehead and a cheekbone region to add some color now I'm taking the NYX professional makeup Sweet Cheeks blush in the shade daydream on a number four brush and adding that over top of that bronzer for some further color to the face still being mindful to not add it to the portion of the face where the square cutout is because we're gonna be adding different makeup there later now to add some glow to those cheekbones I'm taking the NYX refreshing makeup borns a Glo highlighter in the shade and break the rhythm on a number 16 that brush and just adding that over top of my Cupid's bow cheekbones all that good stuff now I'm grabbing the NYX professional makeup SFX cream color face and body paints in the shade a silver these have awesome color payoff you guys and I'm just using this to color in the outer frame of the TV screen using a NYX professional makeup number 33 brush now grabbing the NYX professional makeup be gone and makeup remover wipes I'm gonna clean up around that silver frame around the TV that we created just to keep things super neat and precise grabbing my next refresher makeup I an eyebrow pencil in teal once again I'm gonna sketch out where I want my color bars on my TV screen to be again you're just using this color cuz it's gonna be super easy to cover with cream paints later now using some face paint I'm gonna begin filling in those colorful TV bars primarily the NYX professional makeup SFX cream colors in the shade fuchsia red and purple and just use a very steady hand to color these in I'm also gonna be taking at the NYX professional makeup vivid brights color cream in the shade blueprint to fill in that remaining TV bar to finish off the main bottom portion of the TV bars I'm taking the NYX professional makeup SFX cream color in the shade a black on a number 33 brush and just carefully painting that on now I'm taking corresponding Shi from the Knicks professional makeup modern dreamer palette in ultimate brights palette in setting those color bars in place since they are cream paints we do not want them moving around and blending together and then grabbing the NYX professional makeup ultimate shadow palette in a smoky and highlights and taking that black shade from there to set our black cream paint and place the last thing that we need is black cream paint smearing all around the look we just did I'm then picking up the NYX refreshing makeup at number 35 brush in the modern dreamer palette once again and picking up shadows a few shades darker than the color bars to fill in my eyebrows because even though there's a screen on our face we still got to look glam and have these brows on fleek next I'm grabbing the NYX professional makeup epic ink liner in the shade of black one of my absolute favorite liners and we're gonna begin drawing lines coming from the TV portion of our face outward varying in sizes from very thin to very thick the more detailed you are the more realistic it looks so definitely take your time with this step then to add some highlights to the shattered pieces I'm going to take the NYX professional makeup liquid liner in white and just shade in one side of each shattered piece if you shade both sides it can look a little off so be sure to only shade one side the whole way around the piece taking the NYX professional makeup ultimate shadow palette in smoky and highlight once again I'm gonna pick up a gray shade from there and shade the areas where the skin shards are overlapping the border of the tv-screen just to give some depth and dimension to the look I'm then taking the NYX professional makeup modern dreary palette and ultimate shadow palettes in the shade brights and I'm gonna shade in the area where the tv-screen border meets the color bars as well as any shards that are overlapping the tv-screen in a shade or two darker than the color bar it's overlapping if that makes sense moving on to the eyes I'm taking the NYX professional makeup eye pencil in the shade of black on my waterline to begin smoking it out then to ingly new professional makeup ultimate shadow palette in smokey and highlight once again I'm gonna use a black shadow to further smoke out that liner and we're gonna do the same thing on our upper lash line I'm next grabbing my NYX refresher makeup on the rise of volume lifts Kara and coating my lashes to prepare for false ones for false lashes today I'm using the NYX professional makeup wicked lashes in this bashful and doe-eyes and I'm adding some to my lower lashes as well as my upper lash line well we let those babies dry we're going to move on to the neck and chest portion of the look using the NYX professional makeup eye and eyebrow pencil in the shade teal once again to just begin sketching out where the gashes in the chest area are going to be and again taking the NYX professional makeup epic ink liner to begin drawing outs and deep gashes and lines like we did on the face region just repeating it on the chest and neck to fill in the open areas of our gashes I'm going to grab our next refresher makeup SFX cream-colored face and body paints once again and just carefully fill those in and then picking up my next refreshin of makeup modern dreamer palettes and ultimate shadow palettes in a smoky and highlights and we're going to use these to set the cream colors and add shadows just as we did on the face portion of table we want to make it look so realistic that the viewers eye believes that these color bars and hints at streaming services are shining through the inner skin of our string Queen and then taking our NYX refreshing makeup white liquid liner once again to add those highlights to our gashes this just brings the look to life again like we did on the face portion only shade one side of the gash now we're done and ready to finish off the face I'm grabbing the mixer freshen the makeup soft matte lip cream in the shade London and just going ahead and applying that through the lips I feel a nude was perfect for this look as there's plenty going on already or some shine I'm adding the NYX refreshing to make up a filler instinct plumping lip polish in the shade a let's glaze for some shine and to finish off the look and finally I'm taking the NYX professional makeup matte finish setting spray to set all of this hard work into place so to finish off the look I am going to go ahead and add some contacts in a wig but before we do that what is a queen without her crown so I'm going to show you guys how I crafted my stream Queen crown I took two pieces of a metal wire and wrapped them around each other to create a funky looking TV antenna I then molded some crafting clay around the top part of the antenna to create the head after I was happy with those I set them aside and moved on to my mannequin head where I have a headband with some craft clay on top that I'm going to mold into the base of the TV antenna crown I also use my crafting clay to create some buttons in details and using some hot glue I just placed those where I wanted to randomly around the stream Queen revin took some long screws and nails and placed them around the headband to create crown like spikes since TVs do have screws and nuts and bolts all around them holding them together I felt it was fitting after I was happy with my placement I went ahead and spray painted the entire crown with some metallic spray paint in silver I then went ahead and painted the buttons different colors with some acrylic paint to hone in on those details I grabbed the NYX professional makeup ultimate shadow palette in smoky and highlights used a tiny detail brush to brush this into the cracks and crevices this just added some more dimension to the crown and I really liked how ended up turning out and now at last we have our stream Queen crown to finish off the look so guys that is the final piece to our stream Queen look I really hope that you guys enjoyed it I am super obsessed with how this look turned out so many ideas came to my head when we had the challenge of a hashtag now trending and I'm super happy I went with this direction for my top 30 look I hope that you guys enjoyed it and finally let's move on and I can tell you guys how to vote alright so hi guys and welcome to my car I needed a quiet place to come and speak with you guys so sorry about the location I am super excited that you guys got to finally see what I've been working on for these past two weeks I have poured my heart and soul into this entry for the top 30 NYX face awards hope you guys loved the intro the concept I really went all in with this and I really hope that you guys enjoyed it so now let's get into how you guys can vote all you have to do is go to the NYX Cosmetics website I will have it up here on the screen for you guys if you guys do choose to vote for me you will look for my name in my photo and you can click the vote you can vote three times per day per email so vote away voting starts today July 29th and goes until August 1st until 11:59 p.m. so if you guys want to get your votes in that is your time slot go ahead and vote away there are so many incredibly talented creative kind people in this competition who I'm sure would really appreciate your bow I know that I would super appreciate it your love and support thus far has meant the absolute world to me and to move on to the next round would be absolutely incredible and if this is where our journey ends that is totally fine I am so grateful to have created some new content for you guys and made it this far in the NYX Cosmetics face Awards I can't believe I'm even in the top 30 if you guys are interested in all things face awards like I am I'm going to be keeping you guys updated on all my social medias that I will have linked down in the description bar down below I'd love to have you guys there and chat with you guys when I'm not here uploading I'll also have further voting details out of the description box as well if you are curious so go ahead and read through that and get yourself informed on all things face Awards so I am finally done rambling I'm so sorry it's getting really hot in this car and I need to go ahead and upload this video for you guys which I am so excited to see what you guys think so that is the end of my schpeel thank you guys so much for watching again your love and support means the absolute world to me and I will see you in the next video bye guys


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