Ster Streams – Medal of Honor: Airborne! (06/20/19)

you got kids you got kids Europe is pretty much Mars not true take it back European people have feelings honestly I wanted to play Red Faction too but I think I would have to play it in four by three because it doesn't have the same mod that Red Faction one has and widescreen the other widescreen options seem bad as well I don't think Red Faction 2 takes place on Mars even if I did I don't remember I'm pretty sure it was earth and also zone of the enders I keep reading very bad reviews of the port that I'm like it's very skeptical if I want you even want to do it and I continue to have weird computer problems check this out this is me you see what can you guys I'm sure you can see it nice look nice and you don't laugh at me I'm doing it now this is me laugh hey going away did you see the camera glitching out though actually it would be weird if it couldn't but that's whenever I touch the corner of a window that happens you dreamer boy please tarp please start I'll come back in a second only because you asked nicely yeah I'm also hearing like every once in a while like my audio skips I am worried something's wrong with my motherboard because that's the most annoying thing to fix you gotta take everything out and check your capacitors I think I'm just gonna reformat first and see if any problems persist but that's a pain but like because I was thinking how could you correlate these two things it was even worse the other day when I was touching the corners of Windows my screen was freezing but now it's when I touched the corner of Windows my webcam like freaks out and the GPU usage on like windows window thing was like getting up like 10% so yeah I don't know the only thing I was thinking was that there I it feels like something's wrong with the USB ports and then me I don't know USB ports for part of the motherboard dude I don't know don't do everything ops I haven't played this game since it was released on like on console I didn't even know it was on computer until because yesterday you got kids I'm hexing yuan Xing you I remember enjoying the game though so I figured for sure it's right there see it's not just my webcam I'm pretty sure when my webcam would glitch out my audio is also skipping let's see I'm just I'm just clicking over the sides of Windows but no audio not skipping it is kind of cool but it is weird like I could sit there in the webcam will never glitch until I touch the corner of a window what we're with the red fat I don't have any of those anymore fuck oh my god I got lasses that's it because I reset my computer we have to capture new Souls all over again not not clicking the corner of windows Ashley hovering over you know how when you hover over the corner of a window your mouse cursor changes like the two arrows to drag whenever I mouse over the corner of a window that's when it's happening so basically all of the time why are you hovering over the corner window constantly well if I drag my mouse across the OBS window it goes or one-two-three the four corners just to go across one window and sometimes my mouse is moving what the fuck Ashley using too many USB ports at once so yesterday I updated my motherboards USB drivers and then it wasn't happening restart my computer today it's happening again just get a new computer I'm thinking about it just throw this one out the window hey Ted hey hammer lock is Ziggy with the Red Faction hold on I like half to go to that phone I need that one back I love that one for some reason or at least the one where he says uh leave me alone I'm having a bad day I shouldn't be able to find it quickly it's been a long day it was actually the first one I clicked on I think that's the worst one though with a Red Faction perfect leave me alone Church it's been a long day with the Red Faction with the Red Faction there has to be a better Red Faction one that one seems like it's cut okay I'm seriously way too amused by this and I need to cut it out shut up weasel that sounds like something you'd hear in a like someone was saying it sound like dr. wily yeah like a Mega Man cartoon alright let's play video games no with the red pack I know I love it too with the Red Faction it's just so especially because you're undercover so much of that game I just like the thought of telling everyone with the red patch I was kind of loud leave me alone jerk it's been a long day okay hold up all these games are all okay actually I don't even know if you can okay all right that titanfall 2 streamer that's me that's me that's me hold on hold on I want to minimize all my windows so that I'm not while I'm playing the game dragging my mouse over windows because I can't do that he's so handsome and here's all the campaign this also reminded me that the old brothers and arms games were super super good this I remember this being a good game but I don't think it's gonna be there's nothing goofy okay does the game sound loud it was louder than Japanese voice girl night warning here's the bank casual am I an expert I think I'm an expert hair stream one this is it now it sounds so quiet not true still not true this is the start of every single FPS dream ever where the heck E is mouse sensitivity I don't think there's a choice paratis okay it's still it what wait no I always have to go down to like almost nothing it's it's like not changing it's not it's not changing I wish I could have a mod that would just say Mars there then you'd all know that I'm saving Mars again no hand that's fine rookies and civilian spots hold the flare key what the fuck is the flare key I read you God when does the training end I'm in the army you think you will amount to nothing more than a failed experiment the new kind of combat I'm not going oh my god this is another fuckin Battle Royale go Boyd Travers drivers with the Red Faction I hate that it's work left ear that's one thing I don't like I can fix a later position throughout the village the first is located to the west in a sector hereafter referred to as Hill houses the second is located just beyond the northeast gate leading out of the village the final two are having defended located on the roof of the mayor's residence recently converted to an enemy command post this is our most current recon on the drop zone red markers indicate the areas of highest enemy concentration I mean yes you plan to win this war on your own I suggest you avoid them at all costs and steer instead for the green smoke flares worth game anytime soon again maybe I would need boys maybe I could acquire boys oh yeah they let you pick your loadout and everything but I don't think I can change anything that's early in the game they let you as an American soldier drop with German guns yep you am I gonna throw the war oh and actually it's not allowed to watch the stream neither because she can't watch anything that's World War 2 is it's so boring and stupid so just leave Ashley just leave leave me alone jerk it's been a long day excuse me my own goddamn baby could you please stop firing at us radio communication here coming in looks like you're doing some friendly fire thank you very much broader I'm not going to the green smoke fuck this get me on this fucking roof yeah botched landing my ass oh yeah I still have to figure out this freaking mouse sensitivity okay I'm gonna drop it like all the way to zero I don't think it's actually changed I fuckin and I'm gonna change my DPI it was like I can do that hey that's tolerable those give it like crazy motion blur you guys seeing that like something like anti-aliasing is blurring something a cinematic I am NOT gonna be able to play this game if that can't be turned off that's a fact that'll be sad because I kind of leanings with body and all the Medal of Honor games have them but this one's weird because that Otto does it when you zoom in I don't think you can turn it off this game has like no actual options let's uh I'm gonna look up online I think it isn't hi any I&I file that is okay I think I gotta close the game down oh yeah guys hold on leave me alone jerk it's been a long day hmm go to your Documents folder what are your games my games I think oh god guys you go to your EA games folder oh this is EA games typical EA for you making games ten years ago fucking losers okay we got we got scalability options really looking out here you got motion blur all you falsified it I think that's all I need no I don't think there's anything else I can do there's no field of view I don't think there's a mouse sensitivity like please god that would really help I think that was all I needed all right EA Sports let's get back in the game ei is dead yep you guys killed it you did it congratulations oh yeah y'all better not be throwing my my product code on the screen someone's gonna steal my CD key I'm not gonna be able to play online anymore have you played black I think so wait I don't think so I don't think I played I can't remember I think I might also be mixing it up with the I'm thinking of like a darkness okay no motion blur this is better kind of bad field of view but not the worst yeah okay yeah this this leaning is a little bit too crazy normally in the levana they give you a special button for it oh god this is gonna destroy me I I don't think I can do it guys doing they just send in one me that's all they need is one me in this war they try and like throw all these bizarre ass computer configs at me yet Here I am doing just fine actually now that I'm doing this I remember this game has it cuz if you press like to move backwards while you're zoomed in as well at you crouch so you're meant to like with an analog stick on a controller be able to control your height perfectly over a cover I remember using that a lot from the sniper areas that they had was 99% of this game is like landing on a roof and then you can snipe everyone on the whole level I don't know if we're gonna be able to play this that was you can see how much I'm trying to control my sensitivity oh yeah yeah who's the enemy in this game I don't know you got kids I don't know how this ends either is this like a is this base on a real story easier to play with controlled no the answer is always no worst-case scenario we could play Red Faction at 4 by 3 ratio also this head bob is like it's really there's no head Bob control it's kind of going wild right oh yeah game with the turret segments I'm sure it has some actually a format for this game is a little bit different basically all the other medal of honors but not this one because this one is where you can like land anywhere on the map so it can't set up turret segments for you properly all this head like there has to be a head Bob in the eye and I also this is really weird because it leaves you in 80s after I shoot and then I'm not leaning what I'm still in it nothing like dude I don't know hmm I think we're really close to the the required three game sucks I would play a light assault but I don't like again last time I tried to do it it busted my computer really bad because it is not it is not modern that would definitely be four by three okay it's gonna super annoying okay all guns are super annoying I like don't want to look at my screen also I feel like enemies just don't shoot at me 90% of the time cuz I like have to stop and stand still the way this forces you to stand still when you aim down sight the fear is awesome it's here on Steam the original I also wanted to play a Battlefield Bad Company again now I added that to the list it's more or less which one will take longer to download with difficulty as this was the highest difficulty expert look I'm going in wait what's my grenade button reiji oh you fuck you fuck you the Medal of Honor games they give you fucking grenades you get grenades this goes for multiplayer as well every time you would die in a deathmatch server you'd respawn with like five grenades and it's so fucking obnoxious it was the one thing I hated about Medal of Honor allied assault that if a server didn't mod it it was it was just painful because the whole maps are like all choke points you dying to respawn and this is the choke point where everyone fights and it's just grenade grenade grenade no one can move anywhere where am I going hello umm let's figure this out right now see I think cuz I'm not a fucking keep like this keep not a it's very close to being playable but not there maybe I could download fear maybe we do that today I got a map well I'm gonna see imma see if I can get fear downloading right now my stream will probably lag a bit but it is what it is fear complete pack that's too many fears oh shit dude wait wait wait wait the only way to buy fear on Steam is through the fear complete pack which is like $60 and I sincerely doubt I'm going to play all of them fear had um DLC it's totally worth it probably is because I think I might play fewer too as well I don't know I'm just gonna get it because I was also thinking of playing in the fear 3 which I never played and seems like it would be very goofy and fear to it if you're to is garbage I played through here too but it's the right kind of garbage for me co-op is their co-op in fear 3 mmm let's see how long the download take a while make our Kadem buy $60 worth of trash sounds like something a good friend would do if here is already a 20% downloaded so we're gonna switch to that in a second it's a shame like I'd probably play this if it didn't have the forced leaning and the head bob was gone I could probably reduce the head bobbing and I and I but the leaning thing is gonna drive me crazy until the end of time and if I'm gonna play a World War 2 game maybe eventually we do um Brothers in Arms or something hey I've got more grenades what did I get all these I'll work here now motion sickness the game yeah that's like really what it is Madara I'm just gonna slow walk around and like not aim down sights at enemies and they're stupid enough it'll probably work but then it's just boring fear 70% a short-form look at this stud hey short four we should um consummate this marriage no I'm saying blink oh yeah y'all man the shame mm was neat but also super designed for console yeah okay fierce done downloading feels bad make a 2019 version yourself battalion 1944 oh yeah yeah am I gonna have to do anything for fear like an ini file installing a DirectX for the first time set up the World War 2 is great though then why don't you go back in time and sign up these are our six five for what yeah I'm and miss the good old days where every single game installation required a DirectX installation oh and we're games this is gonna be loud where games would open up like it's full screen but it's also just a tiny block on my screen follow through with mods and it's hard to keep it stable yeah I was setting up what's it called I'm setting up new Vegas with mods and it's a pain in the ass to fix that with any game options well we have to see if I can get in game because right now it is just I don't it's it's not it's not showing the actual menu it's giving me a hard time here I think it crashed I'm pretty short crashed let's try again well at the very least I have a huge list of games right now oh I'd actually open this time but I have to change the display it's detecting my video memory it opens up at 640 by 480 yikes show us your hand right I what what why what it's a trick to see your hand confirmed has hands performance no don't don't detect graphics the graphics card is custom I don't think I've ever played the original fear actually but I've heard many good things about it going with the high difficulty going with the lower this head bob going with please don't switch my weapons I gotta change my dpi again nice it controls configure control that'll make sure you have jump on right-click wait Mouse one okay it's because mouse button zero is left click no when I was weird bioscan is leaning I don't give a shit I'm not gonna lean not a leaner good name for right now cuz I can't read drop like shit I can't I can't actually stop Spotify my global hockey some games like take control of them the unit was named and you anyone read this a first encounter assault recon fear you see our entertainment presents skip skip I don't want to skip you guys gotta know the story


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