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Stephen Colbert Crashes John Oliver’s Interview at 2019 Emmys | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Live with John Oliver and his wife, Kate.
We are live. It´s important for you to know this. -I will do my level best not to drop any bombs, “F” or
otherwise. -Do you feel like there´s someone behind us? -Well, I don´t know.
I don´t know why there would be. I mean, it´s weird, ´cause it feels like there is, but I
can´t see. -There´s a man right here who´s trying to — can I help you,
sir? Can I? S– Can I help you? -No, no. I couldn´t possibly. I don´t want to steal your thunder.
No, please, finish. No, please. I don´t want — No, I don´t want to —
Please, no, please. Please, ignore me.
-I asked him how many Emmys he had, and he had to count. -How many do you have?
-He said nine, if you count “The Daily Show.” -I have nine, counting “The Daily Show.”
-You do. -How many do you have?
-Nine, counting “The Daily Show.” -Okay.
-It´s a cage match tonight. [ Laughs ] -It is. It is a cage match.
The stakes could not be lower. -[ Laughs ] -Wait. Peabody´s, though?
How many Peabody´s do you have? -[ Laughs ]
-Dos. -Four, counting “The Daily Show.”
-[ Laughs ] -How many times do you drop that at a dinner conversation?
-How many Grammys? -Goose egg.
-Oh, oh. But you´re doing fine. You´re doing fine.
-[ Laughs ] -Zero. Counting “The Daily Show,” zero.
-You´re doing fine. -That was probably the best part of the night for me.
-[ Laughs ] -How are you feeling, Kate?
-Excited. Excited. -Yeah.
-It´s a little warm, but it´s exciting. -Yeah.
-I´m just happy. Here to celebrate my man. -That´s right, and watch me [bleep] friends. Sorry, sorry, sorry. That barely counts. -We got a bleeper person who hopefully is on their game. You´ve won the last three years in a row, so you´re kind of
getting bored with this or what? -No, no, no. I don´t get bored, no. It feels as strange every year, so if we win again, it will
feel, again, like an aberration. Yeah. -I love it. Well, it´s good to see you both.
-You too. -Go, Ravens.
-Yes. Go, Ravens. -A lot of football talk. Zanna, who you have?
Thanks, guys.


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