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Stephen Colbert’s LIVE Post-Debate Monologue: Fury Road To The White House 2020

  • The scenarios, specially those of Bloomberg presented during this show do not accurately resemble what realistically occurred during the debate based on the questions asked by the journalists !

  • Stephen Colbert made fun of everyone equally. Some he gave even bigger zingers because their policies were so corrupt.

    Others he was just making fun of them because he is a jokester and that's what he does.

    If he didn't make fun of their policy that means he understood her policy was correct….
    That's the difference!

  • DNC rigged the audience debate.
    They sold the seats for thousands of dollars.
    That won't stop the People's movement!!

  • When did Colbert start working for trump? Trashed all of them except Klobachar and Warren who he didn’t even mention til after halfway through.

  • #NotMeUs #Bernie2020 Quit pandering to the MSM propaganda, the people have spoken, and WE WANT BERNIE!!! More education means more productivity, less incarceration, Green New Deal saves the planet and creates millions of jobs, healthcare for all is just a no brainer . Get the money out of politics, NOW. We're not asking for much, just to be treated fairly, and we're tired of being stepped on and looked at with disdain. We're Americans. We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!!!!

  • All I know is if they don't get their act together soon will have four more years of idiot Trump and his corrupt swamp

  • What I love most is that I got an ad for mad max: fury road: blacked and chromed when I clicked on this, it’s almost poetic.

  • It's been clear to me for a while that Stephen is not a Bernie fan. I've been watching the Late Show since Letterman started it. Even got to see it pretaped live back in '09 when Dave was at the helm.
    But lately, Colbert's been putting me off. He comes across as too corporate and underhanded.

    Americans need healthcare similar to other western Demoratic Europeon nations, jobs to combat automation, fix our infrastructure, improve the education system, climate change policies that will work, Amazon, Bezos, Bloomberg, Facebook, Zuckerberg and the rest of the 1% need to start paying more taxes. Citizens United must be overthrown just like the GOP have been trying to block a woman's pro choice and gut the ACA-Obama care without any viable alternative.

    I only voted for Hillary to keep the orange moron from becoming POTUS. Time for the corporate dems to face up and feel the BERN!
    The people want a government by the people and for the people, not corporations and rich Wall Street fat cats! BERNIE IN 2020 ALL THE WAY!

  • @4:20 [perfectly 😄 timed] "Yes, Biden has worked
    worked like the devil to get the black vote…..
    Whereas trump has worked WITH the devil, to get the white vote."

  • The Gladiators of Ancient Rome belong to the Past. And Fury Road belongs to The Late Show :-). But the biggest show in town is how to turn this partisanship-of-fools around before it runs the world aground. No democratic vote will ultimately float if the vessel itself is broke. Here's a visionary "candidate" ANY side can back; one which fixes the broken system with something savvy and truly

  • Cuba,Venezuela are doing bad cause of Unilateral US
    Why not compare Bernie's proposal to The European countries they have all the same social programs that Sen.Bernie is proposing.

  • Supporting Bernie was probably the best thing Russia could have done to hurt his chances to succeed. I really hope he recovers from that.

  • I love Good Ole Joe, but damn man I think it's time to call it quits lol! Be the comedian we all wish you to be Biden lol. I sadly think Joe is too old to continue to be in this contest. Sanders all the way!

  • Bernie doesn't understand that every time he uses the word 'socialist' the GOP smears him as a 'communist'. Insisting on identifying as a 'democratic socialist' is what will cost Bernie the election.

  • We make the candidates stand at podiums as if it’s still the 1860’s when the Lincoln-Douglas debates took place. But instead of talking about one topic – slavery – for 7 days like they did back then, we have 7 people try to talk about 25 subjects in 2 hours and only learn about what kind of zingers they can throw at each other. This is why I always begin the viewing of a debate with the phrase, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ZINGERDOME!” It’s as if we forgot that since the 1860’s, we invented calculators …. that can add up the costs of people’s plans. But no, they stand in front of an audience like car salespeople and we have to take their word for it. Gee maybe that’s why so many got conned into voting for Trump! All he had to do was find enough believers and what do you know, we have a cult in the White House. I hope by 2360, we’ll catch up to 2020!

  • "I can't think of a better case to be made for Bernie Sanders and his desire to be an existential threat to that established order that you have a party that claims to be the party of the people, party that claims they want to get money out of politics, and yet on something so trivial, they stack the room with their donors." "I think that that's disgusting and I think its important. And it's not whining. It's pointing out why Bernie Sanders is so appealing to so many people." – Krystal Ball, CNN

  • First Rahm Emanuel, now Stephen comparing Bernie to Venezuela and even Mordor when it comes to healthcare. CBS has chosen a side

  • Well now i am sure… stephen is being paid to undermine Bernie… good bye old friend. The ligth of earendil has left you.

  • No wonder most of the joked about Bloomberg bombed, as he seems to be the only sane candidate. By the way, he's 5'8".

  • Ok…so let me get this straight, Stephen Colbert thinks trump is worst ever (I agree) but he also thinks all the democratic candidates are a joke and not worthy, everyone wants to pretend that its terrible to mention a good thing a terrible person did with teaching children to read, and stop and frisk was just a way to pick on black people totally out of the blue, only black people are poor and struggle, except for the black business owners congressman lawyers senators athletes doctors nurses judges… and it's a terrible thing to be rich and spend your own money on your campaign, so… 🤔 if the MAIN goal is to fix what Trump and the Republicans are doing, why are these adults acting like 5 year old children fighting over the last chicken nugget? Where is the Compromise where's the Democratic camaraderie? For being Democrats they're acting awfully Republican Me Me Me I'm the best and everyone else sucks, and don't dare disagree with me or I will let you have it! I'm surprised God doesn't raise the temperature on the planet cause floods and Locust and start some kind of plague, but then again" with all the different religions and false prophets and Colts pedophiles rape and murder, I'm thinking he or she is clearly on vacation at hotel mysterious ways 😉

  • Mayor Pete is beyond horrible. Even Biden looks good in comparison. CBS should be ashamed of themselves for running the circus debate.

  • I mean… really Stephen? You too with the thing about Venezuela, Cuba… and all that shite? C'mon man, don't compare Bernie who's a decent and honorable man with someone like Chavez, Maduro or Castro! Nor his policies! A big Piss off for you and your CBS agenda!

    Btw, you sounded exactly like the Republicans you are supposed to be against to

  • Yes Stephen dear, we all know you're a disingenuous, corporate hack just like all the other people Bloomberg has paid for and bought.

    When it came to healthcare, you went straight to the corporate talking point of Venezuela and Cuba, pretending other countries with universal healthcare don't exist. Such as UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway etc.
    I stopped taking your corporate bullshit a while ago, I hope others follow suit.

  • let's talk about math bay bee
    let's talk about health for free
    let's tax the one percent
    and bring an end to poverty
    let's talk about math
    – Stephen Colbert 25feb2020

  • It’s good to see someone finally not be afraid to speak about Cuba – their literacy rate is higher than the the USA. We need to stop being brainwashed and realize they’re not our enemy.

  • It’s coming out now that the audience was rigged, they were charging thousands of dollars for tickets to get in last night so the poor supporters of Bernie Sanders couldn’t get in that was not a fair representation of the public shame on the DNC shame on CBS, you definitely are going to screw your selves again this time you did not learn last time

  • Wouldn’t a pebble in the coffee can be a more sure and secure system than the hackable voting machines owned by Ivanka Trump and purchased from China? Just sayin

  • So, we’re all probably here with the common goal to get Trump out of office. Why are we beating each other up instead of focusing on how we do it? Seems stupid

  • Disregarding the whole political mess the US is in for a moment – what strikes me as so ridiculous about this event is that one US political party throws more money, time and effort in just deciding on a candidate than probably all European countries combined for their whole electoral process. Our last one cost ~$100M, took a few weeks, and we're a country with ~1/3 of the population of the US. The last presidential elections in the US cost 65 times that and took…what…1 1/2 years?

  • don't believe the media the 1% ownes them, take the money out of politics end corruption wake up America BurnieSanders2020

  • That last joke was uncalled for. I thought that, as a man of information, Stephen would know which countries Bernie wants the US to be more like. Venezuela and Cuba are definitely not part of them.

  • Oh yeah, funny… making a joke about no longer using flawed, hackable, and completely not trustworthy "election" computers.
    You know what? The Supreme Court of Germany declared electronic voting unlawful. It lacks basic democratic principles like verifiability and easyness of voting.
    Germany, the country that invented the car, the airplane and the computer.

  • CBS-Daddy must have finally told Colbert to play ball with the establishment Dems. He's suddenly going after Bernie after supporting him for a long time.

  • What the hell Stephen…I love you but it looks like you're deliberately misrepresenting Bernie in a major way. That last joke was just factually incorrect.

  • Unliked video when you compared Bernie to Venezuelan socialism. I didn't realize that the late show was hosted by fox news now. Seriously, Stephen, you used to be so progressive. I'm disappointed.

  • 9:38 Yes….but it's a tasty, tasty assassination attempt. At least they'll enjoy it going down. 😋 And don't lie Stephen, occasionally the vegetable in "hot dish" is onions….the french-fried french-cut kind of onions, that is. 😂😂😂

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