Statistics and advice for CIHR training awards

now we're going to talk about statistics at the doctor so the CGS D and the D SSA that is the specific agency award you'll see from the last seven year we've received over 2000 application for competition last year the last competition we receive a thousand hundred and seventy-five applications from which we are proven hundred and forty one CGS G and V FSA award and L is an award we're proof from those priority announcement I was talking about for the Vani program remember that there is a pre selection at the institution level so the number seems low but there's the institutions that are reviewing those first and they submit only their best application so for the last year 2016 and 17 and I'll just focus on the CIHR data there were 56 applications that were funded 134 were not funded same logic at the fellowship level for the program for the past seven years over 2000 application have been received for each competition so as you can see very very competitive last year last results that we just released late April on driven 60 application were approved from the open competition and we have nine applications that were approved from priority announcement out of a thousand 47 application that went to peer review the Banting program again 2016 and 17 for the CIHR portion 24 words were funded under than 54 application were not funded again there's a pre selection at the institution you give yourself more time than you think you need and the review a lot all of the literature documents have been talking about review them consult with your peers have a second look work on your application go back to the instructions try to link look at the point of an applicant view look at your application from a reviewers practice perspective try to see if you responded to the question okay and priority announcement this is also another tip I can give you candidates don't seem to take a lot of advantage of priority announcement Friday announcement or strategic initiatives they are often lounged from the open program such as doctoral or the fellowship program and the offer option for people to be to increase their chance of being funded so how we do that is that we when we receive the reviewers scores we create a ranking list and we draw a line with the budget that is available for the open program those that are below that line but still in the fundable range and they have applied for strategic initiative for a pride era announcement they're going to be doing a relevancy review so the the person that are launching this strategic initiative will be reviewing as if it's relevant to their mandate and if so and you've rank high enough you're the next in line it could increase your chance of getting an award not from the open program but from the Institute and their external partners sometimes they'll fry the announcement there are link that there's a link from the open program the doctor'll and the fellowship program that connects to them so when those two programs will be launched so that those links will be within that funding opportunity

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