Steven Spielberg Salutes Harrison Ford at the AFI Life Achievement Award

[Applause] ladies and gentlemen mr. Steven Spielberg so in 1980 George and I were looking for someone to play Indiana Jones having just lost our first choice to a TV series and all this happened at the same time that George showed me a cut of the Empire Strikes Back and I remember in the screening in the middle of Empire I looked over at George and I said there's our Indiana Jones that guy and George said Chewbacca and I said no no no no no not the Wookiee the clean-shaven guy on the right and a week later we met for the first time and when he put on that fedora and he's strung on that whip he gave shape and attitude and style and vulnerability to Indiana Jones and for the second collaboration on the sequel Temple of Doom I owe Harrison a great personal debt because he approved my choice for the character of a Willie Scott an actor's name Kate Capshaw and Thank You Harrison because had you not approved here I cannot imagine what my life would be like today and again I guess you know you know even in the movies what we see affects us in a way that really shapes our lives by tremendously great forces and I like everybody here to watch one of those forces in motion you


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