St David Awards 2019 Geraint Thomas/Gwobrau Dewi Sant 2019 Geraint Thomas

I got interested in cycling when I was like ten eleven really inside um mainly track and just fell in love with a straightaway and always wanted to be a pro but uh I guess it wasn't until I was seventeen eighteen when I thought I could really make a career out of it career highlights I guess would definitely be the Beijing and London Olympic gold medals winning Commonwealth Games was huge as while we're in the wilds Jersey which to never get very often to do and and also obviously saw the France with massive so on to finish and win the Tour overall and wear yellow jerseys just like a dream come true is just unbelievable and I'll always remember Africa being nominated for st. David's Awards is is an honor in itself and yeah it's definitely nice to be recognized in all country especially when you know who spent so much time away training and racing and when you see the other people named on the list as well it's nice to be alongside them and you know represents Ross Ross and yeah

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