Steven Spielberg Salutes Martin Scorsese at the AFI Life Achievement Award

1995 recipient of a Life Achievement Award Steven Spielberg Marty it's an honor to be up here talking about you tonight pardon my hoarse voice I've been shooting in smoke all day and it suddenly dawned on me that that was the great difference between Marty and I that I shoot in smoke and Marty never has and I use a lot of mirrors and the only mirrors that Marty uses are the eyes into the soul of all of his actors I just want to say a little bit about Cape Fear which was really the only time that Marty and I had a close encounter of a creative kind in the sense that I kind of talked Marty into remaking that film and I remember when Marty saw the movie and read the script the first thing he said was the family is much too tidy the family as much to organize I might consider this material if I can get in there really mess up the family and I thought well the box-office suddenly went down by 70 million dollars when he said that and I've been mall ready turned to me and he said you know Steven this is a real high constant picture this is a Hollywood film I don't really do Hollywood movies I guarantee you if I make this movie it's not going to make any money at all I guarantee that's going to happen and I said well I'll take that chance and Marty went off and he did what only he can do to a film he transformed it so much he kept the story even kept the flavor of Bernard Herrmann's Original Score but he remade that movie into a completely singular Martin Scorsese movie and I just like the same Marty that I have a lot of dreams and we all have a lot of dreams about what we could have been and what we'd like to have done in our lives but just for one day for one picture I just wish I could have been a good enough actor to have been directed by you thank you you

  • Issues I have with this video.

    1. Martin Scorsese does use mirrors. Prime examples can be found in Mean Streets (1973) and Taxi Driver (1976) as many are aware of.
    2. Martin Scorsese used smoke in Taxi Driver (1976), which again, Spielberg should be aware of.
    3. Steven Spielberg uses his own movie as a joke. “Close Encounter of a Creative Kind.”

    In saying that, at least he was nice…except for the part where he said the box office dropped by 70,000,000 dollars, which is something only Spielberg would care about.

    In sum, I miss the old Spielberg.

  • Marty makes Long lasting, Inspirational, Classic Movies. True Artist.

    Spielberg makes Commercial Blockbusters. Never an Artist.

  • Dont u guys notice that ashley judd is there at 2:02. What a beauty. This was 97 so must have been. She looked damn good in heat. PS: Scorsese is God.

  • Michelle Pfeiffer totally wants to jump Spielberg's bones, man. Hell, Ashley Judd does too, apparently – that's what you get for being King of Hollywood, man… Also, a genius.

  • The highest praise a director can get is the admiration of another direct, especially if the other director is a great one.

  • I believe Marty has more visual expertise than Steven's. There's always another extra actor plays an important part in his films to take his audience through his vision and that's his cinematographers (Michael Ballhaus and Robert Richardson) as they make audience follow characters wherever they go.

  • I know that Scorsese has appeared in a few scenes over the many years (I love him as the passenger in one scene in Taxi Driver), but I wonder if Spielberg ever played any role in a movie

  • lol i think the reason i dislike spielberg is because i watch too many really good movies… well i think for some people "little" is enought…

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